The Handshower Buyer Guide


How can the entire family, regardless of age, height, and ability, share the same shower? By using a handshower of course! Handshowers make the shower experience safe and accessible for all.

In the market for a new handshower? We’ve got you covered! Read on to learn the benefits of handshowers and how one of these products can change your life.

The Basics

As their name suggests, handshowers are handheld showerheads. Small enough to fit in your hand yet large enough to cover your entire head with water, handshowers give flexibility and convenience that showerheads cannot provide. While showerheads are fixed to the wall at a certain height, handshowers can move wherever your arms can reach. This is a great advantage for tall homeowners and those with disabilities. Handshowers can even be used to clean the bathtub and shower, reducing the need to use harsh chemicals in the bathroom.

As an added bonus, handshowers attach to the wall of your shower in the same location as showerheads, no demolition required.


Most major plumbing brands sell ergonomic handshowers that are easy on arthritic hands. Handshowers from the Moen Home Care collection even include a handle to prevent the handshower from falling if the hand releases it. Ergonomic handshowers aren’t just meant for those that are arthritic, however.  As stated above, they are also a smart option for those with disabilities. Thanks to the increased mobility of a handshower, those that need to remain seated while showering can control where the water hits their body and easily wash. GROHE, Delta, and Hansgrohe all sell sleek, state of the art ergonomic handshowers that are beautiful.

For the perfect combination of regular and handheld shower experiences, check out the benefits of Delta’s In2Ition Two in One Shower in the video below.


Several years ago the plumbing industry was faced with the dilemma of water-efficiency. How do you save water in the shower without reducing performance? The answer they came up with may seem counter-intuitive but it works: air. Plumbing brands found that if you infuse air into the handshower or showerhead the size of each drop of water increases. Larger water drops coat the skin more than small drops, therefore less drops are needed for the same feeling and cleaning power as handshowers without air infusion.

Brands each have their own name for this technology: GROHE DreamSpray, Hansgrohe AIR, Danze Air Injection, etc., but the technology remains the same. Each has their pros and cons, but you will be sure to reduce water usage (and your water bill) with all.

Moen and American Standard have opted for a different way to reduce water usage by increasing the pressure. By feeding water through tiny tubes within the handshower itself, water pressure is increased for a more forceful spray that feels like the spray of non-efficient handshowers.

Whether you choose an air infused or pressure assisted handshower, a shower bar will make that handshower universal and enjoyable for all.

3 photos, one of a shower bar on brown tile, two of the same blue tile shower with a shower barShower Bars

Shower bars, also known as slide bars, are thin metal bars attached vertically to shower walls. An adjustable apparatus, known as the shower bar arm, holds the handshower and is able to move up and down the bar. This means the height of the handshower is able to be moved based on the preferences of the bather. Tall homeowners can raise the handshower to the top of the shower bar while parents can move the handshower to the bottom of the shower bar to be within reach for children. A husband and wife, roommates, and even an entire family can share a shower thanks to a shower bar. The handshower doubles as a showerhead with the ability to easily be pulled from the wall by the bather at their desire.

Some shower bars, like this one from Delta, double as grab bars. Grab bars are securely installed to the shower wall and are able to hold lots of weight and pressure in the case of a slip. Shower bars that double as grab bars are a sophisticated way to incorporate safety into the shower, particularly for children and the elderly. Keep in mind that, unless a shower bar is specifically listed as being a grab bar, it is not designed to handle the weight and yanking of a person and can rip out of the shower wall. Always exercise caution in the shower.


Most handshowers are made of thermoplastic with a rubber face. The reason for this is three fold. First, thermoplastic keeps the handshower cool and does not conduct heat, preventing scalding. Second, handshowers can easily be dropped. A heavy, solid metal handshower can crack the shower tile or injure little heads when dropped while plastic handshowers are safer. Plastic handshowers are also more affordable.

The latest handshowers usually have a rubber face. This makes it extremely easy to clean. Simply wipe the rubber face with your hand and it’s clean! Plastic and metal faces are also common. These usually have a special finish to prevent water spots and lime scale from forming. Both faces keep the shower holes clean and clog free, helping your handshower last for years.

Handshowers are a great choice for the shower. Both convenient and beautiful, handshowers can be used by everyone in the family. Not to mention they are easy to clean and eco-friendly!

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