The Kraus Kitchen and Bath Buyer Guide

Kraus is a company that uses innovative design to impact the way that people live everyday both in the bathroom and the kitchen. They emphasize creativity and quality in all their products, striving to make beautiful fixtures at affordable prices. Kraus is also dedicated to providing healthy and eco-friendly products that promote sustainability. They are a brand comparable to major players like MoenGROHE, and Danze. We’ve written the following guide to the Kraus collection on SUPPLY.com to highlight some of the top categories, products, and features that can transform your home.

Kraus in the Kitchen

Kraus is known for their top-notch kitchen sinks, and on top of that they also offer kitchen faucets and a full collection of kitchen accessories. Below you will find an overview of the whole catalog, as well as tips on what will fit into your kitchen.

Kitchen Sinks

Kraus is known for creating useful designs that make any space an experience – especially when it comes to the kitchen. There are a variety of  Kraus kitchen sinks available in all the most up-to-date styles, including apron-front farmhouse and curved undermount. The mounting type you will want for your sink depends on the type of space you need or already have. A large farmhouse, for example, is great if you are constantly using the sink to cook, water plants, or clean, while a curved sink is perfect for efficiently fitting round pots and pans. Kraus DrainAssure™ technology features a smooth sink drain that looks seamless and keeps water from building up in the sink.

Several Kraus options can be installed either as drop-in or as undermount, like this Kraus Quarza Sink (pictured below). This dual-mount, double-bowl sink is available in gray, white, brown, and black and has several features. It is heat-safe, naturally sound-absorbing, and has a non-porous surface. The two basins are different sizes and contain curved edges, making it possible to fit a variety of dishes inside. Kraus sinks, the Quarza included, are boasted as the quietest sinks on the market with NoiseDefend™ soundproofing technology that uses rubber pads to keep sound contained – no more loud faucet flow while the game is on.

Another factor to consider when looking at a kitchen sink is the material. Kraus sinks come in stainless steel, granite, or composite; both are good choices as far as durability. The Quarza sink we mentioned above is made of granite, which makes it tough and able to endure heavy impact. Stainless steel is a classic choice and it is less likely to crack than a granite sink; the main con with stainless steel is scratches, which can be avoided with a Kraus Sink Bottom Grid that takes the brunt of any heavy-duty impact. Other sink factors, like color and dimension, will depend on your tastes and needs – Kraus has a wide assortment that will fit many personal styles.

Kitchen Faucets

If you want to keep a brand-consistent style throughout your kitchen, consider a Kraus faucet to go with your Kraus sink. Kraus kitchen faucets are also up-to-date and top-of-the-line, staying modern and useful with many pullout and pulldown options. Kraus Reach™ Technology makes it effortless to wash dishes and the sink itself with an easily moveable sprayhead. Most Kraus kitchen faucets are sleek, single-handle options but they come in a variety of shapes from high-arching, rounded spouts to low, geometric faucets. Check out this Kraus Nola faucet (pictured below). It has a high arc, a swiveling spout, a pulldown sprayer with spray and stream settings, and magnetic docking technology that secures the spout in place. This faucet is fashionable with a similar look to that of popular brands like GROHE, with a much more cost-effective price tag.

As far as faucet materials, there are more options available than there are with sink materials. If you choose a stainless steel sink, you may consider a stainless steel faucet to match. There are more styles in solid brass, metal, and zinc. You can also choose by finish instead of material – again there are many options, from nickel to chrome to bronze to matte black. In addition to regular Kraus kitchen faucets, bar faucets and commercial-grade faucets are available.

Kitchen Accessories

Most Kraus kitchen sinks come with an included bottom grid and drain strainer, but you can also buy everything separately. Browse Kraus accessories to find individual bottom grids and drain strainers, along with colanders, soap dispensers, and escutcheons. Bottom grids, like we mentioned in the last section, coincide with stainless steel sinks.

Kraus in the Bathroom

Kraus carries their unique design and creative quality into the bathroom. Style is a major part of Kraus in the bathroom, from cutting-edge faucet styles to colorful glass sinks. Again, we have divided it up by sink, faucet, and accessories to help you navigate.

Bathroom Sinks

When buying a bathroom sink, first consider the basics of what will fit into your space. Kraus is a little unique in that most of their bathroom sinks are vessel sinks, meaning they sit on top of the counter. Next, look to see if there are faucet holes installed in the sink. Some sinks come with faucet holes while some don’t, as faucets can also be installed in the counter. Filter by sink depth, width, and length once you know the dimensions of your counterspace.

After you’ve figured out the installation that needs to be done and the dimensions you will need, you can further refine your search by style. Kraus has classic bathroom sink styles both in round and rectangular shapes and also in more unique styles, like this tulip-shaped sink. If you would like a traditional model, consider this Kraus rectangular sink. It is available in satin nickel, white, chrome, and oil rubbed bronze. Kraus also offers several artistic, tempered-glass styles in beautiful green, blue, and brown shades. Make a bold statement with this Kraus Nei Vessel sink (pictured below) in a serene green.

Bathroom Faucets

Like Kraus kitchen faucets, most Kraus bathroom faucets are single hole with one handle, meaning that only one installation hole is required. They are available in brass or metal, with finishes in nickel, chrome, black and bronze. They come in different heights and styles and you can choose from several handle options like joystick, knob, and lever. This Kraus Ventus faucet is single-hole, single-handle, and can fit any vessel sink. It is available in chrome, oil rubbed bronze, and brushed nickel.

Bathroom Accessories

Continue to keep your bathroom Kraus consistent with accessories like bathroom sink drains, towel bars, towel rings, robe hooks, toilet paper holders, bathroom shelves, and mounting rings for vessel sinks. Some accessories, like sink drains and mounting rings, are necessary components of your bathroom. Bars, hooks, and shelves aren’t crucial but still pretty important when it comes to creating a comfortable space.

What Makes Kraus Special?

Kraus is made to look good but also to function – we mentioned some of the technologies they use to make their products work well. Here’s a quick summary of the technologies highlighted in this article:

  • Kraus DrainAssure™ Technology – Even when your sink is full, this feature makes it so water won’t build in the bottom. DrainAssure™ provides a seamless look that directs the water flow down the drain.
  • Kraus NoiseDefend™ Technology – 80% of the sink base is covered with thick rubbed dampening pads that are made to absorb noise and vibration to keep the kitchen quiet.
  • Kraus Reach™ Technology – A swiveling sprayhead is easy to pull down and move around to clean with ease, fitting snugly back into its homebase when you are through.

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