Choosing a Moen Faucet Finish

You’ve just kicked off a kitchen and bath remodel job with a new customer and it’s time to pick out faucets. Of course, they’re relying on your professional expertise for mounting type or installation advice. But, while many homeowners have an idea for the aesthetic they’re after, often times, they’ll look to the contractor for guidance and inspiration. With so many options out there these days, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and unsure on what to recommend.

Sound familiar?

Enter SUPPLY.com and Moen. Outside of having one of the most expansive product offerings in the industry, Moen offers a wide array of finishes that’ll wow your customer, allowing you to start sourcing materials and coordinating install dates. We scoured the Moen catalog to provide you with an easily digestible guide the different faucet finishes available and how to best pair color with type.

Moen Finishes

Before we dive into the faucets themselves, we wanted to go over the Moen finishes we offer. When shopping for Moen kitchen or bathroom faucets on the SUPPLY.com site, you can sort through which color you want on the left-hand side of the page. We’re going to discuss the filter option “Brand Finishes” to explore the different color choices exclusive to Moen – this filter is highlighted in green in the image below.

Silver Tones

Moen offers 14 silver tone finishes. Most of them are based on chrome (the classic faucet color) and nickel (a subtle, slightly more muted style). Check out the table below to choose a timeless silver tone option .

[table id=44 /]

Bronze, Brass, and Black

If your customer’s after darker hues, Moen’s bronze, brass, and black options will make the fixtures pop. Options like elegant Mediterranean Bronze to beautiful Polished Brass add a touch of gold and sophistication to their new bathroom or kitchen, while modern Matte Black adds bold definition. See below for the full lineup.

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Bathroom Faucets

Now that you’re aware of all the finishes on the table, we took to the Moen site to understand how they envisioned their finishes being used in bathroom faucets. Silvers like Chrome and Brushed Nickel are still go-to choices for most, and a basic, transitional bathroom faucet will be best served in these tones. The more golden hues will look best on a traditional faucet style. As for modern faucets, try Matte Black – great with a modern collection like the Moen Align Collection. Not historically seen in the bathroom, black has made big waves this year and, according to Moen, is the “new color for meditation,” creating a calm, clean atmosphere. For a contemporary look, try this Moen Align Bathroom Faucet in Matte Black (pictured below).

Kitchen Faucets

The best color / faucet type combinations for bathroom faucets generally apply to kitchen styles as well (a PRO tip is matching the kitchen faucet with cabinet hardware). One thing we like to emphasize with Moen kitchen faucets is the exceptional technology; electronic faucets with touchless operation come in very handy when there’s cooking involved (check out our full list of Moen innovations here). A silver color like Chrome will add a sleek, futuristic feel to an electronic faucet, like with this Moen STo Kitchen Faucet (pictured below).

Other Faucets

We touched on bathroom and kitchen faucets but wanted to briefly go over tub and shower faucets as well. These may not be quite as visible in the bathroom as the faucet at the sink, but they will definitely contribute to the overall atmosphere in the room. Tub faucets and shower faucets can be bought separately or together in a combination package. Try this Moen Kingsley Tub & Shower Faucet in Polished Brass to add a golden glow to your shower.

Whether you want to try gold in the kitchen or black in the bath, or go with a more traditional silver color, there’s a Moen faucet finish that’s perfect for the job. The unparalleled variety of options allows more freedom when choosing a faucet; you won’t need to sacrifice function for color or vice versa.

Now you’re a Moen finish expert and ready to delight your customer and get the job done. Shop below or call our product experts with any questions at 888-426-2323!