Building a Kitchen Sink with Elkay

Looking for a kitchen sink and not sure where to begin or which brand to buy? Elkay, one of the oldest names in the business, recognizes the importance of quality sinks and parts. Elkay’s expertise in sinks has been continuously perfected since 1920, making it an extremely popular option in both commercial and residential settings. Are you remodeling a client’s house with a rustic-retro style and in need of a copper farmhouse? Or are you installing a heavy-duty stainless steel sink that will undergo a lot of daily use? Either way, Elkay is an excellent option.

To get you started, we had our SUPPLY.com in-house interior designer and kitchen expert, Jessica Finley, lay out exactly what you need to know when it comes to building a kitchen sink with Elkay. She covers everything from installation type, to material, to matching fixtures (like faucets).

Installation Type

The first thing you need to look at in a sink is the installation type. Undermount sinks are the most common type of sink you’ll find, but the infamous farmhouse sinks are making major waves in the industry. Drop in and top mount sinks are other standard styles; these are popular because they can be used on a laminate surface, unlike the other two. Undermount and farmhouse sinks are more commonly associated with stone countertops since they are strong enough to support the sink hanging below. For more information, keep reading to find a breakdown of the most popular Elkay installation types.


Undermount sinks are easy to install with clips, glue, or both. Since they don’t have the lip that comes up over the counter, like the top of a drop in sink, they are easier to clean. Check out the Elkay Avado series (pictured below) for undermount sinks with deep bowls and sound-deadening pads in a variety of shapes and sizes.


Farmhouse sinks require a bit of extra installation work, as they tend to be heavy, but it’s worth it for the space they provide and the visual appeal they add to a room. The wide front panel of the sink extends over the side of the counter for a charming and stylish accent. Try this Elkay Farmhouse Fireclay Kitchen Sink in biscuit.

Drop in

Drop in sinks tend to be a cost-effective choice due to their simplicity, though there are limited styles and materials available. The number of faucet holes (between 0 and 7) needs to be specified for installation; the lip of the drop in sink rests over the counter and will require a faucet hole to be drilled into a hole or holes within that lip. We offer Elkay drop in sinks in the traditional rectangular shape but also have round and specialty options, and there are models in stainless steel, steel, copper, and quartz (we will discuss materials in more detail later on).

These are the three most popular types of kitchen sinks on the market, but Elkay has even more installation types to choose from including floor mount, freestanding, top mount, universal mount, and wall mount. Top mount sinks are similar to, and usually interchangeable with, drop in sinks, whereas the rest of the options are great choices for commercial settings that aren’t designed to use a traditional sink in the counter area.

Number of Bowls

The second step in finding your sink is determining the number of bowls you need. Single versus double bowl is a huge debate in the kitchen world. Most designers will recommend a single bowl, as it considered a more “updated” version. Double bowls were designed before the modern invention of the dishwasher, when people washed everything by hand (left for dirty, right for clean). Now, people tend to only handwash larger dishes like roasting pans and casserole dishes, but even these fit better in single hole sinks without a divider in the way.

However, if you would like to go with a double bowl sink, Elkay offers Aqua Divide, a low sink center divider, which allows for room to fit those dishes in a double bowl. Elkay is also one of the few manufacturers to offer triple bowl sinks, which are used more in commercial and institutional settings.


The installation type and number of bowls you decide will help to determine the size. You’ll need to make sure the sink can work with your measurements; depending on what you’re using it for, the deeper the better.

Kitchen sinks in homes are typically between 25 and 35 inches long, though there are some Elkay sinks that are longer; some industrial options even span 70 inches. You can filter your search on SUPPLY.com by sink length and basin depth to ensure the perfect size.


Once you’ve decided how the sink will physically fit into the kitchen, look at the options for different materials. The most common material is stainless steel, but Elkay also offers copper, fireclay, quartz, and regular steel.

When deciding which material to use, think about how and where you will be using the sink. Do you cook with a lot of different foods that may cause food bacteria if the sink isn’t easy to clean? Do you have a bar/prep area where you will be pouring red wine or other staining liquids down the drain? Will you be using the sink to wash your pets or to clean your son’s muddy soccer cleats?

Stainless steel and steel are great all-around, standard materials. Copper sinks may require more maintenance, but they add a unique and beautiful touch to the kitchen. Fireclay sinks are scratch-resistant and easy to clean, and quartz sinks are a good match to a quartz countertop. No matter the material you choose, you can count on quality with Elkay – see the table below for an overview of the different materials and their corresponding price ranges.

MaterialPrice Range
Copper$300 - $2000
Elkay Fireclay$300 - $1000
Quartz$100 - $1000
Stainless SteelUnder $100 - $2000


Once you’ve decided on a sink, keep it brand-consistent with an Elkay kitchen faucet. Browse kitchen, bar, and pot filler faucets for a style that fits your needs. Look for necessary measurements like number of faucet holes and price or for design details like finish color and handle style to find a good match.

Below we highlight a few of the most popular sink styles and Elkay faucets that will pair well with them.

Undermount Stainless Steel

A classic choice is an Elkay undermount sink made of stainless steel, an option that will work virtually anywhere. Looking for the perfect faucet to pair it with? We recommend this Elkay Avado faucet. The chrome or lustrous steel finish will look good with the sink, and the features of the faucet, like solid brass waterways that are built for long-term durability, work well with the industrial nature of stainless steel.


A farmhouse sink made of fireclay or quartz has a more traditional style, and therefore looks best with a more traditional faucet. Try this Elkay Explore Pullout Spray Bridge Faucet. The bridge style of the faucet pairs nicely with the farmhouse look, making for a pretty sink that is the focus of the kitchen.

Drop In

Looking for an economically priced option that still looks good? You can’t go wrong with a drop in sink and a single hole faucet. Check out this Elkay Everyday Kitchen Faucet for a simple and sleek faucet that completes the combo nicely.


Lastly, we’d like to touch base on sink accessories. These are the items that will make your life easier and / or protect your sink. Bottom grids will keep the sink safe from scratches, while the e-dock line will completely transform the sink with magnetic ledges and hooks. See the table below for a list of the most popular Elkay accessories.

ItemPrice Range
E-DockUnder $25 - $75
ColandersUnder $60
Cutting BoardsUnder $100 - $200
Sink Bottom GridsUnder $100 - $300
Kitchen Sink DrainsUnder $100 - $300

Looking for even more Elkay accessories? Find everything from flanges to filters here.

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