The American Standard Bathroom Sink Buyer Guide


American Standard has created high-quality, affordable plumbing fixtures for over 130 years. And while the company certainly makes a wide range of products for both the kitchen and bathroom, their specialties are china toilets and sinks. This guide will explore the benefits of American Standard bathroom sinks, both residential and commercial, and why an American Standard sink may be right for you.

The Basics

American Standard bathroom sinks are made of both top-of-the-line vitrified china and porcelain. Vitrified china becomes fortified after being fired in the kiln once, while porcelain which is fired in the kiln twice. This makes both vitrified china and porcelain extremely strong and the perfect materials with which to create high-traffic products like sinks.

Mounting Types

American Standard bathroom sinks are available in several different mounting types. The mounting type refers to how the sink is connected to the vanity.

Undermount bathroom sinks are the most popular sinks on the market. Home and business owners alike appreciate how the easy it is to clean these sinks. Undermount sinks attach to the bottom of the vanity countertop. With undermount sinks there is no lip where the sink and countertop meet, but there is additional countertop space for toiletries.

Drop-In bathroom sinks are the most common bathroom sinks. These sinks simply drop into a hole in the vanity and rest on the vanity countertop. Drop-in sinks are easy to install but are slightly harder to clean. The lip of drop-in sinks take up some countertop space, so it is important to have enough countertop to for the sink to sit on.

A white pedestal sink against a blue wallVessel sinks sit directly on top of the vanity countertop. These bowls can be up to a foot and a half tall, so it is important to pair these sinks with vessel or tall bathroom faucets.

Wall-mount bathroom sinks eliminate the need for a vanity altogether. American Standard wall-mount bathroom sinks are mounted to the wall of the bathroom, leaving the floor below free and clear. Wall-mount sinks are harder to install and need bracing behind the wall, so it is best to install a wall-mount sink during the building or complete renovation stages.

Finally, pedestal bathroom sinks combine a wall-mount sink with a porcelain pedestal. The sink rests on the pedestal, eliminating the need to brace the sink against the wall. While pedestal sinks are beautiful, the most common complaint for these sinks is that they lack storage. That is why we recommend installing pedestal sinks in powder rooms and bathrooms with ample storage.


Some American Standard bathroom sinks come with a hygienic, easy to clean surface called EverClean. EverClean keeps the surface of the sink smooth and clean for years and prevents toothpaste, hair gel, and other toiletries from sticking to the sink. This feature is not available on all American Standard sinks, so be sure to check the Product Description of your sink to be sure that EverClean is included.


Businesses, schools, hospitals, and jails all require bathroom fixtures that can stand up to the use of hundreds of people per day, while still being easy to clean and sanitize. That is why American Standard created a commercial line of bathroom sinks to do just that.

A thick porcelain bathroom sink mount to the wall of a bathroomICU sinks are wall-mount and designed to prevent overflow. The anti-microbial EverClean finish is included, making the ICU sink a smart choice in hospitals and schools. Wall-mount sinks of the Commercial collection leave the floors clear and easy to clean, and can often be found in schools and office buildings. And the Studio collection includes both vessel and undermount sinks, giving business owners options when designing their bathrooms.

In addition to porcelain sinks, American Standard makes a handful of sinks in other materials. Clay, glass, and iron are all alternatives to the porcelain sinks that are common in most homes and businesses. When shopping for a bathroom sink, consider one of these alternate materials for a unique design in your home or workplace.

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