Guide to Ginger Luxury Bathroom Accessories

Known for luxurious accessories, SUPPLY.com’s brand partner Ginger will enhance any bathroom with exquisite lighting, elegant mirrors, and fine finishes that add a warm glow and a polish to everything from towel bars to shower baskets.

Elevate your bathroom or your commercial project with Ginger’s stylish residential and hotel-focused collections. We wrote the following guide to break down Ginger’s catalog and help you find the right products to create a clean, welcoming vibe with this luxury line. One of our favorite things about Ginger is its seamless ability to fit in with other brands. Newport Brass is an especially excellent counterpart to Ginger, so in this article we’ve also included several product pairings (wine and cheese style) between the two brands, perfect for anyone who is looking for fixtures in addition to accessories. 

Shower Area

Keep a shower refreshingly organized with caddies and rods in variety of finishes and innovative styles by Ginger. No more shampoo bottles overtaking every space, razors accidentally falling on the shower floor, or soaps sliding away from their designated nooks. Grab bars add necessary safety to ensure that in addition to being a haven of relaxation, the shower is physically a safe place. Grab bars can help meet ADA requirements for those who need extra support to ensure no shower slip-ups.

Are you filling out the rest of the shower and in need of faucets or showerheads? We recommend this Newport Brass East Linear Tub and Shower Faucet. With an included showerhead and 27 unique finishes, the style of this set goes well with Ginger and will help complete your shower. Check out the major Ginger shower categories below, complete with SUPPLY.com’s competitive pricing.

CategoryPrice Range
Towel BarsUnder $100 - $300
Shower RodsUnder $50 - $100
Grab BarsUnder $100 - $400
Shower CaddiesUnder $100 - $300

Sink Area

Beauty is in the details with Ginger’s sink accessories. The bathroom sink is typically a small space, so order is key in keeping it spotless. Minimalistic towel rings and soap dishes combine decoration with practical use for a perfect mix of quality and utility. Simple, curved, and tilting mirrors amplify the bathroom and reflect the gracefulness of Ginger. We love the easy-to-use elegance of the shelves and containers in the images below.

Looking for a bathroom faucet to correspond with these accessories? We like this Newport Brass Skylar Single Hole Bathroom Faucet. Stylish in solid brass, this faucet will look great with geometric designs. Ginger’s products, highlighted in the table below, will add convenience and complete the sink with all of the pieces coming together like an art gallery.

CategoryPrice Range
Towel RingsUnder $50 - $150
Soap Dispensers$100 - $200
Bathroom ShelvesUnder $100 - $500
Bathroom Mirrors$100 - $500
Toothbrush Holders$25 - $100

Additional Accessories and Lighting from Ginger

Brighten the bathroom with Ginger’s luxury lighting, or place these subtle styles throughout the home. Soft shades, etched glass, and wall sconces incorporate varying levels of light that radiate throughout the room. More accessories, like robe hooks and toilet paper holders, tie it all in and complete the space with fresh elements. These accessories are small, but together they will make all the difference. Mismatched, broken, or cheap hooks may not seem like a major problem, but when compared to a collection of polished pieces there is a noticeable change in quality and atmosphere.

If you’re in need of rough plumbing elements to complement these beautiful finished parts, check out Newport Brass Shower Rough-In Valves and Newport Brass Faucet Rough-In Valves to build out the bathroom. These valves help customize the sink and shower to make the bathroom both original and functional.

CategoryPrice Range
Wall SconcesUnder $100 - $400
Vanity Lights Under $100 - $1000
Toilet Paper HoldersUnder $100 - $200
Robe HooksUnder $100 - $200

We could recognize Ginger’s distinctive design anywhere, whether in a new home or a luxury hotel. Ginger’s style is both cutting-edge and warmly familiar – it will work in a variety of settings and look sophisticated for years to come.

Want to know more about Ginger Luxury? Browse below or give our product experts a call at 888-426-2323 today!

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