The Delta Faucet Buyer Guide

Delta bathroom faucet

Delta strives to elevate water from a necessity to an everyday experience, whether you’re using it to wash the dishes or to wash your face. Its official name is “Delta Faucet Company,” so it should be no surprise that Delta is a go-to brand for the latest in faucet fashion. Delta’s faucets combine luxury with usefulness and create an atmosphere of natural elegance. Custom Delta technologies like DIAMOND™ Seal and Touch2 provide a strength and a smartness that make water flow effortless and add a sense of sophistication to your bathroom or kitchen.

Every Delta faucet type – from kitchen and bath to tub and faucet – can be found at SUPPLY.com. This guide will help you determine which Delta faucet it best for your home and lifestyle.

Kitchen Faucets 

If you’re in the market for a kitchen faucet, one of the first features you’ll consider is its appearance, and Delta is known for its outstanding designs. Filter your choices by the color, the material, and the finish. These terms may seem interchangeable, but there are actually a few important distinctions among them. The color of the faucet is a generic categorization, like chrome or brass. The material is what the faucet is made of – it may also be brass. The finish is the protective coating on top of the faucet – it may also be chrome. So, for example, you could start out wanting a black faucet, choose brass over metal, and then choose a matte black finish over a plain black finish – like with this Delta Essa® faucet (pictured below).

Delta kitchen bar faucet

Next, look at the way you need to install and mount your faucet. Delta faucet installation types include centerset, single-hole, wall-mount, and widespread. Single-hole is the most common type in the Delta kitchen faucet line – only one installation hole is needed, as the faucet either turns on electronically or has an attached handle. Centerset and widespread types typically need three installation holes for the spout and two separated handles. Wall-mount installation refers to a faucet that is attached through the wall behind the sink. Most of Delta’s kitchen faucets are deck-mounted, meaning they rest upon the surface of the sink itself.

Once function and form are taken care of, it’s time to look at Delta’s custom faucet features. We’ve already mentioned Touch20® and DIAMOND™ Seal Technology. Touch20™ is great to have in the kitchen; it turns on with a simple touch to the spout or handle. Use it to wash your hands after cutting raw meat or to avoid getting finger paint on the faucet. It is specially designed to come on whether you touch it with your hand or your wrist, but not when you’re using a pullout/pulldown spray. DIAMOND™ Seal faucets use a carbon coating as opposed to just ceramic, making them leak free, lead free, and longer lasting.

Other Delta features relating to pulldown sprays are MagnaTite® which keeps the wand exactly in place, and Docking ShieldSpray™ Technology, which uses a concentrated shield of water to avoid splashing.

Check out this single-handle Delta Cassidy faucet (pictured below) – it features both Touch20® Technology and a Diamond™ valve, and has several beautiful finish options, like Champagne Bronze and Polished Nickel. It also has a high arc to fit plenty of dishes underneath and a spout that swivels 180°. Not what you’re looking for? Find the rest of the Delta kitchen faucets here, including bar faucets, pot fillers, and water dispensers.

Delta kitchen faucet

Bathroom Faucets

Delta’s innovative style continues into the bathroom. Like its kitchen faucets, Delta bathroom faucets come in a variety of colors, materials, and finishes. The installation and mounting types are also similar, with centerset, widespread, single-hole, and wall-mount options. There is, however, a higher percentage of bath faucets that have separate handles, unlike the kitchen faucets that tend to be single-hole. When looking at faucet handles, think about what shape will be most convenient for your household or business. The handle types available are: cross, knob, lever, push button, and sensor. Lever and sensor are by far the most common handles on Delta bathroom faucets; lever handles make it easy to control temperature, while sensor faucets are hygienic and keep the water contained.

As for special features, most of Delta’s kitchen technologies translate to the bathroom. SpotShield™ is one feature that we didn’t discuss in the kitchen section; it helps faucets to stay clean by resisting fingerprints and water spots. SpotShield™ is available in the Dryden™ collection, which features modern, boxlike designs.

Want the official SUPPLY.com recommendation? This Delta Trinsic faucet (pictured below) is deck-mounted, widespread, and made of brass. It has lever handles, Diamond™ Seal Technology, and is WaterSense Certified, meaning that it uses 20% less water than a standard faucet. It also comes in five finish options – it can match to the rest of the bathroom, and, for those who are especially detail-oriented, can match to other Delta fixtures in the kitchen.

Trinsic bathroom faucet

Tub and Shower Faucets

If you’re dealing with one or more full bathrooms, then you may be interested in Delta tub and shower faucets. Some tub faucets resemble the other faucets we’ve talked about, with handles and spouts. Others contain trims instead of handles, with levers that control the water flow. Deck-mounted and wall-mounted faucets are available, along with a few floor-mounted options. Floor-mount faucets are perfect for free-standing bathtubs, as they rest on the floor behind the tub. Additionally, several Delta tub faucets include a handshower, which can be a good alternative or addition to a showerhead.

Shower faucets look a bit different than a sink or tub faucet – the term refers to the package that includes a showerhead and a trim. When looking for a shower faucet, you’ll want to consider all the aspects you want in a showerhead (like the spray pattern, for example). This Delta Victorian Shower Faucet has five spray settings to fit whatever shower mood you’re in, from relaxing at-home spa day to post-rugby game power scrub.

There are also combinations available from Delta’s bath collection that include tub and shower faucets – these come with a showerhead, trim, and tub spout. This Delta Trinsic Tub and Shower Faucet (pictured below) would go well with the Trinsic bathroom faucet highlighted in the previous section. It is made with brass and available in several finish options. It also contains several of Delta’s special features that we haven’t mentioned yet, like H2OKinetic Technology. This faucet set looks great and feels great with three full spray settings, and the fact that both the shower arm and shower flange are included makes for  an extremely convenient purchase. Plus, it has back-to-back installation capability, and all the parts are replaceable from the front of the valve.

Deltra Trinsic Shower and Tub Faucet

What Makes Delta Faucets Special?

Delta is known for its trend-setting designs, and with advanced technologies it is also known for producing high-quality, useful products. We mentioned a lot of those technologies in this article; here’s a quick list to summarize what each has to offer:

  • DIAMOND™ Seal – lasts twice as long as the industry standard with a diamond seal that requires no lubrication, eliminates wear, and ensures a leak-free operation for the life of the faucet
  • Touch2o® – makes it possible to turn on the water with your wrist or arm instead of your hands to avoid mess and splash, with a Delta TempSense® LED light that alerts you to the water temperature
  • MagnaTite® – a power magnet keeps your faucet spray wand securely snapped in place
  • Docking ShieldSpray™ Technology – a sphere of water surrounds a concentrated jet of water to protect from splatter, especially when washing dishes
  • SpotShield™ – protects the faucet against stains, odor, water spots, and fingerprints with an antimicrobial finish

Whatever kind of faucet you’re looking for, Delta has it. Shop below or call our product experts at 888-426-2323 if you have any questions!