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When it comes to a commercial bathroom job, the endless fixture options out there can seem like both a blessing and a curse. On one hand, with so many brands, price ranges, and styles at your disposal, there’s no doubt you’ll land on the exact look your client’s going for. On the other hand, when you need everything – sinks, toilets, urinals, and tubs – for a hotel or hospital, the product selections can become overwhelming. For higher-end, commercial porcelain products, we recommend Duravit. We asked the Duravit team what sets them apart and makes them a go-to option:

A wide variety of full suite collections and products in different styles, shapes and sizes make Duravit the perfect solution for all architectural and design applications, whether they be public, semi-public or residential. And, the best part? Not only does Duravit offer a full gamut of options — it offers them at a price structure that suits every project. – Janina, Marketing Manager at Duravit

Not only does Duravit commit to quality, they also make it easy to navigate products within a special section of their website tailored to professionals. We spent some time in this section and broke down Duravit’s different project categories even further to help you find exactly what you need for your next commercial bathroom job.


Are you working on building or renovating a hotel? Duravit lists their best fits for each product category, including bathroom sinks, toilets, bidet seats, urinals, shower screens, and bathtubs. When you’re buying for a hotel, you’ll want to look at products that are easily accessible, will last a long time, and provide a bit of a “wow factor.” Many guests will use these fixtures expecting an experience that is a notch above their own bathroom at home, so it’s important to find the right pieces.

After browsing Duravit’s recommendations, we picked our top choice in sinks, toilets, and bathtubs.

DuraStyle Sink

This Duravit DuraStyle basin has a simple and stylish shape, designed by award-winning architect / designer, Matteo Thun. This sink is wall-mounted and sits above the counter, making it easy to use. Match it with the rest of the DuraStyle line for a consistent look that will wow guests.

Me by Starck Toilet

The Duravit Me by Starck toilet will add a modern flair to the bathroom with its sleek, minimal design that is made to save space. The flush in this toilet is key for a heavily-trafficked hotel; 3” gravity flush (wider than a typical 2”) along with rimless flush technology provides a powerful flushing mechanism that is sure to keep the bowl clean with a small amount of water – there’s nothing a hotel guest wants to see less than a toilet that isn’t clean.

Paiova Bathtub

Looking for a soaking bathtub will fit in nicely to a bathroom with corner space? This tub, with a center drain and 45-gallon capacity, functions well as a dual shower space. It’s perfect for a smaller hotel bathroom in which you would like to offer both a shower and a bath option.

Industry, offices, and commercial buildings

In a large, public building, you can count on many visitors, day-in and day-out. You’ll need fixtures that can withstand heavy, constant use. Commercial buildings will also often need to adhere to many code requirements to ensure accessibility to all users. Continuing to use Duravit’s pro site, we picked out a sink, toilet, and urinal (all designed by world-famous designer, Philippe Starck) that are perfect for large-scale and public projects.

Starck Sink

With an undermount installation, Duravit’s White Alpine finish, the Starck sink has a classic style that will blend in effortlessly to any bathroom. The beautiful shape of the sink is what sets it apart. It’s perfect if you’re looking to add a simple sink to your facility but want to maintain a level of high-quality design.

Starck Toilet

Also part of the Starck collection, this toilet will match the sink we just highlighted in the previous section. The bowl is elongated and ADA Compliant, meaning that it sits at a height appropriate for various users, including those with disabilities. An optional HygeineGlaze 2.0 is available upon request, made with an antimicrobial coating that kills bacteria and germs.

Starck Urinal

This elegant urinal features a concise design. It’s a great choice for any commercial bathroom, especially if you need multiple urinals and want to save on space. The HygeineGlaze coating comes on all models and protects against bacteria. With a rear spud location, this urinal will fit to the wall with no bulky attachments. The simplicity in design reduces buildup, combining with the glaze coating to create a clean atmosphere.


Sanitation is essential in the medical industry and having the right plumbing fixtures installed is key in keeping things hygienic. It’s also important that these fixtures fit the needs of the facility and its users – below we highlight a sink and a toilet that are both ADA Compliant and made with the user in mind.

Architec Sink

This circular sink, designed by Frank Huster, is very easy to take care of, making it an attractive option to use in a medical facility. You won’t have to worry about germs building in corners or anything sticking to the sides. This basin also allows ample space in the bathroom and maintains the same level of aesthetic appeal as the rest of the Duravit line.

DuraStyle Toilet

Much like the sink we just highlighted, this toilet will save space in the bathroom. It has a powerful manual flush that keeps it easy to clean, along with a Hygiene Glaze 2.0 that will keep the germs away. This toilet will accommodate the variety of users that a hospital or doctor’s office might see; the bowl is height-adjustable and will support over 500 lbs.

Looking for more?

In addition to these categories, Duravit’s pro site highlights suitable projects for Residential, Barrier-Free, and Public Housing Projects. At SUPPLY.com, we offer an entire catalog of Duravit products; the examples we listed are a great starting place, but there are tons of options to explore.

Give our team a call at 877-781-3114 or click below to get started on your commercial project; we’ll help you find the best Duravit fixtures for your job.

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