The Bathroom Accessories Buyer Guide


The Basics

Sinks and toilets are certainly standard requirements that keep a bathroom functioning, but what makes your bathroom truly your own is the accessories you add; the space is not complete without them. This guide will walk you through the small, yet useful accessories no bathroom should be without.

Robe Hooks

Like their name suggests, robe hooks are used to hang your bathrobe off the floor. But fear not, they can be used for bath towels as well. In fact, it is much easier for children to use a robe hook for their towels than towel bars. A simple addition to this bit of logic is to add a loop of fabric to your towels, the way Shelly at House of Smiths did, and to hang your towels from that hook. When installing a robe hook, be sure the hook is high enough that your towel or robe is off the floor, but low enough so the shortest person using that bathroom can reach it. We suggest installing the hook into a wall stud for added support.

Towel Bars

Towel bars are the most common way to hang your towels in the bathroom. Simply fold your towels over the bar and they will be kept off the ground, allowing them to dry properly. Be sure to install your towel bar near your shower or bath for easy access to your towels, and try to install the bar into wall studs if possible.

A double shower bar

If you plan on being in your home as you age or have an elderly person living with you, Moen’s Home Care towel bars are a smart option. While they look like your average towel bar and hold your towels as such, Home Option towel bars double as support bars for the elderly and disabled. When installed properly, these special towel bars can withstand the yanking and pulling of a falling person, preventing them from slipping on the tile floor. Moen has an entire line of bathroom accessories that double as grab bars. Shop the collection here.

Towel Rings

Washcloths dry your hands after you wash them in the sink, but just like large towels, they need to be hung off the sink to stay dry. Towel rings do just that. Simply slide your washcloth or hand towel through the ring and you will have easy access to the towel after washing your hands. While towel rings are most commonly found in the bathroom, a towel ring next to a kitchen sink is a smart idea as well.

Toilet Paper Holders

Though you use it every day, you probably don’t give much thought to your toilet paper, at least design wise. But the placement of your toilet paper is important, especially when guests come to visit. You want your toilet paper to be at arms reach without blocking foot traffic in the bathroom. Luckily, there are two types of toilet paper holders to choose from.

A toilet paper holder on a white wall

Wall-mount toilet paper holders are the most common. They keep your toilet paper roll off the floor by hanging on the wall. Freestanding toilet paper holders are small stands that can be set anywhere in the bathroom. Many freestanding toilet paper holders include a small tube for storing additional toilet paper rolls, making them convenient for parties.

Knobs and Pulls

Storage in the bathroom is ideal, and when you have it you love it! Why not show that storage some love with new knobs or drawer pulls. Crystal and stainless drawer knobs add sparkle and pizzazz to builder’s grade vanities without breaking the bank. Sturdy drawer pulls replace the cheap pulls that came with the house, and add style to your bathroom. Top Knobs has over a thousand different knobs and pulls to choose from. With this much selection, there is sure to be hardware to match your personal design aesthetic!

Mix and Match

Bathroom accessories are available in many designs and finishes, leaving homeowners with several options when it comes to outfitting their bathroom. The easiest way to accessorize your bathroom consistently is to choose one finish and one design suite from one brand and buy all of the accessories you need from that brand. Another option is to choose a finish and buy accessories with that finish from several brands. Or, if a consistent design does not particularly matter to you, you can always mix and match style and finish to your own tastes for a truly unique result.

Don’t forget about the fixtures that are already in your bathroom when choose accessories. The faucet, showerhead, and shower trim should either match or contrast with your accessories, depending on your preference.

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