The Moen Faucet Buyer Guide

As the most trusted faucet brand in North America, Moen is a smart and sophisticated option with state-of-the-art styles for both your kitchen and bathroom faucets. It’s important to find a faucet that works well to keep you and your home clean and to avoid annoying leaks and drips. At SUPPLY.com, we are proud to offer an expansive catalog of Moen faucets; we went ahead and wrote this guide to help you find the Moen faucet that fits your needs.

Kitchen Faucets

Moen has a variety of faucet styles for your kitchen, from traditional to transitional. Detachable sprays are especially common on the Moen line – if you’re looking for a classic pullout spout, check out the Arbor collection. The Align collection features slightly more contemporary pullout/pulldown faucets, including several electronic options. Touchless turn-on is another factor to consider: Moen’s MotionSense™ and new MotionSense Wave™ technologies make it possible to turn water on or off with a wave of your hand to avoid mess or germs.

moen kitchen faucet

Of course, the features you choose may be contingent on the basics like the size, price, and installation type that you need, which in turn depend on the type of sink you have. A deeper sink, for example, might not require a high-arc faucet spout. And if you have a sink that already has holes installed, that will determine the installation type of your faucet. In the case of a smaller sink, a bar faucet may be what you need. Bar faucets tend to be shorter than kitchen faucets and are great for additional spaces like a prep sink. Pot filler faucets are another alternative to the standard kitchen faucet to consider. They mount on the wall, usually behind the stove, which provides immediate water access next to the cooking space. Pot fillers are also great for watering plants or placing other large objects underneath the faucet.

In some cases, you don’t need to decide between kitchen, bar, and pot filler faucets – many people use more than one in their kitchen. If you are considering purchasing multiple faucets, match the brand finish to retain a consistent style.

One of our most popular Moen kitchen faucets is this single-hole Arbor faucet (pictured above). It features MotionSense™ technology along with two other special Moen systems: Duralock™ and Reflex™. Duralock™ provides simple installation with a quick click connection, and Reflex™ involves a flexible, self-refracting hose that snaps back into place. This faucet is deck-mounted, has a gooseneck spout, and comes in three color options.

Bathroom Faucets

Moen faucets are up to the same standard in the bathroom as they are in the kitchen. “Bathroom faucets” specifically refer to those at the bathroom sink. Again, look to the sink to figure out which installation type and size you will need for your bathroom faucet. Installation types include Centerset, Mini Widespread, Single Hole, Wall Mount, and Widespread. If you have any questions about faucet installation, give our team of product experts a call at 888-426-2323!

moen bathroom faucet

Next, look for the colors and features you want in your faucet. Moen bathroom faucets come in a wide array of colors from golden polished bronze to modern matte black. There are less added features with bathroom faucets than with kitchen faucets, but check for options that are ADA Compliant or commercial grade depending on your needs. As far as other features, there are several touchless operation faucets that operate with a motion sensor, and a few waterfall faucets that provide a wide and calming flow. The Moen 90 Degree bathroom faucet (pictured above) has a geometrical, minimalistic look that comes in chrome and a beautiful brushed nickel.

Tub and Shower Faucets

You’ll probably want your bathroom faucets to match the faucets in your shower area in order to keep a consistent look. Have both a tub and a shower? Moen has plenty of tub and shower faucets, with its Chateau collection as a great place to start. This Chateau tub and shower faucet, for example, consists of a showerhead, arm, flange, and non-metallic diverter tub spout. It also features a pressure balancing system and a temperature limiter to avoid burns.

Tub Faucets

If you don’t need both a shower and tub faucet, you can purchase one or the other independently. Tub faucets are generally deck-mounted, meaning they rest on the surface of the tub, but a few floor-mounted options are available as well. Tub faucets come in all shapes, sizes, and styles, from sleek and rounded spouts to modern-cut geometric designs. All include handles, and some include hand showers. Looking to add a bit of luxury to your bath? Check out Moen’s Weymouth collection. This Weymouth tub faucet (pictured below) features two lever handles, a hand shower, is both ADA and CEC compliant, and looks great to boot.

moen tub faucet

Shower Faucets

If you have a shower without a tub, Moen shower faucets are available with an included showerhead and trim. You can read more about Moen shower options here, but as a quick overview, Moen has a lot of great features for showers including volume control and self-pressurizing sprays. This Moen Kingsley shower faucet is an excellent choice with those mentioned features, plus a scald guard and included handles.

Moen’s years of experience as a leading innovator in the faucet industry makes them a solid choice for your kitchen or bathroom. In addition to faucets, be sure to check out Moen accessories like soap dispensers, towel bars, and handshowers if you are interested in creating a consistent style throughout the room. Whether you need a full set or just one fixture, Moen has something for every home, across a variety of prices to fit your budget.

Want to know more about the Moen faucet lineup? Shop below or give our team of product experts a call at 888-426-2323!