The TOTO Faucet Buyer Guide


The Basics

TOTO has been an internationally recognized name in the bathroom fixture industry for nearly a century. Their toilets are in a category of their own in terms of quality and innovation, and at SUPPLY.com, we are proud to be the largest distributor of TOTO toilets in the United States. But TOTO doesn’t stop there, and neither do we. If you are already satisfied with your toilet and are looking to improve your bathroom experience even further, then it is our duty (and pleasure) to let you in on TOTO’s best kept secret: their faucet collection.

Stylish, easy to use, and equipped with the best modern technology, TOTO faucets can compliment a bathroom design beautifully or stand strong on their own. In this guide, we’ll review the major questions you will need to consider when purchasing a TOTO faucet, as well as our own recommendations for specific products in TOTO’s lineup.

Bathroom Faucets

When choosing a regular bathroom faucet, you need to keep in mind that there are several deciding factors right off the bat that depend on the type of sink you have. Your faucet installation type is one such factor. At SUPPLY.com, we offer three different installation types for TOTO faucets: widespread, single hole, and wall mount.

  • Widespread faucets contain the traditional single spout and two handles (placed separately from each other), and pair well with sink styles like drop in or pedestal; bear in mind that you will need three faucet holes in either the counter top or the sink itself if you want to install a widespread faucet.
  • Single hole faucets, on the other hand, are ideal for situations where counter space is limited, and as the name implies, they need only a single faucet hole for installation.

Once you’ve determined your ideal faucet installation type, it’s time to think about style; and when it comes to style, you really want to picture how your faucet fits into the bathroom as a whole. If you’re anything like us, you strive for a consistent style within the bathroom that reflects your interior design vision and makes you feel at home. Luckily, TOTO offers a range of product collections that encompass several categories. You could, for example, have a bathroom faucet, sink, toilet, shower trim, and showerhead, all from the popular TOTO Lloyd collection (pictured below). Pair your choice of collection with a consistent finish (ranging from brushed nickel to polished chrome) to give your bathroom a cohesive design flow.

TOTO Lloyd Faucet

Of course, we know that having every fixture in the bathroom be a part of the same collection is not always an option; you could just be wanting to upgrade your bathroom faucet a leave it at that. Our advice? Take advantage of the design work TOTO has already done and stick to a single product collection for all fixtures if you can, but otherwise, just try to match fixtures by color and shape (organic vs. geometric, for example) wherever possible – the resulting combination of products will create a look that is uniquely yours!

Tub Faucets

If you’re the type of person who prefers baths over showers, then TOTO’s lineup of tub faucets is definitely worth checking out. In terms of material, shape, and color options, these tub faucets are practically identical to the bathroom faucets we discussed above. When picking out a tub faucet, what you want to focus on is the type of tub you have installed.

If you have a traditional tub installed against a wall (typically on three sides), then a deck mount faucet is the right choice for you. These faucets, like the bestselling TOTO Vivian model (complete with handshower), sit on the lip of the tub and receive water from plumbing that is installed within the wall surrounding the tub. On the other hand, if you have a freestanding tub that doesn’t touch any walls, you may want to consider a floor mount faucet like the TOTO Single Handle Tub Filler. As the name implies, these faucets are freestanding and connect directly to the floor, meaning you may have to pull up a few tiles to get the plumbing in place.

Additional Features from TOTO

TOTO is dedicated to unique design and long-lasting quality when it comes to their bathroom faucets, but they don’t stop there. The brand also strives to include any technological innovations that will make their faucets as intuitive and efficient as possible. A majority of TOTO faucets are ADA compliant, meaning they are built to accommodate all ages. On top of that, TOTO has an entire lineup of motion-activated faucets, perfect for commercial areas like public restrooms that see a lot of foot traffic.

The driving force behind TOTO’s motion-activated products is their EcoPower technology. The idea here is simple; every TOTO motion-activated faucet is powered by a battery, and TOTO knows that no one enjoys keeping track of battery life and replacing them when they die. EcoPower technology uses a simple turbine system to harness the power of the water that is already flowing through the faucet, in order to extend the battery life to up to 19 years. Want to see it in action? Check out the video from TOTO below, and feel free to browse the entire EcoPower faucet collection at SUPPLY.com.

Faucet Accessories

Never one to leave their customers wanting, TOTO offers several accessory products that pair nicely with their faucets in the correct setting. Like we mentioned above, several of TOTO’s tub faucets come with the option for a handshower attachment; the brand’s collection of handshowers is an entirely new world of its own, complete with aerated, multi-patter, or WaterSense certified options, to name a few.

Commercial bathroom managers will also appreciate TOTO’s lineup of automatic bathroom soap dispensers and hand dryers. In public spaces, hygiene and efficiency is key, and TOTO commercial products are built specifically to keep that constant flow of people clean and moving.

Have any questions about TOTO faucets that weren’t answered in this guide? You can get in touch with a SUPPLY.com representative at 877‑781‑3114, or check out our entire TOTO collection below!