The Top Knobs Buyer Guide


The Basics

Founded in 1994, Top Knobs has quickly grown to become the number one manufacturer of decorative knobs for the professional market in North America. Focusing primarily on design, Top Knob pulls, knobs, and bathroom accessories can often be found in showrooms, hotels, and restaurants across the country. Each piece is designed to look custom-made and have a quality feel at an affordable price. This is the reason why interior design professionals consistently choose Top Knobs over other brands.

Top Knobs also offers a lifetime warranty on their products, protecting the homeowner’s investment. The warranty covers any defect in quality or craftsmanship, including finishes. For more details on the Top Knobs lifetime warranty, click here.

SUPPLY.com is a proud authorized Top Knobs retailer! Read below for our guide to each category of product available from Top Knobs, including specific instructions to ensure you choose the best hardware for your home.

Cabinet Knobs and Pulls

Perhaps the most popular hardware fixtures on the market are knobs and pulls. Both can be used on dressers, kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, and any other doors that do not have handles built in. The decision on whether to use knobs or pulls depends on your personal preferences and design tastes; however before you make your decision there are a few things to know about each.

  • Cabinet knobs are small, usually circular, pieces of metal that can be grasped between two fingers to open a door.
  • Cabinet pulls are long, usually rectangular, pieces of hardware that an entire hand can grasp to pull open a drawer.
  • Cabinet knobs and pulls are sold individually unless otherwise indicated (usually with the word “Pair” in the product name)
  • (C C) = center to center, or the distance from one screw hole to another screw hole.

Also, keep the finishes of your pulls and knobs in mind before purchasing. While you may want shiny pulls to match your stainless steel kitchen appliances, be aware that polished chrome pulls and knobs will show finger prints while brushed nickel will not.


Drawer Backplates

Drawer backplates rest behind cabinet pulls for a more luxurious look. Meant for dresser drawers and not kitchen cabinet drawers, drawer backplates are usually placed horizontally. Smaller, circular drawer backplates create a bolder look behind cabinet knobs.

Like cabinet pulls, backplates are measured from center to center, or (C C). Backplates and drawer pulls with the same center to center measurements are compatible.

Door Push Plates

Door push plates protect the door from dirt and grime that result from the door constantly being touched. Placed on doors you can push open (rather than opening with a handle), door push plates are made of metal so they can be easily cleaned. Top Knobs door push plates are available in several finishes to match the style of the room.

Bolt End Caps

Bolt end caps are used in lieu of screws for knobs. Used whenever a knob or pull will be placed on glass or any other surface where the head of a screw would be exposed, bolt end caps have screws place inside of them for your convenience.

If you would like to use a Top Knobs cabinet pull on a glass shower door, we suggest using your choice of the following bolt end caps, as they are all waterproof and their warranty will not be voided if they get wet:

Brushed Satin Nickel

Polished Chrome

Polished Brass

Towel Bars

In addition to selling knobs and pulls, Top Knobs has an impressive selection of towel bars. With both single and double bars available, Top Knobs has considered the towel needs of families of every size. They have many towel bars available in several finishes, allowing you to match your bathroom hardware and fixtures. Furthermore, Top Knob towel bars are solid, not hollow like many other bars. Be sure your wall can support your towel bar before you purchase.


Robe Hooks

Like their name suggests, robe hooks are a great way to hang your robes, and your towels too! Top Knob robe hooks are a sophisticated touch in the bathroom and give homeowners a different option than the usual big-box store hooks. Traditional homeowners will love the Stratton and Tuscan robe hooks, while those with more current, contemporary taste may lean more towards the hooks of the Edwardian and Hopewell collections. And the sleek, minimalist Top Knobs Aqua hook is perfect for modern enthusiasts. Robe hooks are a nice alternative to towel bars, especially for young children who are unable to properly fold a towel.

Towel Rings

Top Knob towel rings are a stylish way to hold your bathroom washcloths. Hung next to the bathroom sink, towel rings allow you to save paper by offering your guests and family a reusable washcloth to dry their hands with. Towel rings can also be used in the kitchen to hang tea towels. Not just limited in terms of shape, the Aqua towel “ring” is actually a rectangle, while the Stratton towel ring has a rounded square. The variety of selection available from Top Knobs gives homeowners plenty of options to match their towel ring to the theme or design style of their bath or kitchen.

Toilet Paper Holders

No bathroom is complete without a space to hang your toilet paper. Why go with the basic builder’s grade when you can upgrade to a quality toilet paper holder from Top Knobs? After all, you will use it every day!

Top Knobs toilet paper holders are detailed and made with quality craftsmanship. Like towel holders and rings, these products are available in many styles and finishes, allowing a homeowner to match their toilet paper holder to their bathroom hardware and fixtures. Open toilet paper hooks are a fantastic option for families with younger children, as they make it much easier to replace the toilet paper roll than traditional holders. Just like cabinet pulls and towel bars, traditional toilet paper holders measure from center to center.

Have questions? Feel free to call our team of product experts at (888) 426 – 2323, and click here to view the full selection of knobs, pulls, and bathroom accessories from Top Knobs.