Meet All Your Plumbing Needs with SUPPLY.com’s New In-House Brand

As a trade professional, you know that building or flipping a house is a huge project that requires a lot of work and attention to detail. The plumber’s job is one of the most crucial and time-consuming parts of the process; a lot of that time goes into searching for the right products from rough to finished and making sure that everything works together without breaking the budget.

We wrote the following guide to introduce to you our new in-house brand on SUPPLY.com and all that it has to offer as far as affordable, modest fixtures for your bathroom and kitchen installation. PROFLO is a great option to consider for a big construction or renovation project because it covers every category at a consistent price, making it an especially good choice for spec houses or tract homes that need plumbing with a simplistic style that retains high quality.

Explore PROFLO Rough Plumbing

When it comes to rough plumbing, you’re a pro and you know exactly what you need. Simplify your purchase by grouping everything together; below we highlight all of the rough PROFLO categories that we carry, with everything from stop valves to waste and overflow kits. Use any of the links below to view or purchase these products on SUPPLY.com!


Here you will find all of the tubular plumbing that we offer under PROFLO. Find the right p-trap for your sink or the perfect escutcheon plate to seal the deal. As far as waste and overflow kits, there are several types to choose from, including rough only, trim only, and half kits.

ProductPrice Range
P-TrapsUnder $25 - $75
Waste and Overflow KitsUnder $25 - $75
S-TrapsUnder $10
Trap and Supply CoversUnder $25 - $75
Waste and Overflow PartsUnder $5 - $200


An important step during installation is making sure all the parts and pieces work without leaking; find PROFLO testing products below. These include caps, plugs, and gauges that you will use on the job to keep everything in line before the finished fixture needs to be used by the customer.

ProductPrice Range
Test CapsUnder $25 - $50
Test PlugsUnder $100 - $300
Pressure GaugesUnder $25 - $75
Test GaugesUnder $25 - $50


Specialty items aren’t as easy to find as other products; take advantage of our PROFLO selection of the following pieces. Note the wide price range on these items; no matter your budget, you’ll be able to find something to fit your needs in the catalog.

ProductPrice Range
Access PanelsUnder $25 - $100
Air Admittance ValvesUnder $25 - $50
Well Tanks$200 - $1500

Toilet Repair

Installing or repairing a toilet often involves a very specific component, like a closet flange that is exactly right size. Here are some of the toilet repair parts that we offer from bolts and flanges to wax rings and sets. Looking for a package deal? Shop PROFLO Toilet Install Kits to find a combined kit with a supply line, wax ring, and closet bolts. Find our recent article on closet flange installation here.

ProductPrice Range
Closet BoltsUnder $5
Closet FlangesUnder $25 - $50
Wax RingsUnder $10
Tank and Bolt SetsUnder $15


SUPPLY.com is definitely the right place to look for rough supply parts that will help complete your project. Find risers, connectors, and covers all in the same place, make a quick purchase, and keep your installation moving with these pieces.

ProductPrice Range
Supply RisersUnder $5
Supply ConnectorsUnder $10
Supply StopsUnder $25 - $50
Trap and Supply CoversUnder $25 - $75


Keep your fixtures strong and secure with support parts. PROFLO plates, hangers, and clamps are available; see below to find whatever it is you need. Rough plumbing is the backbone to finished fixtures, and supporting parts are the backbone to the rough plumbing.

ProductPrice Range
Pipe HooksUnder $1
Pipe InsulatorsUnder $1
Hanger StrappingUnder $25 - $50
Full ClampsUnder $1
Half ClampsUnder $1


Valves are crucial in facilitating the flow of water; make sure to find the right valve for your needs in this section. PEX, check, and ball valves are all here no matter what sort of project you’re working with.

ProductPrice Range
Check ValvesUnder $100 - $400
Pump Check ValvesUnder $25 - $50
Ball ValvesUnder $100 - $200
Backwater ValvesUnder $100 - $400
Gate ValvesUnder $100 - $300


Our selection of PROFLO fittings includes brass, copper, and galvanized parts, to name a few. With these pieces, make connections and secure sections to tie up loose ends and ensure that everything will run smoothly.

ProductPrice Range
Brass FittingsUnder $10 - $400
Brass NipplesUnder $100 - $200
Compression FittingsUnder $1 - $20
Galvanized FittingsUnder $100 - $200
Copper DWV FittingsUnder $15


When working with water, a drain is an essential component. Search the PROFLO drain section below to find anything related to a drain from bases to grids and everything in between.

ProductPrice Range
Bathroom Sink DrainsUnder $25
Shower DrainsUnder $25 - $100
Shower Drain GratesUnder $25 - $100
Floor DrainsUnder $25 - $50


PROFLO is one of our most extensive brand catalogs and even includes hydrants. In this section you will find ground hydrants, sillcocks, and hose bibbs. Again, no matter what you need, there’s an option for you with PROFLO.

ProductPrice Range
Ground HydrantsUnder $100 - $200
SillcocksUnder $25 - $50
Hose BibbsUnder $10 - $25


Keep your plumbing clear with a pump; here is our catalog of all the PROFLO pumps we offer. Whether you need a sump or a sewage pump, PROFLO has an option within your price range.

ProductPrice Range
Sump Pumps$100 - $1000
Sewage Pumps$300 - $1000
Pump Check ValvesUnder $25 - $50
Utility PumpsUnder $100 - $200

Explore PROFLO Finished Fixtures 

Once you have all the rough plumbing you need, why not use the same trustworthy brand for the finished products? PROFLO finished products, from toilets to faucets, are perfect for big projects that require multiple fixtures, and great for a customer who doesn’t have a brand preference but wants something classic. Below, find an overview of each finished category with several products links – to see even more categories, visit PROFLO on SUPPLY.com.

PROFLO in the Bathroom

PROFLO is prominent in the bathroom, popular especially for their toilets. The following categories include the toilet area, tub & shower area, and sink area, all of which contain a full catalog of PROFLO components to fill out your entire bathroom.

Toilet Area

The best toilets are basic but efficient and easy to install. There are enough options to suit many different needs, with round and elongated seat shapes, varying heights, and several gallons per flush (GPF) choices depending on the code in your area.

ProductPrice Range
ToiletsUnder $100 - $500
UrinalsUnder $100 - $300
Toilet SeatsUnder $25 - $75
Toilet TanksUnder $100 - $300
Toilet BowlsUnder $100 - $300

Tub & Shower Area

So far, we’ve discussed plumbing that goes behind the wall and the most basic of finished fixtures – the toilet. The bathtub or shower is one of the more customizable sections when it comes to outfitting a bathroom. The PROFLO catalog offers whirlpool tubs, showerheads with multiple spray options, and more for all of your customer’s bathing needs.

ProductPrice Range
Shower TrimsUnder $25 - $75
Soaking Tubs$500 - $1500
Whirlpool Tubs$500 - $2000
Tub & Shower FaucetsUnder $100 - $200
ShowerheadsUnder $25 - $100

Bathroom Sink Area

No matter the sink installation type or faucet finish you need, there is a PROFLO product for you. The sink area will look consistent with the rest of the bathroom, including the rough details, with the same simple but durable style that’s under the rest of the brand.

ProductPrice Range
Bathroom SinksUnder $100 - $200
Bathroom Sink PedestalsUnder $100 - $200
Bathroom Sink DrainsUnder $10 - $20
Bathroom FaucetsUnder $100 - $300
Bathroom Sink Install Kits $35 - $40

Bathroom Accessories 

The breadth of PROFLO continues with bathroom accessories, making it possible to complete the entire room, right down to the soap dish.

ProductPrice Range
Towel RingsUnder $10 - $21
Grab BarsUnder $25 - $50
Soap DishesUnder $10 - $20
Toilet Paper HoldersUnder $10 - $26

PROFLO in the Kitchen

PROFLO finished products don’t end in the bathroom – kitchen sinks, faucets, and all the associated parts are available in the catalog as well. Like in the bathroom, PROFLO in the kitchen is a great choice for large projects and homes that are just being built or flipped.

ProductPrice Range
Kitchen SinksUnder $100 - $400
Kitchen FaucetsUnder $100 - $350
Kitchen SpoutsUnder $30- $75
Kitchen Faucet AeratorsUnder $25 - $50
Kitchen Faucet HandlesUnder $10

We covered a lot of ground in this article, and we’re proud to be able to sell so much PROFLO to you. We hope that buying the rough and finished plumbing all at once under the same brand name will make your job easier and keep your customer happy.

Have any questions? Give our product experts a call at 888-426-2323!