The Delta Shower Buyer Guide


The Basics

A leading name in the plumbing fixture industry for nearly a full century, Delta is well known for specializing in the innovation and perfection of kitchen and bathroom faucets. With names like Touch2O and H2OKinetic under their belt, the company is a proven expert on the cutting edge of faucet technology. However, Delta is no small player when it comes to showers, either.

“Tailored just to you.” These words from Delta’s own website perfectly describe their lineup of shower products. A variety of product options and combinations within a range of prices means that Delta has a shower solution for every customer. In this guide, we’ll go over the best that Delta has to offer in terms of showers, and hopefully provide a little insight for you when it comes time for that next bathroom renovation.


Delta knows that the showerhead is the centerpiece of any shower, with the ability to make or break the entire shower experience – which is why their showerheads are equipped with the latest technology and built to last. There are just a few boxes you need to check before finding the perfect showerhead from Delta.

Delta Temp2O ShowerheadFirst, you need to consider your budget. The majority of Delta showerheads are under $100, without sacrificing much in terms of quality. The Delta Victorian Premium Touch-Clean Showerhead, for example, varies in cost based on the finish you choose (seven finishes are currently available on SUPPLY.com), yet all versions stay within that affordable range. The Victorian also has three spray settings and flows at a rate of 2.5 gallons per minute – a great fit for anyone wanting to cover the basics.

If you’re in the market for a truly high-end showerhead, Delta has you covered there too. The Delta In2ition showerhead is one of the most bestselling pieces in the entire lineup; it’s low lead compliant, and comes with a detachable center that doubles as a handshower. And of course, there is also Delta’s collection of WaterSense Certified showerheads, guaranteed by the EPA to lessen your environmental footprint and save you money by flowing at a rate of 2.0 gallons per minute or less.

Our recommendation? Check out the Delta Temp2O showerhead (pictured). It’s affordable, WaterSense certified, and comes with an LED display that monitors temperature. For more information on this model, feel free to read our article on exploring Delta Temp2O technology.


If movement and flexibility in the shower are a must-have for you, then a handshower can be a great option. Much like their showerheads, Delta’s handshowers come in a variety of finishes and materials, and at a wide range of prices.

As their name implies, handshowers are built to be held during the shower, allowing you to direct water easily toward areas that might have been hard to reach otherwise (an especially useful feature if kids are involved). However, most handshowers, like the Delta Universal Showering Components model, easily double as regular, multi-function showerheads; it all depends on where the handshower is hooked up to the wall. Choosing a handshower with a slide bar included allows you to adjust height on the go to match any user.

For the latest from Delta, check out the video below featuring the Delta ActivTouch handshower, a model that boasts eight different spray settings, a non-slip grip, and Delta Touch-Clean spray holes that allow you to easily wipe away any build-up with the touch of a finger.

Tub and Shower Faucets

If your shower comes with a tub, then you’ll likely be interested in Delta’s lineup of tub and shower faucets. Delta knows that the key to a visually stunning bathroom is a consistent design, which is why they offer shower packages that include a tub faucet, a trim, and a showerhead (or handshower), all within the same collection.

Delta Vero Tub and Shower FaucetBecause there are so many combinations and styles available when it comes to tub and shower faucets, you really have a lot of opportunity to express yourself via a unique design. Whether it’s the minimal, geometric style and rain can showerheads of the Vero collection (pictured) or the more curvaceous and organic figures of the Victorian collection, Delta has a proven track record of creating efficient shower systems that are easy to install and built to last.

Want to find out more about the ins and outs of purchasing an entire shower system? Check out SUPPLY.com’s Definitive Shower System Buyer Guide!

Shower Accessories

Once you’ve covered your bases with the necessary shower items, don’t forget that Delta has a number of shower accessories that can boost your shower experience up to premium levels. For example, if you have the wall space, then Delta’s entire lineup of body sprays can give you a feeling of full-body immersion like no other whenever you take a shower.

Other accessories from Delta include shower curtain rods that curve outward in order to prevent feelings of claustrophobia, grab bars that offer support to children and the elderly, shower arms to support both showerheads and handshowers, and an assortment of tub and shower drains.

In short, Delta is an experienced supplier of all the necessities when it comes to showers, and if you want to upgrade a step farther, they’ve got just the right part for that too.

Want to check out more from Delta? Shop the entire collection at SUPPLY.com today!