Complete Your Bathroom with Accessories from Danze


Following their introduction to the U.S. in 2001, Danze has grown into a prominent name in the bathroom product industry. From the WaterSense-certified Parma showerhead to the best-selling Adonis single-hole bathroom faucet, Danze is a master of sleek fixtures that save water and energy in addition to upgrading the visual appeal of any bathroom. However, purchasing a shower system, sink, and even a toilet is only checking off the basics; if you want the complete Danze experience for your bathroom, it’s time to explore the wide world of Danze accessories.

In this guide, we’ll tour some of the products that aren’t exactly crucial bathroom components, but can often make all the difference when it comes to having a coherent room theme.

Shower Accessories

If there is one area of the bathroom that can handle a little customization, it’s the shower. One of the most intimate spaces in the home deserves to feel like a sanctuary, and adding accessories can transform your shower time from a bunch of water and pipes to a unique (and comfortable) experience.

To start, including a handshower can give you extra mobility and water control, especially if you’re dealing with kids who tend to move around a lot. Danze has a broad collection of handshowers in their lineup, many of which come complete with slide bars and metal hoses for easy installation. These handshowers come in a variety of finishes (like brushed nickel and tumbled bronze) in order to match the look your shower already has, and many, like the Danze Boost model, are WaterSense certified by the EPA. So, depending on how often you use it, you may end up saving both water and money with the right handshower!

Interested in rounding off your shower experience even further? Danze has an assortment of body sprays that are sure to turn your shower from relaxing to immersive. These sprays attach to the side of the shower wall and spray outwards, complete with dual massage/spray settings and easily adjustable heads. Top it all off with a pair of matching towel bars and robe hooks, and you have a complete shower system that gets you washed and dried with efficiency and superb design.

Danze Toilet Accessories

Toilet Accessories

Using a toilet is, in most cases, a pretty universal experience that doesn’t require much accessorizing; on the other hand, you do have some options when it comes to cleaning up afterwards. The most popular of these is toilet paper, and no roll is complete without a toilet paper holder to keep it within arms reach. Danze offers an assorted collection of toilet paper holders, and while the basic functionality of each is the same, there are several opportunities to mix and match when it comes to design. We recommend a model that matches the design and finish of any other accessories (robe hooks, towel bars, etc.) you may already have in the bathroom.

If toilet paper is not really your cup of tea, there is another option for maintaining toilet hygiene that is becoming more popular every day. The Danze bidet is simple and affordable standalone model that can be installed right next to the toilet, space permitting. The bidet comes with a vertical spray that washes the areas normally cleaned with toilet paper. Bidets from Danze are porcelain and come with three faucet holes; it is worth noting, however, that the faucet itself must be purchased separately.

Sink Accessories

Danze’s lineup of bathroom sinks and faucets contains a multitude of shapes and styles to begin with, but if you do want to spice up your sink’s look a little bit, there are a few accessories that may interest you. The Danze bathroom soap dispenser, for example, is available in both polished brass and brushed nickel, and is an easy way to bring an extra touch of class and hygiene to the bathroom (just make sure your sink is equipped with the correct number of holes).

Danze Sink Accessories

Other sink accessories include hand towel rings, which can pair nicely with the design and finish of toilet paper holders, and tempered glass bathroom shelves, which serve to declutter the surrounding countertop. In a nutshell, if an accessory from Danze makes your time in the bathroom more enjoyable and efficient, or if it strengthens the visual appeal of the room (and in many cases these products do both), then it’s done its job.

If you’re interested in bathroom accessories from Danze, we have that and more at SUPPLY.com – check it out!