Pull-Down, Pull-Out, and Side-Spray Kitchen Faucets: A Buyer Guide


Whether you are a contractor, an interior designer, or a homeowner, you know that the sink plays an enormous part in tying together both the look and the functionality of any good kitchen. And no sink is complete without a functional, extendable faucet to compliment it. However, if you are currently in the market for one of these faucets, a little research will reveal that there are a few different types to choose from: pull-down, pull-out, and side-spray. To aide your search, we have compiled below the advantages, disadvantages, and differences between each.


Pull-down faucets are exactly what they sound like: a hanging faucet that offers you the ability to pull down its head from the fixture for easier mobility during washing and rinsing. The faucet is connected to a tube that can be extended and maneuvered to reach even the tightest spaces. Moen’s Reflex system is a popular and renowned pull-down system, known for its security, stability, and easy retraction.

Moen Reflex Pull Down Faucet


Pull-out faucets are similar to the pull-down variety, except instead of pulling the faucet down to expose the tubing and rinsing ability, you pull the handle of the faucet out, in a horizontal manner. The results are an extendable yet space-efficient faucet that offers a wide range of motion and an easy reset back to its original position.

If the pull-out option suits your fancy, check out the kitchen collections from Danze, which boast a variety of pull-out faucets in many finishes, including chrome, polished nickel, polished brass, antique copper, oil rubbed bronze, stainless steel, and satin black (shown below).

Danze Opulence Faucet in Matte Black


A side-spray is a faucet sprayer that is separate from the main faucet. It is usually off-center, to the right or left, can be pulled out to wash, rinse, and spray, and may retract automatically or be put back into place manually.

The Danze Sirius collection offers the side-spray option in a non-conventional way. Seen here, the side-spray is a rectangular shape instead of the traditional rounded style. This kitchen option is available in chrome and stainless steel.

Ultimately, you will be choosing your faucet for its utility and aesthetic. Feel confident choosing whichever style of faucet suits your lifestyle, comfort level, and ties-in to your kitchen design.

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