Bundle and Save with GROHE and American Standard Shower Systems

GROHE and American Standard are two of the most trusted names in the kitchen and bath industry, and two of the most popular brands when it comes showers systems at SUPPLY.com. That’s why we’re currently offering a discount on all GROHE and American Standard shower systems.

Shopping shower systems is a way to ensure that you have all the parts you need, versus shopping for each component separately. It’s easy to get the entire package all at once with our bundles that include the valve, shower head, trim, and the rest of shower kit.

Shower System Components

Shower systems are usually made up of a variety of products, but the typical GROHE or American Standard shower may contain the following parts:

Shower Trim

The trim is the exposed, finished piece that is placed over the installation. This is where the lever that controls water flow exists.

Rough-In Valve

The shower rough-in valve is the rough piece that actually controls the water flow behind the scenes.


A handshower is an accessory that allows the showerer to handle the water spray.

Shower Arm

The shower arm is the component that attaches the showerhead to the shower wall.


The showerhead is the main water outlet in a shower, positioned at the top to fully cover the showerer with water.

Body Spray

Like the handshower, the body sprays provide an extra outlet of water for additional spray coverage.

Choosing a Shower System

Deciding which shower system to buy depends on the bathroom you’re installing or renovating. Look to the features on the left side of the shopping page to help narrow it down.

There are a few components you’ll need to decide on. Some GROHE and American Standard shower systems come with a thermostatic valve while some come with a pressure-balanced valve. The thermostatic valve (volume control) is a good choice if you want a clear separation between the hot and cold water that is easier for the user to differentiate, while the systems with a pressure-balanced valve tend to be less expensive.

When it comes to the spray function, there are a few things to consider. Showerhead types vary between multi function and rain shower, with multi function providing more spray options and rain shower providing fuller coverage.

Also look at spray settings and spray pattern. There are spray settings available between one and four. Spray pattern ranges from gentle to massage. Choose the amount of spray variability you’re looking for or check with your customer before landing on a shower system.

All of these factors should be taken into consideration when searching for the right shower system, but if you are installing for a customer who has no preference on the details of the system, you can also filter by price.

Installing a Shower System

Your install will heavily depend on the shower system. If you choose the Grohe SmartControl Shower System, for example, you’ll need to install the Grohe Rapido SmartBox Universal Rough-In Box. Installation instructions are included on all product pages, and will be included in your shipment as well. If you need help installing, call a SUPPLY.com rep at 888-426-2323 assistance.


We happen to be partial to every shower system we sell, but here are our top picks for different situations.

The Upscale Shower

The Grohe SmartControl Shower System (pictured below) is the perfect choice for a shower system with a few extra features. The Grotherm SmartControl trim allows easy water source and volume shifts, and a body spray adds extra water coverage. System includes: Grohtherm Thermostatic trim, SmarBox Universal rough-in, shower bar, handshower, shower elbow, body spray, shower hose, square 6″ rain showerhead, and shower arm.

The Best Bang for Your Buck

The American Standard Berwick Collection (pictured below) has everything you need and comes in a classic look with polished chrome. This simplified system comes with a less expensive price tag. The package includes: two-handle thermostatic trim, 8″ rain showerhead, rain handshower kit, and rough-in valve with 2-way diverter.

The Midway Option

Don’t need the fanciest option, but you want to install something with a bit more than the basic functions? We recommend the American Standard Times Square Collection (pictured below). It’s sleek and minimalist with all the necessary parts. The components include: two-handle thermostatic trim, shower arm, shower system kit, 3-function rain showerhead, tub spout and rough-in valve with 2-way diverter.

No matter which GROHE or American Standard shower system you choose, reach out to our account managers with any questions you have about installation or parts and we will be happy to help!

Shop below or give our team of product experts a call at 877-781-3114!