Delta Faucet Technology: Your Complete Guide

Delta is a faucet brand that has distinguished itself with technology that is smart, but simple – the kind that makes you think “Why has no one thought of this before?” or “I didn’t realize this was exactly what I’ve been needing.” Delta’s innovations are featured in both bathroom and kitchen faucets, along with select other fixtures like shower heads. These technologies are made to keep your home contemporary, clean, and conducive to your needs.We’ve listed out all the latest and great Delta technologies from 2018 that are available on SUPPLY.com.

Reduce Splashes with ShieldSpray™ Technology

Let’s begin with one of Delta’s latest features, ShieldSpray™ Technology. You may be familiar with it already from our Delta Faucet Buyer Guide, where we touched briefly on the concentrated jet of water surrounded by a bubble shield of more water (pictured below). This kitchen-centered concept combines steam, aerated, and shield spray to fit multiple needs, with the shield designed to clean messes without making new ones – it has 90% less spatter than an average spray. If you have a dirty plate with spaghetti remains, for example, the jet is powerful enough to wash away the food, while the shield keeps the sauce from splashing all over your shirt. Check out this Delta Esque Kitchen faucet that features ShieldSpray™, along with several other Delta technologies that we discuss later in this article.

Touch it on in the Kitchen with Touch20® Technology

Another mess-free technology Delta has is Touch2, which allows you to turn the faucet on with a simple touch to the handle or spout – you can use your wrist or arm if there is food or paint on your hands. The temperature of the water is indicated with Delta TempSense® Technology, which has an LED light that changes color with changing temperature from blue to magenta to red. Delta’s Touch-Clean Spray Holes® make the faucet easy to clean with a finger swipe over soft rubber spray holes to clear mineral buildup. This kitchen bar/prep faucet (pictured below) features Touch20®, along with a high-arc spout and pull-down spray.

Touch it on in the Bathroom with Touch20xt® Technology

Delta’s updated version of Touch20® is Touch20xt® (the “xt” stands for “extra technology”). Touch20xt features a sensor radius 4” around the faucet, and water that shuts off automatically after two minutes of no activity. Touch20xt® is great to have in the bathroom to help avoid the spread of germs – check out this Delta Dryden Single Handle Lavatory Faucet.

Dock and Lock with MagnaTite® Technology

MagnaTite® Docking is a Delta specialty that works in sync with Touch20® and ShieldSpray™. It ensures that the faucet wand stays put every time with a powerful magnet that keeps it securely locked in place. You can use the wand to spray as you please without worrying about it drooping over time. MagnaTite® also works with select Delta hand showers to keep them snapped into place and not falling on your shower floor. This Delta Mateo Kitchen Faucet is an excellent choice, featuring MagnaTite® Docking along with a cutting-edge design (pictured below).

Stop Leaks with DIAMOND™ Seal Technology

One of Delta’s other key technologies is DIAMOND™ Seal. Be sure to check out our full guide to DIAMOND™ Seal to learn all of its uses. The cartridge inside of the faucet is coated in carbon to prevent leaks and ultimately extend the life of your faucet. DIAMOND™ Seal is available across a variety of Delta faucets in both the kitchen and the bathroom, like this Delta Ara Widespread Bathroom Faucet (pictured below).

Keep it Smudge-Free with Spotshield® Technology

Like DIAMOND™ Seal, Spotshield® Technology is available in both the kitchen and the bathroom. Using an antimicrobial protection on the finish, Spotshield® resists fingerprints, spots, and stains. The reduction of this buildup makes your faucet or shower head look better and stay cleaner, while also helping keep away the odor that comes with microbial growth. Freshness is incredibly important when it comes to water, and Spotshield® helps keep your faucet, and in turn your water, fresh and crust-free. This Delta Leland Kitchen Faucet, along with having Touch20® Technology, has Spotshield®  Technology (pictured below).

H2O Kinetic® Showers

We’ve highlighted some of Delta’s top-featured technologies, but they have plenty more to check out. One more that we think is really worth your while is H2O Kinetic® Shower Technology. H2O Kinetic® Showers are designed to save water while still providing a full coverage with controlled speed, water droplet size, and movement. Delta’s In2ition® Two-in-One Showerheads, like this one (pictured below), feature a shower head and handheld shower in one with H2O Kinetic® Technology, and later this year Delta’s HydroRain® Two-in-One Showerheads will also be available with H2O Kinetic® Technology.

Be sure to check out the rest of the Delta catalog to find more products and features. If you already have a Delta product and are in need of a Delta repair kit or replacement parts, you can find the pieces you need here.

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