Building the Perfect GROHE Shower System

A typical shower system consists of a showerhead, trim, and valve, with optional accessories like handshowers and tub faucets included depending on the situation. However, when it comes to GROHE, the system is always more than the sum of its parts. In this article, we’ll walk you through all of the major products you’ll need to purchase to build a GROHE shower system – and we’ll give you some insight into why this particular brand is worth every penny.


To start, showerheads from GROHE are famously state-of-the-art, with a variety of designs and innovations incorporated to ensure they match any setting and satisfy any user. Every showerhead from GROHE is equipped with DreamSpray technology, a unique system that creates an even distribution of air and water through the head itself, regardless of the spray setting. This distribution creates a much softer spray that massages your skin instead of barraging it.

When it comes to spray settings, GROHE showerheads can have up to 5 depending on the model – there are standard settings like Normal, Rain, and Jet, and then there are GROHE-specific settings like SmartRain, Champagne, and Bokoma (see below for all GROHE spray settings). All of these options are painstakingly designed to relieve your body of tension in different ways, all while saving you money on water in the long run.

In most cases, the right showerhead can make or break your shower experience, which is why SUPPLY.com offers such a wide range in the GROHE catalog. If you’re looking for a simple, inexpensive showerhead that still comes equipped with that magic GROHE touch, we recommend the GROHE Cosmopolitan, in either custom Starlight chrome or brushed nickel. Bonuses of the Cosmopolitan include four spray settings, an anti-lime system, and a GROHE CoolTouch feature that keeps the surface of the fixture at a manageable temperature at all times.

In the market for something a little more high-tech? Check out the GROHE Power+Soul showerhead – it has a rainshower style and comes with four spray settings that you can easily choose between with the touch of a button.

Shower Trims

Once your choice of showerhead is locked in, it’s time to talk about the shower trim. In a basic sense, the trim turns the water on and off – it typically consists of an outer level of controls, as well as a valve and diverter that exists inside the wall and controls the flow of hot and cold water.

GROHE shower trims have bold, geometric shapes set against square or circular escutcheon plates, all of which combined can give your bathroom the modern upgrade you’ve been looking for. Trims like the GrohFlex and the Europlus come with traditional lever handles, while ones like the bestselling Grohtherm Thermostatic model can get a little more innovative with buttons and knobs to control water flow and temperature.

The crowning achievement in GROHE’s shower trim collection, however, is the GROHE SmartControl trim (pictured below). With SmartControl, you can customize your shower experience to your exact specifications using a series of buttons and knobs located on the trim itself. These buttons give you control over water flow, pressure, and temperature, and you also have the option to save any changes you make as the default shower setting.

GROHE SmartControl Shower Trim

Finding the right trim and valve combination can be a tricky process to navigate, especially if you don’t have much plumbing experience. For further assistance with this process, feel free to contact the SUPPLY.com team of product experts at 888-426-2323, we’d love to help!

Shower Accessories

The showerhead and trim are the core of your GROHE shower system – but once they are taken care of, you can start thinking about giving your system its own unique flair. Shower system accessories from GROHE include their wide array of handshowers, many of which are equipped with the same technology as their showerhead counterparts.

Other accessories include grab bars, body sprays, and shower caddies, all of which provide extra utility within the shower and are designed with that modern look that makes every GROHE product stand out. Whether or not you purchase any accessories will depend on your personal preferences, and the physical limitations of you shower space – for a full list of GROHE products that you can pair with your shower system, check out the SUPPLY.com GROHE brand page.

Shower System Packages

While you can always customize the individual pieces of the GROHE shower system mentioned above, it should also be noted that GROHE offers full shower system packages as well. These systems cover all of your important bases (showerheads, handshowers, and shower trims), and are a great option to choose if you want your shower to have a single, consistent design theme.

Whether you want to purchase a GROHE shower system in full, or build one from scratch piece by piece, feel free to reach out to our product expert team at 888-426-2323 for further information or assistance along the way!

Want to see more that GROHE has to offer? Check out the full product catalog below!