The KOHLER Faucet Buyer Guide

You don’t develop a reputation for “perfecting plumbing” by producing low-quality products. KOHLER has earned their place as one of the top names in the plumbing industry by creating durable, innovative fixtures, and the KOHLER faucet collection is no exception.

Faucets from KOHLER have a bold look that can often be the centerpiece of an entire room, but they are not just there to look pretty. These fixtures are equipped with user-friendly technology that is built to save both water and time, while leaving you completely satisfied with their performance.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through all the decisions that come with buying a KOHLER faucet, and we’ll even throw in our own product recommendations to get you started. Any questions right off the bat? Don’t hesitate to reach out to the SUPPLY.com team of product experts at 888-426-2323, we’d love to help!

Bathroom Faucets

Since its main purpose is cleaning germs, a good bathroom faucet needs to be both hygienic and easy to use. Fortunately, KOHLER bathroom faucets are both of these, with both style and water-saving technology added on top.

If you’re in the market for a bathroom faucet, the first thing you’ll want to consider is your ideal installation type. Installation type refers to how wide your entire faucet needs to be, and is usually determined by the amount and spacing of faucet holes you already have installed. If you don’t have any holes installed yet, then there are four main installation types to choose from (keep in mind that your installation type will determine the number of faucet handles you need, and that some faucets might not come with the handles included):

  • Single hole, which typically includes one handle that is directly connected to the faucet base
  • Centerset, which requires three holes and includes two handles either attached to the faucet itself, or set close to the faucet
  • Widespread, which also requires three holes but has a larger distance between faucet base and handles
  • Wall mount, which is mounted into the wall over the sink rather than into a countertop, and can come with one or two handles at varying distances from the faucet base

Once you’ve figured out your installation type, KOHLER has a variety of colors and styles for you to choose from next. Handle types, for example, can be either cross or lever, depending on which one best suites you, ergonomically-speaking. KOHLER faucets also come in a range of custom finishes, from the creamy Biscuit shade to the dark and stylish Oil Rubbed Bronze. At SUPPLY.com, we always encourage a consistent look among bathroom fixtures, and using a single finish is something that can tie you bathroom together nicely.

Speaking of consistency, an easy way to maintain it within your bathroom is to buy all of your fixtures from the same collection. If you’re interested in searching by collection, KOHLER has dozens, ranging from the watery curves of the Forte suite to the more rigid Triton suite. Having fixtures like faucets, showerheads, and towel bars all from the same collection makes your bathroom look professional and in touch with cutting-edge style.

Finally, if you need faucets for a more commercial space, it should be noted that KOHLER offers a variety of ADA compliant and touchless operation bathroom faucets, which are perfect for schools, offices, and other public spaces that see a lot of foot traffic.

Kitchen Faucets

Much like with bathroom faucets, the first choice you’ll need to make when purchasing a kitchen faucet is your installation type, which will largely depend on the number of faucet holes (if any) that you already have installed. KOHLER kitchen faucets come in single hole, centerset, and widespread installation types like their bathroom counterparts, as well as in bridge, in which the faucet base is elevated above the counter by attached faucet handles. If you find yourself wanting a certain installation type but also having too many pre-installed faucet holes, a good tip is to use an escutcheon to cover them up.

Compared to bathrooms, kitchens typically see a lot more cooking and cleaning action, meaning that kitchen faucets need to be more spacious to allow for more movement. One way to free up more space around the kitchen sink area is to purchase a tall faucet – KOHLER faucets like the Essex single hole model range up to over 15 inches in height. Another way to free up space is by purchasing a pot filler faucet. These single hole models, like the KOHLER Artifacts faucet (pictured), extend out from the wall over the sink, allowing you to install them at any height. Additionally, pot fillers contain extra handles and joints for both water control and maneuverability.

Once you have the dimensions of your faucet locked in, there are several additional features that may interest you. For example, if you don’t prefer the standard side spray mechanism, KOHLER has multiple pullout and pulldown spray options (the difference between them being the shape of the faucet neck and the amount of the faucet head that is detachable). Additionally, if you’re looking to save both money and water, KOHLER offers several faucets that are WaterSense certified by the EPA.

Tub Faucets

Because they are built to fill tubs rather than sinks, KOHLER tub faucets follow a slightly different set of rules than their kitchen and bathroom counterparts. First and foremost, if you’re looking to purchase a tub faucet, you have three different installation options:

  • Deck mount, which are installed into the tub rim in the same way that regular faucets are installed into countertops or sink rims
  • Floor mount, which are much taller and stand on the floor, independent of the tub itself (this installation type typically works best with freestanding tubs)
  • Wall mount, which extend horizontally out from the wall, over the tub

Your ideal installation type for a tub faucet will ultimately depend on whether or not your tub is freestanding or connected to a wall.

If you’re a fan of “all-in-one” type packages, then you’ll be happy to know that KOHLER has several tub faucet models that come with a handshower included, connected by a hose. These faucet combos give you the entire bath and shower experience at once, and are great for providing extra maneuverability in the tub.

Additional Faucet Accessories

Looking to customize your faucet experience even further? KOHLER offers a number of accessories, like handshowers, soap dispensers, and towel bars, that are guaranteed to enhance the style that your faucet has already established. Again, an easy way to maintain a consistent design throughout your kitchen or bathroom fixtures is to purchase items within the same or complimentary collections.

Have any more questions about KOHLER faucets? Feel free to reach out to our team of product experts at 866-355-0310, or explore SUPPLY.com’s entire KOHLER inventory below!