The Newport Brass Faucet Buyer Guide

A faucet has many functions. It serves as a finishing touch to the design of a kitchen or bathroom. It helps wash everything from dirty dishes to fresh fruit. It is the vessel that carries the water from initial contact with the rough plumbing straight to the homeowner’s hands. With so much importance attached to a faucet, you’ll want to be careful with your selection. Newport Brass is a brand that won’t disappoint. Its luxurious style combines with effortless installation that makes it a good choice for a home, or, with its affordable price tag, to buy in bulk for many projects. In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about Newport Brass faucets, including where you can purchase the best ones on SUPPLY.com.

Newport Brass Bathroom Faucets

What style are you looking for in a bathroom faucet? Do you want something simple that’s there to blend in and get the job done? Or are you looking for a very specific, modern-yet-elegant, cube-shaped lavatory faucet in gold? Newport Brass has both, strongly focusing on design with a wide range of themes to choose from, as well as a wide range of finishes. As the brand name suggests, they do offer brass tones as an option for many of their products, but they also carry other colors from copper to chrome. We are big fans of the Metropole collection – this Newport Brass Metropole faucet, for example, comes in 27 unique finishes like weathered copper and glass black.

Finish and theme will determine how your faucet fits in aesthetically, but installation type will determine how it fits in physically. If you already have a sink, look at the number of faucet holes it has installed – typically it will be one or three. Faucet installation types include widespread, wall mounted, and single hole. Widespread faucets typically need three installation holes. Wall mounted faucets will also need three holes, but in the wall behind the sink instead of the counter. This Newport Brass Astor faucet (pictured below) is widespread, deck mounted, comes in 27 different colors, and has a traditional theme.

Deciding on style and installation type should help you narrow down your choice significantly, but there are still a few factors to consider. There are the details to look for, like handle style – choose between cross or lever handles. There are the dimensions, like faucet height, spout height, and spout reach. The size isn’t usually as much a deciding factor in the bathroom as it is in the kitchen, but it’s still something to consider, especially in a house with small children who need a shorter spout that reaches down low.

And then there are the special features. Some Newport Brass faucets meet individualized needs or building requirements that many contractors face – there are ADA Compliant, WaterSense Certified, CEC Compliant, and Low Lead Compliant options available. Several other helpful special features are included handles, included drain assembly, and included escutcheon. This Newport Brass East Linear Wall Mount faucet is ADA Compliant, Low Lead Compliant, CEC Compliant, WaterSense Certified, and looks good to boot.

Newport Brass Tub & Shower Faucets

If your shower is in the same room as your sink, you’ll likely want your shower faucet to match your bathroom faucet – at the very least with the same finish color. For consistency, try to match the theme and collection as well. Buying both components from Newport Brass is a great way to ensure that these fixtures will correspond well together; however, if you are replacing an existing part that is another made by another brand, just look for similarities between the two. Because Newport Brass has so many options, it will be nearly impossible to not find a style that fits your needs.

Shower faucet installation is easier to decide on than it is with bathroom faucets, as most shower faucets are installed in the wall of the shower with one hole per part. When it comes to shower faucets, you’ll really want to narrow down by type. There are plenty of faucet styles and packages, so you should be satisfied no matter what you’re looking for. We’ve broken it up into the basics depending on what component you need: there are showerheads, shower faucets with spout and trim, and tub/shower faucet combinations.


Showerheads are the most stylistic part of the shower faucet area, and they’re also the part you’ll directly interact with the most – you’ll want to pick a showerhead that looks good and has a water flow that feels good. They come in various styles, from flat square ones to bell-shaped ones. Before deciding based on shape alone, look at function type and spray pattern. Multi function, rain shower, and single function are all available – multi function has adjustable water levels, rain shower has full coverage, and single, though the more basic option, has a good, consistent flow. Spray patterns vary between full, massage, jet, vigorous, and more. This Newport Brass showerhead is multi function with full, massage, and vigorous spray options.

Shower Faucets

If you’re looking to buy a shower faucet, it will include the showerhead. It will also include the trim with the handle that turns the water on. The trim is where you can look if you want your shower to match really well to your bathroom faucet – the handles are available in cross and lever styles. Find features like pressure balancing systems and included scald guards, along with special features like ADA Compliant and WaterSense Certified.

Tub/Shower Faucet Combinations

If you have a bathtub within your shower, you can purchase your tub spout in a set with your shower faucet. Buying together will ensure that the fixtures match perfectly and function well together. This classic Newport Brass Chesterfield tub and shower faucet is ADA Compliant and has included handles.

Tub Faucets

If you have a tub but no shower – or need to replace your current tub faucet – Newport Brass has bath-only options for you. The most common installation type of tub faucet is deck mounted, meaning that the faucet sits directly behind the tub. Some are wall mounted, meaning they are installed into the wall behind the tub, and some are floor mounted, meaning they stand on the floor and extend over the edge of the tub. This freestanding Newport Brass tub faucet has an included handshower and is available in Polished Chrome, Polished Nickel, and Satin Nickel.

Newport Brass Bath Accessories

With all of the faucets we talked about, you’ll find yourself wanting some accessories that correspond and help complete your bathroom. Below we highlight a few of these accessories so that you can find whatever you need in the Newport Brass line.

Newport Brass bath accessories include robe hooks, toilet paper holderstowel bars, and towel rings. Buying these parts with the same brand and finish will give your bathroom that extra, polished touch that keeps it tied together. A bathroom already requires a lot of upkeep for it to remain clean – fixtures that don’t look good together will only make it seem messier.

As for shower accessories, there are body sprays, shower hoses, shower arms, and diverters are available. If you’re a design PRO, look at Newport Brass shower drain grates that add a decorative touch to your shower with grid patterns or floral designs. If you’re an installation PRO, look at Newport Brass shower rough-in valves.

Newport Brass Kitchen Faucets

Newport Brass carries its accessible style into the kitchen with kitchen faucets, bar faucets, pot fillers, and water dispensers. Kitchen faucets are the faucets you typically see in a homestyle kitchen sink. Bar faucets tend to be slightly smaller with less features. Pot fillers, a growing trend, attach to the wall above the stove to easily fill cooking pots. Water dispensers provide instant hot or cold water and require access to a water heater.

Like in the bathroom, consider how you want your kitchen faucet to look in relation to the rest of the room. There are again a variety of finishes available as well as several theme options. Modern and contemporary styles tend to be sleeker and boxlike, while traditional and vintage styles tend to have more curves and decorative details. This Newport Brass Nadya Pullout Spray kitchen faucet is subtly curved with a 360° swivel spout.

As far as installation type for kitchen faucets, most in the Newport Brass catalog are deck mounted, meaning they sit on the countertop directly behind the sink. Pot fillers are wall mounted. Most Newport Brass kitchen faucets need only one installation hole, but there are several styles that require two or three or even four holes.

Spout height and reach may be important to you, depending on your kitchen needs. High spouts allow more room for dishes; if you have a shallow sink and want some extra space, the higher the spout the better. The further the spout extends outward, the easier it will be to reach those hard-to-clean spots. However, if you won’t be heavily using the sink every day, a smaller and more concise faucet might better suit your space.

Look for features like sidesprays or pullout sprays that will make using your faucet especially convenient. Also look for other special features like ADA Compliant, WaterSense Certified, and Eco Friendly to make your faucet totally accessible and environmentally friendly. This Newport Brass Chesterfield bridge kitchen faucet features a swivel spout and side spray, and is ADA Compliant.

No matter your faucet needs, Newport Brass is sure to meet them. The brand is a good choice for anyone; contractors especially are drawn to it because its products are simple in design and installation but also provide a variety of options and meet many building standards. Plus, a wide range of finish colors is only the cherry on top of what sets Newport Brass apart – click the button below to shop the entire catalog.

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