Decisions: 1 Piece or 2 Piece Toilets?

If you are in the market for a new toilet, the choice between a 1 piece and a 2 piece model is one that you will have to make. Fortunately, both types of toilet have the same level of functionality and size, for the most part, so this choice is strictly based on your specific needs and wants in a toilet. 2 piece toilets come in two parts: a separate tank and bowl. They are less expensive, cheaper to repair, and easier to install, but they are slightly hard to clean as there is a crease where the two pieces meet.

1 piece toilets, on the other hand, are made up of one solid piece of porcelain from top to bottom. They are more expensive and often heavier than their 2 piece counterparts (important if you need to bring the toilet up several flights of stairs), but they usually include toilet seats and are easier to clean.

Again, the functionality of each model is not an issue here; pick the toilet that works best within your budget and your cleaning expectations, and it should be smooth sailing from there.

2_piece_toiletOur Best Selling 1 and 2 Piece Toilets

For those in the market for a 1 piece toilet, we recommend our best-selling TOTO Ultramax II, pictured above. The Ultramax II features the powerful Double Cyclone flushing technology and SanaGloss, a hygienic bowl coating that keep your toilet cleaner, longer.

If you are leaning more toward the 2 piece model, check out the TOTO Drake II Elongated (pictured); with only 1.28 gallons of water used per flush, this toilet is sure to operate efficiently, look great, and save money in the long run.

Need help choosing your next toilet? SUPPLY.com has a wide selection of both 1 piece and 2 piece models