Feiss Lighting: A Buyer Guide


The Basics

In 1955, Murray Feiss began selling porcelain figurine lamps topped by his mother’s handmade lampshades. His customer base began to grow, leading Murray to expand his lighting selection. Today, Feiss Lighting is a favorite among designers and homeowners across the world. Feiss attributes its success to its policy of delivering a balanced ranges of price points and designs, all of a superior quality.

This guide will explore Feiss’ catalog of lighting and highlight the best-selling and newest products on the market.


Made of metals, glass, and beads, Feiss chandeliers offer several choices of material compared to the traditional crystal model. With hundreds of options in every price point, Feiss chandeliers improve the design of any room they hang in. The Feiss Marcella collection is inspired by the tile found in Spanish Villas while the white beads of the Maarid collection are reminiscent of the seaside. The swirled designs of the Arabesque collection and the floral-inspired shapes of the Morningside Collection are sure to be the talking point of your guests.


Wall Sconces

Increase the lighting in your hallway, next to a painting, or on either side of your bathroom mirror with Feiss wall sconces. These small wall-hung light fixtures add a pop of light and design to a room or passageway. Feiss’ large wall sconce collection accommodates all design tastes, from modern to historical. Homes with a traditional design scheme will benefit from frost glass and wrought iron sconces, while mirrored and crystal studded sconces are right at home in contemporary condos. Additionally, minimalists with a mid-century modern aesthetic will fall hard for the wall sconces of the Urban Renewal collection.

Wall sconces can also be used on either side of the headboard in place of table lamps to leave nightstands uncluttered and open.

Flush Mount Lighting

Flush mount lighting is traditionally used in hallways, bathrooms, and rooms with low head clearance. Typical builder’s grade flush mount lights are ugly and cheap, so Feiss designed flush mounts that are sophisticated and worthy of hanging in your home. Metallic and neutral metals are paired with glass shades and the occasional crystal in cylindrical and square fixtures to elevate the design of both the product and the room. For those who do not want to stray too far from the norm, though, Feiss also manufactures an ample amount of traditional flush mount lights.


Decorative Mirrors

In addition to a vast selection of lighting, Feiss also has an extensive collection of decorative mirrors. Placed above the bathroom vanity, over a couch, or above a dresser, decorative mirrors add design and function to a room. Even better, decorative mirrors can make small rooms appear larger!

Oval, rectangular, round, and square – Feiss has mirrors of all shapes and styles. With frames made of wood, metal, and crystal, there is sure to be a Feiss decorative mirror to match your home’s design scheme.

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