The Elkay Kitchen Sink Buyer Guide


The Basics

At SUPPLY.com, our best-selling kitchen sinks are built by Elkay. Elkay has been manufacturing durable, long-lasting sinks right here in the USA for more than 90 years.  To put it simply, our customers trust Elkay because Elkay sinks look great and truly are built to last.

Due to their popularity, Elkay has thousands of kitchen sinks options you can choose from. With so many choices, it’s hard to decide which sink will match your lifestyle, or that of your client if you are a home builder. We’ve narrowed down the wide range of options and add-ons and condensed them into this step-by-step guide. Our goal is to help inform you of before you make your purchase.

Choose How Many Basins Your Sink Will Have

Elkay kitchen sinks are available with one, two, and three basins. The amount of basins needed depends on the lifestyle of the user.

single_basin_elkayMost American families are happy with either a one basin or two basin kitchen sink. Single basin sinks are deep and provide plenty of room for pots to be filled and dishes to be cleaned. Also, single basin sinks are ideal for smaller kitchens, as they take up less space than sinks with multiple basins. Home builders will appreciate the flexibility that a single basin sink provides in terms of space, and both home and business owners will benefit from the reliability and practicality that comes standard with not only a single basin Elkay sink, but any other Elkay product as well.

double_basin_sinkOn the other hand, with double basin sinks, which are larger than single basin sinks, it is the homeowners that get flexibility. One basin can hold dirty dishes while the other is used to fill pots. Cleaning up after a big meal? One basin can be used to soak dishes while the other is open for cleaning. The possibilities are endless! On a commercial level, these benefits are magnified, with models such as the Weldbilt Freestanding Steel Kitchen Sink offering plenty of space for washing dishes in the midst of a busy professional kitchen.

triple_basin_elkayFinally, triple basin sinks are most commonly used by chefs and cooks, as they feature a small basin in the middle to be used during food prep. The average homeowner usually does not need the third basin, but those who cook will often find a use for it, especially when working with a mixture of foods and dirty pots and pans. Plus, if you are working with a kitchen that is either lacking in countertop real estate or contains too much, three separate basins offer a lot of choices in terms of customizing, limiting, or maximizing your sink space, regardless of how you plan on using it.

What Finish Will Your Sink Have?

Elkay kitchen sinks are available in a wide variety of finishes to fit any kitchen’s décor. Exclusive to Elkay are three very distinct finishes:

E-granite is a composite of natural quartz and acrylic resin that is resistant to chipping, staining, and heat. E-granite sinks have a consistent color throughout and are also UV resistant, so they won’t fade if placed under a window.

Lustertone is a finish used on stainless steel to bring high-quality shine to the sink basins.

Elumina is another finish used on stainless steel to bring out its shine. A more economical alternative to Lustertone, Elumina is favored by builders and those on a budget.

Other Elkay kitchen sink finishes include stainless steel, antique hammered copper, and hammered mirrored stainless steel.

How Will Your Sink Be Mounted?

There are two different ways to mount your kitchen sink.

Undermount sinks are mounted beneath the kitchen countertop, leaving no rim between the countertop and the sink. A topmount sink (also known as a drop-in sink) is placed in a pre-cut hole in the countertop. The lip of the sink sits on the countertop, holding most of the weight of the sink itself but also making it slightly harder to clean. Farmhouse sinks (pictured above in the Single Basin Sink section) are a special variety in which the entire front face of the sink protrudes from the counter, while wall mount or freestanding sinks typically appear in commercial settings.

We recommend using a topmount sink if only your sink will be upgraded, and an undermount if your countertops will also be replaced.

How Many Holes Does Your Faucet Need?

Topmount Elkay kitchen sinks vary in the number of faucet holes (or holes on the deck behind the bowl) each sink has. Choose the number of holes you feel you will need to accommodate your faucet, side spray, and any other accessories you would like to have installed near your sink (soap pump, lotion pump, etc.).


This step does not apply to those with undermount sinks, as most undermount sinks do not have faucet holes. Instead, holes are cut directly into the countertop behind the undermount sink when installed.

No Sink Is Complete Without Accessories

Magnetic stainless steel accessories like the sponge and utensil holders from Elkay’s E-Dock line are designed to keep the countertop surrounding your sink from cluttering. Check out the following link to learn more about Elkay accessories, and how they can be used to create a practical and efficient kitchen.

Exclusive to Elkay

Most Elkay kitchen sinks feature Sound Guard, a protective undercoating that reduces noise and dampens sound. Your kitchen (and your ears) will benefit from a sink with Sound Guard.

We hope this guide has helped you in your Elkay kitchen sink shopping decisions. If you have any additional questions, be sure to give our team of product experts a call at (888) 426-2323.

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