The Progress Lighting Buyer Guide


The Basics

For over 100 years, Progress Lighting has designed and created high-quality, on trend commercial and home lighting. Started by Frank Rosen at age 18 in 1906 Philadelphia, Progress initially sold gas mantles. With the invention of wired electricity and the mass production of light bulbs, the company soon began manufacturing lighting, growing to become the largest manufacturer of residential lighting in North America, a title the company continues to hold today.

With such a large selection, there is a fixture to meet everyone’s design aesthetic and budget. This guide will walk you through some the many lighting options available from Progress Lighting, and highlight their newest products on the market.


Chandeliers from Progress Lighting are elegant yet comfortable, making them perfect for homeowners that want their home to appear luxurious without feeling like a museum. Ranging in size, tiers, and finishes, Progress Lighting chandeliers can be hung in the dining room, front foyer, over the bathtub, or in a bedroom.

When selecting a Progress Lighting chandelier, it is important to consider ceiling height. Some chandeliers can hang over 4 feet from the ceiling! If your ceilings can not accommodate the style of chandelier you are interested in, consider a mini-chandelier. These petite fixtures are between 1 and 2 feet long and have a simple design. Furthermore, mini-chandeliers often cost less than their full-sized counterparts, making it affordable to hang a pair over a kitchen island or over beside tables.

Pendant Lights

A lit light above a white kitchen tableSimilar to chandeliers, Progress Lighting pendant lights are beautiful whether they are on or off. Pendant lights can hang over kitchen islands, down hallways, and in offices. Unlike chandeliers, pendant lights typically only have one bulb or shade, creating focused lighting.

Mini-pendants are pendant lighting’s petite counterparts., a great option when several pendants are needed in one location (like over a bar or island) or for small rooms and corners. Both pendants and mini-pendants are an easy way to showcase your design sense without completely renovating a room.

Outdoor Lighting

The outside of your home needs lighting not just for aesthetics, but for safety as well. Progress Lighting outdoor lighting assists in both areas. Outdoor wall-mount lanterns on either side of the front door welcome guests into your home and illuminate the front entry in the dark. Path lights and outdoor step lights prevent falls. Post lights are a nice nod back to the gas post lamps of the late 1800s.

And while design and functionality are certainly factors to consider when shopping outdoor lighting, remember that the actual hardware behind the lighting is important as well. Progress Lighting transformers convert electricity, allowing outdoor lighting to be run on a home’s circuitry.

A silver ceiling fan, hanging from the ceilingCeiling Fans

Ceiling fans are one fixture that most people love having in the home, but hate to look at. Progress Lighting knows that ceiling fans are often considered “ugly,” and therefore has created beautiful fans to counteract this stereotype. A fan with dark rectangular blades will fit right into a modern living room, while tropical inspired indoor/outdoor fans bring the island life to your porch. Traditional and historical homes have no lack of options either.

As is the case with any brand of fan, when purchasing a Progress Lighting ceiling fan, be sure to check if the fan blades are included with your product. In some instances, blades must be purchased separately.

Vanity Lights

Easily Progress Lighting’s largest lighting category, vanity lights illuminate the bathroom mirror. Long rows of lights that sit above the mirror, known as bath bars, are the most common vanity lights. Additionally, singular vanity lights that hang slightly over the top of the mirror are a great way to pack a lot of light into a small space, as the light is reflected and doubled in the mirror. Consider the wiring of your bathroom, the finishes of your faucets, and your bathroom’s décor style when deciding which vanity light will work best in your home.

Not feeling bath bars or singular vanity lights? A pair of matching wall sconces on either side of the vanity mirror is another beautiful option for bathroom lighting.

Bingo Collection

Progress Lighting’s latest collection is multi-functional and trendy to boot. The lights of the Bingo collection feature a recurring circle motif, found on semi-flush mount, chandeliers, and pendant lights. But perhaps the coolest lights of this collection are the flushmount lights. These lights can be installed flush on the ceiling or mounted on the wall. When placed on the wall, the lights double as art and can be wired to light up or to stay off. You can even add photos or colored fabric behind the open circles to customize your flushmount light! This makes the Bingo light truly one of a kind.

Three wall mount lights in a row

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