The Elkay Commercial Product Buyer Guide

Elkay has been in the plumbing fixture business for almost a century, and they have remained as dedicated to quality now as they were at the very beginning – these days, they are known for being the number one sellers of stainless steel sinks in America. With an entire catalog of durable, efficient products to offer, Elkay is a perfect choice for all things commercial (referring to products outside of the home), from drinking fountains in schools to utility faucets in labs.

In this guide, we’ll dive into the full Elkay commercial product collection, and give the official SUPPLY.com recommendation for products that we think best represent Elkay’s dedication and reliability.

Elkay drinking fountain

Elkay’s Commercial Kitchen Products

Whether you’re renovating your bakery or installing a kitchen in a five-star hotel, Elkay has you covered with top-grade, heavy-duty faucets and sinks that withstand consistent use. In this section, we’ve outlined all of Elkay’s major commercial kitchen categories and given our professional recommendations on products that will suit your situation best.


Elkay commercial kitchen faucets are the total package; they are sleek, stylish, and smooth operators. If you’re in the market for one, you’ll first want to look at how you will need to install your kitchen faucet. Most of the Elkay commercial kitchen faucets are single hole, meaning that they only need one hole for installation. Most are also deck mounted, meaning that they will sit on top of the sink counter as opposed to the wall, though there are some wall mounted options available as well. After deciding on installation type and other factors like price and finish, one of the most important things to look at in a commercial faucet is the shape, height, and reach of the spout.

When looking at a faucet for a home, the arch of the spout may not be as important to the homeowner as the visual appeal of the faucet. For a commercial kitchen, though, consider your needs. Will you have dirty dishes being washed all day long? What sorts of dishes? Will chafers need to fit under the faucet, or do you need a small series of faucets? Think about your specific space and what will be the most useful to you.

Try this Elkay commercial kitchen faucet for a convenient scrub/handwash station. It is a wall mount faucet with two faucet holes and two included lever handles – a great option for a smaller kitchen space, as it does not take up too much room. It also has convenient temperature markers to help ensure employee awareness and safety.


Considering your individual needs is just as important, if not more so, with Elkay commercial kitchen sinks as it is with faucets. Do you need a large sink with three basins? Or do you need one basin that’s especially deep? Elkay has a huge catalog to choose from, starting with a wide variety of installation types.

On SUPPLY.com, our Elkay kitchen sink installation types include  drop in, farmhouse, floor mount, freestanding, top mount, undermount, universal mount, and wall mount. Here’s a quick break down of these different types:

  • Drop In/Top Mount: The sink is installed from above the counter; it is literally “dropped in” to a cutout that is made for it. This creates a clean look and leaves ample counter space. Top mount sinks usually have a lip that goes slightly over the countertop.
  • Farmhouse: This type of sink is also installed in the counter, but it stands out with its front wall; instead of a cabinet or drawer covering the front, the face of the sink itself is visible. This can be both a stylish and practical choice, as farmhouse sinks are a current trend and provide plenty of room for washing.
  • Floor Mount: Elkay floor mount sinks are made of heavy steel and are categorized on SUPPLY.com as sinks without legs. They can stand independently and fit into corners or workspaces.
  • Freestanding: This type of sink includes floor mount sinks and other stand-alone sinks with legs. These sinks do not need to be installed in a counter or wall and are extremely common in industrial kitchen settings.
  • Undermount: This sink looks similar to a drop in or top mount sink, without a lip extending over the counter. It is installed underneath the counter, where it is secured to the cabinets for support.
  • Universal Mount: This type includes counter sinks that can be mounted in various ways, not including freestanding and floor mount sinks.
  • Wall Mount: This type of sink attaches to the wall, providing more space and adding to a concise kitchen design.

Once you have picked the overall style you want for your commercial sink, you can dive into the details like color, shape, and basins. There are sinks available with between one and three basins; if you go for multiple, you can then narrow it down even further with either an equal or unequal split between the basins.

Whatever you need in a kitchen sink, Elkay is sure to have something for you. For example, this Fireclay Farmhouse sink (pictured below) has a single basin and will look great in any setting with its wide, glossy white face that can be installed with a traditional flat front or with a decorative band at the top.

Elkay farmhouse clay kitchen sink commercial

Want some more information about Elkay sinks? Check out The SUPPLY.com Elkay Stainless Steel Sink Guide.

Elkay’s Commercial Bathroom Products

As far as commercial bathroom products go, Elkay again has outdone themselves to produce some of the best quality on the market. If you need a sink in your lobby or a urinal in your gym, Elkay products are a worthy investment.


Elkay bathroom faucets work in a variety of bathroom settings, from a guest bathroom at a theatre to an airport washroom. If you’re looking to buy, you’ll first want to pay attention to the installation type – there are centerset, single hole, and widespread options. Centerset faucets have a long, connected base that includes the handles, if there are any. Single hole faucets, like kitchen single hole faucets, have a smaller base that only requires one installation hole. Widespread faucets are spread out with the handles separated from the spout.

For handle types, lever, push button, and sensor are available. This widespread Elkay faucet has two push button handles, a vandal resistant aerator with key, and comes with an included valve. This faucet is also ADA compliant, as are many Elkay bathroom faucets, making an excellent choice for a bathroom that may be frequented by people with disabilities.


Commercial bathroom sinks come with similar installation concepts to kitchen sinks, with a few less options to decide between. Drop in, top mount, undermount, and wall mount are all available, along with a type not found in the Elkay kitchen lineup known as vessel. Vessel sinks sit completely on top of the counter surface, like this Elkay Asana Vessel Sink (pictured below). This cast brass sink is wide and round, with a deep basin in a unique coppery-brown finish.

elkay commercial bathroom sink

One major thing to look for in a commercial bathroom sink is the number of faucet holes. There are options with zero, one, two, and three faucet holes depending on what faucet style you want. Another factor to consider is if the sink is ADA compliant. Though this can also be important in the kitchen, it is more often something to consider with public restrooms, due to the amount of people of all ages and body types who use them. You may also want to think more about color and finish for a bathroom sink, depending on if it will be used in a bathroom that is often frequented by customers or employees.

This Asana Specialty Collection Sink is made with 19-gauge stainless steel, is dual mount (can be installed as either top mount or undermount), and is ADA compliant. This mirrored-metal sink would work great in an employee or customer bathroom that expects heavy use, but still wants to retain an interesting look.


If you’re looking to outfit an entire public bathroom, Elkay’s trough urinals are up-to-date and useful; they do not adhere to the standard, single-person model but instead feature long, convenient troughs that can cater to multiple users at once. Elkay urinals are made of steel and can handle constant daily use. They are especially helpful to have at large facilities like sports arenas, and they can be ordered in bulk.

Other Commercial Products from Elkay

We’ve covered the bathroom and the kitchen above, but Elkay’s product catalog extends even further than those major areas. The following commercial products from Elkay specialize in safety and convenience, and can add a great finishing touch to any public space.

Drinking Fountains

Drinking fountains are a great feature to have in a public area that sees a lot of foot traffic, and in some cases are an absolute necessity. There are several options to consider when looking at drinking fountain, like if you need low fountains for an elementary school or if you want a fountain with a bottle filler for a public park (shown below). Read more about bottle fillers in our guide The Benefits of Elkay’s ezH2O Bottle Filling Stations.

Elkay drinking fountains

Some fountains, like those in the Elkay Deluxe Collection, stand on the ground, while others are attached to the wall. There are also different activation types to choose from, with top buttons, push buttons, front buttons, and push and sidebars. The placement of the button can play into sanitation, along with convenience or ADA compliancy needs. Plus, both indoor and outdoor fountains are available, which gives you a range of options to choose from if you’re working with a larger public space or office.

Looking for an indoor, bi-level drinking fountain (referring to two side-by-side fountains at slightly varying heights)? Check out this best-selling Elkay Soft Sides Fountain – it’s ADA and Low Lead compliant, comes with a FlexiGuard Safety bubbler (an antimicrobial mouth guard that protects against germs and injury), is made of steel, and has a front activation button.

Classroom Sinks

Classroom sinks are used in a variety of ways that usually involve some sort of impact, whether that’s from a science experiment gone wrong or from an overly eager kindergarten finger-painter. Once again, Elkay is your go-to for durability.

Unlike kitchen and bathroom sinks, classroom sink installation is available only in drop in or top mount, making it easier to fit into a space crowded with desks and students. Many are ADA Compliant, which is usually an important factor if not a requirement in a classroom. One- and two-basin options are available in steel and stainless steel, with between zero and four faucet holes. Elkay classroom sinks are spacious and hygienic, making them perfect for a school. This Celebrity Classroom Sink Package includes a top mount, 18-gauge stainless steel sink along with bubblers, a faucet, and a drain.

Utility Faucets

Commercial utility faucets are great for tough, industrial use. Elkay’s catalog of utility faucets has various styles, including several food service options. Decide if you need a deck-mount or a wall-mount faucet depending on your sink type. This highly rated Elkay Pursuit Utility Faucet features water-saving low flow, a flexible spout (perfect for a laundry room) and is ADA compliant.


Elkay offers both kitchen sink drains and bathroom sink drains to correspond with other Elkay commercial fixtures. Elkay kitchen sink drains come in various shapes, materials, and colors – even red (“maraschino”) drains are available. Elkay bathroom sink drains also serve their purpose as durable, reliable products. Learn more about Elkay’s drain options in our SUPPLY.com guide Why Elkay’s Perfect Drain is Perfect For Your Kitchen.

Interested in commercial products? You might qualify for a PRO account! To find out more about Elkay commercial products or PRO account services, give our team of product experts a call at 404-418-4699!