The TOTO Shower Buyer Guide

As one of the biggest names in the plumbing business, TOTO has perfected the art of bathroom appliances. Ranging from the all-important showerhead to the easily overlooked drain, TOTO has made the luxury of a long, hot shower even better with their line of shower products. Available in a wide range of prices, finishes, and designs, a shower fully equipped with TOTO products is guaranteed to create an environment of relaxation and style. In this guide, we’ll touch on the major categories you’ll want to look into when building your own TOTO shower.


The shining star of any shower is the showerhead, and TOTO takes that role to the next level. Take the TOTO Upton showerhead, for example. With a 9×9-inch face, and a water output of 2.5 gallons per minute (gpm), this showerhead is guaranteed to wash away any stress built up over the course of the day. Plus, its modern yet affordable look instantly adds a sleek design feel to any bathroom.

If water conservation is more your style, then the TOTO Traditional showerhead is for you. EPA WaterSense certified, this showerhead features five different spray settings, including massage, mist, and spray, allowing you to reduce your environmental impact (while still getting a high-end shower experience).

On the other hand, if you’re looking to add a little luxury to your bathroom, consider the TOTO rain-style showerhead. This fixture is sure to make an everyday task feel like a trip to the spa. Designed to emulate a rainstorm of epic proportions, the rain-style showerhead leaves little to be desired. Using top of the line Aerojet technology, it infuses air into each drop of water, giving you the feeling of more water while actually using less.


For those with children or disabilities, a handshower is a great tool. Perfect for chasing small squirmy kids around, the longer hose attached to the showerhead allows for easy accessibility and maneuverability for those with limitations. The TOTO Soiree handshower (pictured) maintains TOTO’s signature sleek style, while also adding an extra level of functionality.

When looking at showerheads or handshowers, it’s important to keep your water and plumbing capabilities in mind. Check with your plumber before buying a drastically different unit to make sure that the pipes in place can supply your showerhead of choice.


Almost as important as the showerhead is the shower trim. This is the piece, or pieces, that controls the volume and temperature of the water. Trims that come in one unit control both temperature and volume, meaning the more water you want, the hotter it will be. For those who prefer cold showers, it might be wise to invest in a two-piece shower trim (with one handle controlling the volume of water and the other controlling water temperature).

If you’re looking for a modern piece, consider the TOTO Legato trim. This trim is a surefire way to get that modern feel at an affordable cost. Its sharp angles and smooth finish look and feel expensive, but won’t hurt your wallet. When selecting shower trims, make sure that they are compatible to your showerhead. If you’re unsure, feel free to give our customer service team a call at (866) 355-0310 and we can help find you the correct pieces.


If you’re looking to customize your shower experience further, check out the TOTO Gyrostream body spray (pictured). With rotating spray heads that create a spiral stream of water, body sprays allow you to focus on washing your hair and face while the sprays rinse and clean your body. These units do require more space and internal plumbing than normal showers, so be sure to contact a plumber before purchasing body sprays.

On the more functional end of the spectrum is the all-important grab bar. Grab bars provide stability in slippery showers, and can help ease the minds of those more prone to falls. They can also make your shower ADA compliant (if that’s a box you need to check during your renovation).

Drains are easily forgotten in the hunt for the perfect shower, but are a crucial part to overall functionality. We recommend installing a drain that can handle twice the amount of water put out by all units in your shower. For example, if you have a showerhead with a 2.5 gpm, you would need to purchase a drain that can handle 5 gpm. If you have body sprays or an additional handshower, those units will need to be factored in when choosing a drain.

No matter which direction you choose, TOTO can supply you with high-end and affordable options for your shower. With a name so prevalent in the bathroom business, it’s safe to trust TOTO with all of your shower needs.

Interested in shopping for more TOTO shower products? Feel free to reach out to our team at 866-355-0310, or shop the entire catalog below!


Author: India Williams