The Ultimate Hansgrohe Shower Trim Buyer Guide

Founded in Germany over a century ago, Hansgrohe is a top brand in contemporary style and innovation. A popular kitchen and bathroom manufacturer, Hansgrohe is well-known for making high-quality products with a cutting-edge appearance. Hansgrohe is the perfect choice for luxury hotels or facilities like spas and specialty sports centers but can also add a special touch in a home. Their fixtures don’t just look good on the surface; the utility of Hansgrohe’s products is up to par with the design.

In a previous SUPPLY.com article, we featured Hansgrohe’s iBox Universal Plus rough-in valve, which reduces the need for multiple shower valves with water-tight seals, built-in service stops, and simplified pipe flushing. The iBox Universal Plus fits with any Hansgrohe shower trim, so we wanted to offer a corresponding guide to all of the shower trim options that Hansgrohe has. Below, we lead you through shopping for a Hansgrohe shower trim on SUPPLY.com, diving into the different options and benefits we have to offer.

Shower Trim Settings

One of the most important steps when deciding on a Hansgrohe shower trim (the external lever that controls the shower water) is the number of settings. Much like you wouldn’t buy a stylish article of clothing that doesn’t come in your size, you wouldn’t buy a stylish bath fixture that doesn’t function the way you need it to. There are trims available with between one and four settings. The more settings, the more customizable the shower is with adjustable temperature and volume controls.

We recommend this Hansgrohe shower trim. It comes in chrome or brushed nickel with four settings, including both thermostatic temperature and volume control and a diverter for two outlets. The diverter determines which fixtures (showerhead, tub faucet, etc.) is using water. You can read more about how shower trims, diverters, and valves interact in our guide: How Does It Work? Shower Trims and the Valves Behind Them.

Shower Trim Special Features

Next, look at the special features you want in a trim. Several are related to the trim settings above, like pressure balancing and volume control options. Other features we offer for Hansgrohe shower trims are: ADA Compliant (for those with disabilities), commercial (for large-scale builds or public places), handles included, and an integrated diverter. An integrated diverter allows for multiple functions without a separate diverter valve.

This Hansgrohe Commercial Shower Trim is ADA Compliant and includes an integrated diverter and handles. With only one setting, this option is a great choice for anyone who wants the quality of Hansgrohe at a lower cost.

Pressure Balanced and Thermostatic with Volume Control

We’ve briefly mentioned pressure balanced and thermostatic with volume control options. These are two further subcategories to categorize your product search on SUPPLY.com, separately from the special features menu. Pressure balance valves regulate the ratio between hot and cold water, while thermostatic valves respond to the existing water to maintain a steady temperature. Both are great options, with pressure balanced being the most cost effective and thermostatic being the most customizable. This Hansgrohe Pura Vida shower trim has a modern, box-like shape and thermostatic temperature control that allows the user to set preferred temperature.

Final Touches

After you’ve decided on the trim functionality you need, turn to the color and brand finish options. The available finish options are: Brushed Nickel, Chrome, Polished Nickel, Rubbed Bronze, and White / Chrome. Match the trim to the showerhead and any additional pieces like body sprays or a handshower to keep a consistent style. After you’ve checked all the boxes of the features and functions you’d like in the trim, the final filter is the price range you’re looking for. Prices of Hansgrohe trims range from under $100 to just over $500. Once you’ve decided on everything, you should be able to find the exact Hansgrohe shower trim of your dreams.

You won’t be disappointed with any Hansgrohe trim option you choose – not only do they all work in tandem with the iBox Universal Plus valve that we mentioned above, but they are high in quality and come with multiple options to fit multiple needs.

Want to know more about shower trims or the rest of the Hansgrohe catalog? Shop below or call our product experts with any questions you have at 888-426-2323!