Duravit Vanities and Sinks: A Buyer Guide


The Basics

Duravit is internationally renowned for their contemporary bathroom designs that are sleek and high-end. Because bathrooms are used multiple times per day, every day, Duravit strives to make the bathroom experience as luxurious as possible while also being practical. Nowhere is this principle showcased more than in Duravit bathroom sinks and vanities. This guide will walk you through why Duravit is a smart choice for your home, and what you need to know about Duravit sinks and vanities before you make a purchase.

Duravit Sinks

Right off the bat, Duravit sinks specialize in looking great and providing ample room for toiletries, and they come in a variety of shapes and sizes to accent any bathroom layout.

A bathroom with a large double vanity

Rectangular drop-in and countertop mount sinks are shallow with a thick rim. This rim is the perfect amount of space to hold a soap dispenser, toothbrush holder, or perfume bottle. The rectangular shape is different from the average oval sink and easily fits in a modern or contemporary bathroom. The rectangular sinks of the Vero collection are available in a wide range of sizes to fit both large master bathrooms and tiny powder rooms.

A wall-mount Duravit sink in a bathroom

In addition to Duravit’s wide line of rectangular bathroom sinks, they also manufacture circular vessel sinks, rounded rectangular sinks, octagonal sinks, and undermount sinks in a variety of shapes and sizes.

It should be noted, however, that Duravit does not manufacture faucets. All faucets shown in Duravit product photos are from another brand and are sold separately.

Duravit Vanities

Duravit vanities are designed both to be practical and to make a statement. That is why Duravit considers the storage needs of the average homeowner when creating their vanities. Ample storage in multiple pullout drawers, easy to reach cubbies, and convenient towel bars are just some of the features available from Duravit vanities.

A wall-mount Duravit vanity

Duravit manufactures many pre-made vanities for ease and convenience, but it is their custom vanities that set them apart from their competitors. That’s right, you can customize a Duravit vanity. Tailor everything to your bathroom’s specifications, from size to the number of drawers; Duravit vanities can even be wall-mount for easy floor cleaning.

The best thing about custom Duravit vanities is selecting your favorite finish. Here are the finish options available:



An easy way to begin your custom vanity selection is to choose a finish. Use the chart above to see which collections have vanities available in that finish and then select the size and number of drawers you need.

Custom vanities from Duravit appear as blue prints on retail websites. We advise you call our team of product experts at (888) 426 – 2323 to discuss your custom vanity options.

Vanities, Sinks, and Consoles

Duravit sinks and vanities are designed to be used together, naturally. Building a custom Duravit vanity? Choose your favorite Duravit sink first, and utilize its measurements to your vanity. All pre-made Duravit vanities can accommodate Duravit sinks and some even include the sink in one convenient package.

A Duravit console

If you don’t need hidden storage beneath your bathroom sink and prefer a clean, open look, a Duravit sink console may be for you. Consoles are metal legs that sit beneath a wall mount sink. The two legs provide some support for the sink while squaring off the space below. A horizontal metal bar between the legs act as a towel bar, a perfect spot for hanging washcloths and bath towels. Consoles are on trend, being featured on design TV shows and magazines, but they are also timeless; a console installed today will not look outdated 20 years from now, something that cannot be guaranteed with some vanities.

Add elegance to your bathroom with a Duravit vanity and sink. Shop SUPPLY.com today!