Bathroom Buyer Guide: Miseno Edition

Renovating your bathroom can be an expensive task, especially if you’re looking to replace multiple fixtures. However, when it comes to the bathroom, Miseno has you completely covered with products at prices that won’t blow your budget out of the water. Whether you’re searching for a lone faucet or matching pieces for an entire bathroom remodel, Miseno is great to consider for its classic look and combination of affordability and durability.

The full Miseno catalog is expansive, and with so many options it can be hard to narrow down which fixtures will work best for you. To help condense your search, we’ve compiled this guide that dives into the catalog and highlights products by area.


The bathroom sink is not only where you wash your hands; it’s where you brush your teeth, put on your makeup, fix your hair, and shave your face. Because the sink has so many uses, it’s important to have a sturdy surface and a splash-free unit to keep your bathroom accessible and organized.

Miseno sinks come in porcelain or stainless steel and are built well with a cost-effective quality. Once you lock down the material of your sink, you’ll need to choose its finish, shape, size, and installation type. Sink installation depends on your style and what kind of countertop you might already have. Drop in sinks, per their name, are dropped into a countertop cutout with a lip that overflows onto the counter itself. Undermount sinks, also per their name, are mounted underneath the counter, keeping water well contained, and have no lip. Want to see a real-life example? Check out this ADA compliant Miseno Undermount Porcelain Bathroom Sink (pictured above) that has a rear drain and overflow. And, at just a little over $100, this Miseno model is a budget-conscious alternative to bigger brands like TOTO and Duravit.

The type of sink you purchase may in turn affect your faucet choice. When it comes to Miseno bathroom faucets, bear in mind that there are two installation types available: widespread and single hole. Widespread faucets come with two levers to control hot and cold temperatures, and typically require more countertop space for installation. Single hole faucets, as one might imagine, are fitted into a single hole, and are perfect for smaller bathroom spaces. Both types are great on a budget- all Miseno faucets on SUPPLY.com are under $200.


Sinks and faucets can take some time to coordinate, but there is less mixing and matching to worry about when purchasing a Miseno toilet. These china classics all have the highest possible MAP rating, meaning that they can flush up to 1000 grams of waste at a time. They sit at a comfortable height for most adults, include a sanitation bar to keep water within the tank, and versions with two flush types are available: gravity, which literally flushes with the force of gravity, and siphon jet, which flushes with an assisted pressure mechanism.

No matter which option you go with, your toilet choice will depend more on personal design tastes and installation requirements (floor or wall) than on price; Miseno toilets have all the durability and utility you need in a modern toilet that look similar to Kohler products but with a range of price options that will surely fit anyone’s budget. This Miseno Elongated Toilet is ADA compliant, WaterSense certified (uses 20% less water than the standard), and comes with a toilet seat. Like the rest of the Miseno toilets, its simplicity makes it both affordable and adaptable across various bathroom design themes (plus it doesn’t hurt that most Miseno toilets come in around half the price of your average toilet on the market today).


Though the toilet is an absolute necessity for any bathroom, the shower and tub can be just as essential and, if your space allows for them, are generally more fun when it comes to spending both your time and your money.

For both tub/shower combos and standing showers, you can always continue to build and replace parts with faucets, trims, and showerheads. Drain strainers, for a shower without a tub, come as linear, round, or square depending on your shower shape. As for the top of the shower, full-spray showerheads are inexpensive and easy to install. Faucets come in a package deal of showerheads attached to an arm with trims, which contain the lever that controls water flow and temperature. Packages are also available with tub faucets included- this is a great way to purchase all your items so that they are guaranteed to match and function.

If you don’t need the package and have a tub already, you might be interested in a Miseno tub spout. The tub spout essentially acts as a faucet for the tub, controlling the flow of water into the tub itself. A typical tub spout comes with an automatic shower diverter, which is the tab you push or pull to redirect the flow of water from the tub spout to the showerhead. This floor-mounted tub faucet is another option to consider, and comes with a diverter that switches flow of water to an accessory handshower.

Tub faucets are especially compliant with freestanding bathtubs, which rest upon a surface away from the wall, like this Miseno soaking tub (pictured above). Drop in tubs, like the sink, fit into a preexisting space; the same can be said with three wall alcove tubs. Freestanding tubs tend to be more expensive but are easier to install (bonus: they’re also a 2018 tub trend). To help make your decision, consider which features you want in your bath. Miseno freestanders, which have a style similar to Duravit tubs, are all considered soaking tubs. Drop in and alcove tubs have whirlpool and air massage options, which are differentiated by jets of water and jets of air, respectively.

Modern and modest, Miseno is your go-to brand if you’re looking for solid value in the bathroom. Featuring subtle looks, Limited Lifetime Warranty, and easy installation instructions, Miseno products will fit with ease into your bathroom, and your budget.

Give our SUPPLY.com product experts a call at 888-426-2323 with any questions, and check out all that Miseno has to offer below if you’d like to explore further!