The Danze Showerhead Buyer Guide


Showerheads are something we use every day without putting much thought into their mechanics. What makes a high-quality showerhead? Is it design, features, or water pattern? Turns out, it’s all three!

Danze strives to make quality products at an affordable price. This mantra is exemplified fully in their showerheads. Danze showerheads are built to last and are designed to match most bathrooms. Interested in a new showerhead? Read on to learn why Danze is a great option for you.

The Basics

Danze showerheads are available in several styles and finishes. Using innovative engineering and smart designs, there is a Danze showerhead for everyone. Furthermore, these showerheads screw onto the shower arm of your bathroom and can be easily removed for easy cleaning.


Standard showerheads only have two settings – on and off. Danze multi-function showerheads do more. Depending on the model, multi-function showerheads come in several, if not all of these settings:

5 showerheads, each explaining the different functions of a showerhead

Wide – water streams from the outer ring of the showerhead leaving the center open

Centerjet – a concentrated stream of water that comes directly from the middle of the faucet

Massage – a pulsing spray of water to relax aching muscles

Aeration – a gentle, non-stinging spray

Wide + Centerjet – The entire showerhead is in use, with a harder, more concentrated spray from the center and a softer spray from the outside of the showerhead

As an added bonus, all Danze multi-function showerheads operate quietly and conserve water.

Water Saving

As water usage regulations are becoming more strict and prominent, the plumbing industry is faced with the task of solving the biggest concern from these regulations: conserving water without diminishing performance. Danze’s answer is air injection technology. Air injection technology filters air into the showerhead to mix with the water before it hits your body. When infused with air, each drop of water expands and creates a luxurious coat of water on the skin. It feels like there is more water coming from the showerhead, but there is actually less.

Danze Air Injection showerheads only use up to 2.5 gallons per minute (pre-1994 showerheads used 5.5 gallons of water per minute) with special EPA WaterSense Approved showerheads using 20 – 40% less than that!


Danze showerheads are available in several finishes, including chrome, distressed nickel, oil rubbed bronze, tumbled bronze, and the ever popular brushed nickel. Choose a finish that matches your sink faucet and shower bar, or a different finish that compliments your tile.


The showerheads come in different designs as well. Thin square and rectangular showerheads are a smart choice in modern and contemporary bathrooms, while curved showerheads, like the rounded Antique Bell style showerhead, are perfect in traditional showers. Special showerheads on arms, like the Danze Sunflower, can be raised and lowered depending on the height of the user. These are a great option for couples and families of different heights that share a shower.

Ready to upgrade your bathroom? Shop Danze showerheads today!