The Quick Fix: ProPEX®(An Uponor Buyer Guide)

What is Uponor?

You’ve heard of it before. Formerly known as Wirsbo, Uponor is one of the top names in the plumbing industry. They specialize in PEX plumbing and their products have helped pave the way to the increasingly widespread use of the material. Uponor’s ProPEX® expansion fittings are especially innovative in the way they are installed with PEX tubing and greatly reduce install time over traditional methods.

What is PEX?

Before we get into what ProPEX® fittings are, let’s discuss the PEX-a tubing system. Uponor’s AquaPEX® system is one of the highest-quality PEX-a systems available.

Historically, copper tubing was the norm, but PEX tubing is becoming increasingly more popular – it’s easier to install, expands without cracking in the cold, and costs less than copper. The thermal memory on Uponor’s PEX-a tubing allows major flexibility and even enables the tube to be quickly repaired with a heat gun, without any harm. The video below shows just how easy it is to repair kinks in the PEX with heat.

The key component that truly sets Uponor PEX-a tubing apart is the unique memory shape. The pipe can expand over a large fitting then return to its original shape without added solvent (talk about a game changer). All you have to do is flair out the end of the pipe with an expansion tool and insert the fitting. This quick method is easy even for an apprentice to master.

What is ProPEX®?

ProPEX® fittings are the expansion fittings that fit inside the pipe. They are easy to use and help speed up the pipe installation process, as they take less time to use than traditional PEX crimping. The pipe seals over the fitting, so there’s no need to crimp and tighten it more (in fact, doing so would damage it and cause leaks).

Once the expanded pipe seals, the ProPEX® fitting actually becomes stronger over time from the tightened pipe (the only PEX connection that does so). Molded together so tightly, the pipe and the fitting can withstand up to 1,000 pounds of pressure (similar to the weight of a large male moose).

Another benefit of this system is the sizing – being up to 3” (more than the typical 2”), these fittings will work for any residential or commercial project you have. You won’t have to worry about the PEX reducing water flow; the larger fitting size coupled with the lack of crimping allows plenty of room and won’t cut the flow like other piping methods might.

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We’ve highlighted the usefulness of Uponor AquaPEX® and ProPex® – the main takeaway is that this system is incredibly easy to install without sacrificing quality. Stay tuned for our next article on the tools and fittings associated with ProPex®.

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