The Perfect Elkay Kitchen Sink Bottom Grid for Your Kitchen


Just installed a new stainless steel sink? Protect it with an Elkay bottom grid! These special bottom grids keep your sink looking pristine, among other uses.

The Basics

Homeowners with all varieties of kitchen sinks love bottom grids for their versatility. Here are just a few things bottom grids can do:

1. Protect the bottom of the sink from dings, dents, and scratches

2. Provide a place for pots and pans to rest while leaving space for water to drain

3. Stack clean plates vertically, allowing them to dry

Elkay makes a large selection of bottom grids to fit their American-made kitchen sinks. Each bottom grid is made to fit a few particular Elkay sinks; however they can be used with other manufacturers’ sinks (just check the measurements). Below is a guide to which Elkay bottom grid fits which sink. Ont thing to take note of when reading this guide is that each sink and bottom grid is assigned a series of numbers and letters called SKU numbers. If the SKU number for an Elkay sink ends in the letters “DGB,” it means a bottom grid is already included with the sink; no need to purchase another. For example, the SKU number of the Elkay Avado Undermount Package Sink is EFU402010DBG.

We hope this will help make your buying process as easy as possible. For more information on Elkay sinks, be sure to read our Elkay Kitchen Sink Buyer’s Guide.

Bottom Grids for Single Basin Kitchen Sinks

Bottom grids for single basin kitchen sinks cover the entire basin. A grid is especially useful in a single basin situation, as it allows for easy separation of dirty and clean materials, while allowing dirty water to reach the drain quickly.

Bottom Grids for Elkay Single Basin Sinks

Bottom Grids for Double Basin Sinks

Usually, bottom grids for double basin sinks fit into only one of the basins, but you can buy bottom grids for both sides. Some sinks only have a bottom grid available for one of the sink’s basins. In this case, sometimes there is an additional accessory like a colander that is available for the other side.

Bottom Grids for Elkay Double Basin Sinks

Bottom Grids for Triple Basin Sinks

Just like double basin sinks, each bottom grid in a triple basin sink covers one basin. In some cases, only one or two bottom grids are available and an additional accessory will cover the third basin. More basins means more opportunities in terms of bottom grids, so feel free to mix and match, and find the setup that works best for your kitchen needs.

Bottom Grids for Elkay Triple Basin Sinks

Can’t find a bottom grid at your local store? Call our team of product experts at (888) 426-2323 to speak with a representative, and if you want to check out some more options, visit the entire bottom grid collection at SUPPLY.com today!