The KOHLER Toilet Buyer Guide

Founded nearly 150 years ago, KOHLER has since become one of the most well known and trusted names in the plumbing business, with products ranging across both the kitchen and bathroom spectrums. Their secret weapon? The KOHLER toilet. A time-tested model that perfectly blends modern technology with sturdy design, the KOHLER toilet is built to be the center point of any bathroom.

Of course, like most brands, KOHLER has several options when it comes to their toilet inventory – finish, material, mounting type, and price are only a few of the features you need to consider. In this guide, the SUPPLY.com team will walk you through all the major choices you’ll need to make when buying a KOHLER toilet, and we’ll also add in our own recommendations as a longtime KOHLER distributor.

Toilet Type

First and foremost, you need to decide which type of toilet best fits your bathroom. There are two steps to this decision: choosing a one-piece toilet vs. a two-piece toilet, and choosing your toilet installation type. The ideal toilet for your bathroom is going to depend on your space restrictions and your in-wall plumbing setup; we suggest contacting your plumber or a SUPPLY.com representative (888-426-2323) if you have any questions about this step.

One-piece toilets, like the popular Kathryn elongated model, are made of a single piece of ceramic, with no seam between the bowl and the tank. The major benefits of one-piece toilets are that the lack of seam makes them easier to clean, and they typically come with a toilet seat included. Two-piece toilets, on the other hand, are comprised of separate tanks and bowls (which are sold together). The major benefit of owning a two piece toilet is that, if one piece breaks for any reason, you only have to replace half the toilet instead of the entire model. For a top of the line two-piece toilet, check out the Highline elongated model – it’s a best seller and works great with residential bathrooms!

Once you have your toilet type selected, you also need to consider you installation type. The two installation options that KOHLER offers are floor mount and wall mount. The floor mount toilet is the more popular of the two, requiring less reinforcement due to all it’s piping going into the floor. The wall mount toilet, on the other hand, requires more mounting hardware, but also frees up more floor space.

If you’re looking to upgrade your current floor mount toilet with a new model, you’ll need to know your rough in measurement for installation. “Rough in” refers to the distance between the wall and the toilet bolt caps, and should be included in any toilet’s online specifications sheet. For help figuring out your toilet’s rough in, check out SUPPLY.com’s Guide to Measuring Your Toilet Rough In.

Design Options

Once you have your construction and installation preferences locked in, you can start to focus on the look of your toilet. KOHLER toilets come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, each intended to cater to specific spacial requirements and decors.

First, you’ll want to consider your toilet bowl shape. Elongated toilet bowls are the standard option, and are often described as being more comfortable due to the additional seating space. Rounded toilet bowls, on the other hand, are less common, but are ideal for bathrooms with limited space. And finally, if you want to leave curves behind entirely, the Numi specialty one-piece model comes with squared edges that are sure to make a statement in any bathroom.

Next, you should put some thought into your toilet height. This measurement is typically defined as the distance between the floor and the top of the toilet seat, and usually ranges between 15 and 19 inches (this measurement should be available in the specifications sheet of any toilet online). Any toilet height within this range should suffice for a regular bathroom, but if you’re installing a toilet in a public space or for elderly users, you should follow the guidelines set by the Americans with Disabilities Act. ADA compliant toilets must be between 17 and 19 inches in height – fortunately, KOHLER has an entire subcategory of ADA compliant toilets at the ready.

Once shape and height are established, you’ll need to choose your flush handle placement. KOHLER has a number of toilets that come with the standard left or right handle, as well as a few models that include a top button, and a few that have the handle installed directly into the wall. Your ideal handle location will depend on your space restrictions and your toilet installation type (in-wall handles only come with wall mount toilets, for example).

When it comes to the actual color and design style of your toilet, KOHLER has a number of options available. The Memoirs collection is more box-like and traditional, while the Persuade collection is taller and futuristic. Plus, there are over a dozen custom brand finishes to choose from, ranging from Biscuit to Thunder Grey. At SUPPLY.com, we always recommend choosing a style and finish that stays consistent with any other bathroom fixtures you might already have.

Flushing Options

With construction and design taken care of, it’s time to think about water usage. When choosing a KOHLER toilet, you have your pick of a variety of flushing options:

  • Gravity flush is the most common flushing option. It uses the weight of the water itself to pull any waste down into the drain once the flush is activated.
  • Pressure assisted flush uses compressed air to create a more powerful flush. It can be louder than the standard gravity model, but it cleans the inside of the toilet bowl more effectively.
  • Siphon jet flush is similar to the pressure assisted flush, except it uses more of a vacuum-like pulling effect rather than a pressurized pushing effect.
  • Dual flush allows you to choose between two flushing volumes, depending on the amount of water you want to use, and the amount of waste you want to flush.

In addition to flush types, all KOHLER toilets come with information on the amount of gallons per flush (gpm) that they use. This number can range from 0.8 gpm to 1.6 gpm, and you’ll want to pay special attention to it if you live in an area like California that has specific water usage laws.

Toilet Accessories

In this article, we’ve covered the basics of purchasing and installing the right KOHLER toilet for your bathroom. However, there are a few more items you’ll want to consider in order to complete the full experience. A toilet seat, for instance, comes complete with several of KOHLER’s toilet models – for the ones that do not come with a seat, KOHLER has an entirely separate inventory that includes matching collections to their toilet lineup.

Other accessories to consider include replacement toilet bowls and toilet tanks, as well as a variety of toilet paper holders. Again, the accessories you choose will depend on spacial restrictions, as well as the design and style of the toilet in question.

Browse all KOHLER toilets below on SUPPLY.com, and be sure to let our team of product experts know at 866-355-0310 if you have any questions!