Jacuzzi Bathroom Buyer Guide

The brand name Jacuzzi is synonymous with hot tubs and bath products in households across the United States. The company was founded in 1915 by seven Italian brothers – the Jacuzzi brothers. Today, the brand is also synonymous with accessible luxury. Buying a Jacuzzi bathtub with massaging jets is an easy way to upgrade a bathroom and create a sense of spa within a home. We offer a variety of Jacuzzi products on SUPPLY.com; this guide will help you navigate the best products for your home or for your customers.

Jacuzzi Bathtubs

Jacuzzi bathtubs are some of the most exciting products in the brand’s catalog; they stand out from other tubs by their relation to the famous Jacuzzi hot tub line. We have whirlpool, air, and soaking bathtubs in different shapes, styles, and colors including black (a growing bath trend to look out for). Below is a highlight of each type of bathtub and some of our top recommendations.

Whirlpool Bathtubs

Whirlpool tubs are the type most associated with the Jacuzzi brand, known for their streaming jets of water. Whirlpool jets can have up to 23 jets – imagine the feeling of relaxation with that many soothing streams of water coming from all sides. Whirlpool tubs do not come with one specific installation type, so if you are planning to fit one into a bathroom that is already built, there are several options for you to choose from.

The basic shapes available are corner, oval, and rectangular. The shape will play a role in the installation type you choose, as will the wall and floor space you’re working with. The installation type options are corner, drop in, freestanding, three wall alcove, and undermount. Drop in and undermount tubs look similar; they fit into a space that fully surrounds the tub. Undermount tubs tend to work better when there is an attached shower, because there is a “lip” that extends over the surface, whereas a drop in tub fits more smoothly in line with the surface. Three wall alcove and corner tubs fit into a wall area, and freestanding tubs can stand alone anywhere in the bathroom as long as there is a place to connect the plumbing.

We recommend this Jacuzzi Solna whirlpool tub (pictured below). It is rectangular with undermount installation and is available in white and oyster. It has 16 jets and several Jacuzzi special features. Jacuzzi’s Illumatherapy™ feature consists of colored light jets that can help create different atmospheres depending on the hue you’re in the mood for. This tub also has Jacuzzi’s Whisper Technology™, which eliminates noisiness from the jets and allows for a soothing sound of water flow instead.

Air Bathtubs

While a whirlpool bathtub releases jets of water, a Jacuzzi air bathtub releases jets of air into the water. These jets create a massage-like experience that is soothing in a way that is unique from whirlpool tubs. Want to know more about how an air bathtub works? Check out this article from “How Stuff Works.” Jacuzzi is even mentioned as a reference point in the article, further reinforcing that it’s the go-to brand for specialty tubs.

In a Jacuzzi air tub, you can find up to 32 jets. The voltage is something else to consider; both 120 and 240 volt tubs are available. The main difference is that a voltage of 240 will heat the tub faster. Tub shape and installation type is similar to that of whirlpool tubs, as are the color choices.

This Jacuzzi Cetra Air Bathtub comes in white, oyster, and black. It is rectangular with drop in installation and a voltage of 120. Jacuzzi’s PureAir® bubbles provide a gentle massage, and the glossy acrylic finish makes the bathing experience even more relaxing.

Jacuzzi Cetra air bathtub

Combination Bathtubs

If you want the best of both worlds, check out Jacuzzi combination bathtubs. They combine whirlpool and air jets to create the ultimate bath. Up to 16 jets are available, there is a variety of shapes and installation types, and there are three color options (black, white, and brown).

This Jacuzzi Sia Combination Tub is an excellent choice. It is acrylic, rectangular with drop in installation, and comes in all three color options. It has 10 jets and fits up to 57 gallons of water. It also features Illumatheraphy™ technology, Whisper™ technology, and has a heater system for a perfect hydrotherapy experience. Hydrotherapy via bathtub can reduce stress and lightly relieve muscles and joints.

Soaking Bathtubs

Jacuzzi soaking bathtubs are a great option if the massaging factors don’t appeal to you, or if you want the quality of the brand but with a less expensive price tag. Though soaking tubs don’t have jets, they are still similar to whirlpool and air tubs in terms of color, shape, and installation. Look at our selection of freestanding Jacuzzi bathtubs if you want a soaking tub that still stands out and has a special touch.

This Jacuzzi Era freestanding tub (pictured below) has a high water capacity and a deep basin. Like the rest of the Jacuzzi Era collection, this tub features a modern twist on classic style, and would look excellent in any home.

Jacuzzi Era freestanding soaking tub

Tub Faucets

Jacuzzi has tub faucets to correspond with their bathtubs. The type of tub faucet you choose depends on the tub – a floor mount faucet wouldn’t be the best choice for a tub installed into a wall. Look for a style that matches the rest of your bathroom and that works best for your needs. Knob and lever handles are available, and some faucets come with an included handshower. This Jacuzzi Water Rainbow Faucet has a uniquely shaped spout that creates a waterfall effect of water. It comes in polished chrome, nickel, and white.

Other Jacuzzi Products

You’ve probably heard of Jacuzzi bathtubs before, but did you know that they have entirely different product categories as well? From sinks to towel rings, we have everything you need to outfit your bathroom with Jacuzzi.

Jacuzzi Showers

Jacuzzi’s fame lies in its superior bathing products, and Jacuzzi showers are no exception. Shop shower faucets, basins, and enclosures to build a complete Jacuzzi shower.

A shower faucet can serve as a great complement to a bathtub, or as a less-expensive alternative. Our selection of Jacuzzi shower faucets are also all ADA compliant, making them great options for those with accessibility needs or building requirements. Full or rain showerhead options are available, with brand finishes in nickel, bronze, or chrome.

Check out this Jacuzzi Razzo Shower Faucet (pictured below). It features a rain spray pattern, an included pressure-balancing valve, and finish options in brushed nickel and polished chrome.

Jacuzzi Razzo rain shower

If you’re purchasing a shower without a bathtub, Jacuzzi also offers shower basins in a variety of shapes and sizes. The colors available are almond, black, oyster, and white. The acrylic and fiber-glass materials make it so that the shower is slip-resistant and easy to clean (always a bonus in our book).

We have two options on SUPPLY.com for Jacuzzi shower enclosures. One is acrylic and one is fiberglass – you’ll likely want to match this material to the shower basin. If you want to match the color as well, almond, black, oyster, and white are available for both options.

Jacuzzi Bathroom Sinks

Jacuzzi bathroom sinks continue the style of the rest of the Jacuzzi line with classic, high-quality products. They are fairly easy to navigate if you already have something in mind, and all fall within a reasonable price range.

Oval, rectangular, round, and square bathroom sinks are all available with basins between three and seven inches deep. Installation types for sinks are slightly different than for tubs; the options for Jacuzzi sinks are undermount or vessel. An undermount sink fits into a hole in the counter, while a vessel sink rests on top of the counter. For a touch of consistency, consider a vessel sink with a freestanding tub or an undermount sink with an undermount tub – or vice versa for a touch of asymmetry.

We recommend this Jacuzzi Leonora Vessel sink. It is round with a deep basin and made from Sculpted Stone™. It has a clean, minimalist look and is available in both white matte and white gloss (when choosing a color, both options are labeled as “white;” look for an “M” or a “G” in the product title to differentiate).

Jacuzzi vessel sink

Jacuzzi Bathroom Faucets:

Look for a Jacuzzi bathroom faucet to complement your Jacuzzi sink. The style you choose will depend on the installation type, which will depend on the sink. Some sinks have predrilled holes for certain faucet types. Centerset and widespread faucets are deck-mounted and require installation holes either in the sink itself or in the counter space behind the sink. Wall mount bathroom faucets are available as well and will add a slightly unique look to your bathroom sink area.

Jacuzzi Bath Accessories:

There are still more bathroom products to help round out your Jacuzzi bathroom. Towel rings, robe hooks, toilet paper holders, towel bars, bath pillows, waste and overflow kits, and medicine cabinets are the remaining categories in the Jacuzzi bath line. These products are generally simple to navigate and function in a basic way – a good way to decide which one to go with is by matching it to the rest of your bathroom in terms of style and finish. The one exception to this method of filtering is bath pillows, which you may want to purchase based on shape for maximum comfort depending on your needs.

The luxury of Jacuzzi will not only improve the quality of your bathroom – it will also improve the quality of your life. Jacuzzi is a great choice for any homeowner, or for a professional to recommend to clients as something special but more affordable than an entire home spa. If you’re a trade PRO, you might also want to consider Jacuzzi for yourself – a soak in a whirlpool tub after a long day on your feet will work wonders.

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