The American Standard Toilet Buyer Guide

American Standard has been a key player in the industry for over 140 years, and they continue to create premier products that range from first-rate faucets to top-notch toilets. At SUPPLY.com, we’re proud to sell a wide selection of American Standard toilets, which are famous for their quality and innovation. But there’s more to a toilet purchase than just choosing the right brand; here’s a guide on how to narrow down which American Standard toilet is perfect for you.

Fitting In

Unless you’re building a bathroom from the ground up with a toilet as the basis for sizing, the first step in your buying process will be to understand which type of toilet will fit into your space. Are you looking for a wall mount toilet or a floor mount toilet? Floor mounts are easiest to install, while wall mounts have a modern look and take up less room. For a floor mount, you will need to measure your rough-in. The rough-in is the space between the wall and the part of toilet that attaches to the floor; the standard is 12 inches, but other sizes are available as well.

In addition to gauging what will physically fit into your bathroom, you will likely base part of your toilet decision on what fits in aesthetically. Almost all of our American Standard toilets are white or beige and made of vitreous china; they will blend in virtually anywhere and remain timeless. As far as finish type, the most common is again white, with options available in bone, linen, and cotton white. Check out this best-selling Compact Cadet (pictured below). It comes in three colors, is floor mounted, and has the typical 12-inch rough-in.

Standing Out

After sizing and styling, your next step will be to decide on the technical specifications that make your toilet exactly the way you want it to be. Do you want a one-piece or a two-piece toilet? One-piece toilets have a lot of attractive features; there is no extra installation step of putting two pieces together, they look nice, take up less room, and are easier to clean. Two-piece toilets, however, are less expensive and a better deal for the consumer who doesn’t care as much about characteristics other than function. Plus, you wouldn’t have to replace an entire two-piece toilet if only one piece were to break.

Another factor to consider is the flush type, which usually comes down to personal preference. Here’s a brief explanation of each type to help you decide (different flush types can fall under the category of electronic or manual):

  • Electronic – an automatic flush
  • Manual – flushes with an exact amount of water each time
  • Dual Flush – uses two handles to flush different amounts of water; this method is intended to save water
  • Gravity Flush – uses the force of gravity to flush; this is the most common and classic type of flush, especially in residential settings
  • Pressure Assisted – strong pressure mechanism helps flush; this type is common in commercial settings
  • Siphon Jet – stored water is released as the toilet is flushed to increase pressure

GPF, or Gallons Per Flush, refers to the amount of water that is used when the toilet is flushed. A toilet with lower GPF typically has a manual, dual flush type, whereas a higher GPF tends to be siphon jet or gravity. The most common GPF in the American Standard collection is 1.28.

Some American Standard toilets have additional features that may be important or necessary to you. Most are ADA Compliant for those with disability requirements. Many have an American Standard EverClean® surface, which is a treatment that protects from stains and odors. There are also options that are considered commercial or water efficient, and quite a few in the lineup include a toilet seat.

This Champion® toilet (pictured below) combines several of the most popular aspects. It is a two-piece toilet that has a manual, gravity flush with 1.28 GPM, and it utilizes 20% less water than other flush types. It is floor mounted with a 12-inch rough-in and elongated toilet seat (seat types explained further in the next section). It also has several special features, like a PowerWash® rim  (American Standard’s strong and quiet flush technology), a fully glazed trapway (for smoother flow), EZ-Install tools, and a 10-year warranty.

Sitting Down

Though your toilet must first meet the basic qualifications of your bathroom in terms of size and efficiency, a last step is to look at comfort. Decide on the bowl shape and the height of your toilet to fit your individual needs. Round and elongated bowl shapes are both available, with elongated being the most common.

The seat, sometimes sold with the toilet and sometimes sold separately, sits on top of the bowl and therefore must match the shape. Elongated seats tend to be more comfortable for most people, but round toilets tend to cost less and take up less space. Heights of American Standard toilets vary; visit individual product descriptions to see exact measurements.

Try this FloWise® toilet (pictured below) that has an elongated bowl shape with included seat. Its comfort is maximized with American Standard’s RIGHT HEIGHT® label, meaning that it is made to be the best height for the average user.

Only looking for one piece or a replacement part? Check out American Standard toilet bowls, tanks, and flush valves. And don’t forget a toilet paper holder to keep your roll nearby.

When it comes to both fitting in and standing out, American Standard truly does “raise the standard.” All the features and styles of a regular toilet come together to work exceptionally well, from the initial installation to the final flush.

Have a question? Call up our product experts at 888-426-2323 for answers, and check out the full line of American Standard toilets below!