TOTO Urinals – Everything You Need for Your Commercial Project

It’s no secret that a clean, high-quality urinal is incredibly important for hygiene in a public restroom. Whether it’s for a restaurant, office, or any commercial building, there are plenty of options out there when spec’ing out a new build or repairing an existing facility. However, when it comes to the best of the best urinals, look no further than TOTO.

As the largest toilet manufacturer in the world, it’s no surprise that TOTO offers top-of-the-line urinals – they are often the first choice when it comes to public restrooms. Atlanta’s Hartsfield–Jackson, the busiest airport in the world (that also happens to be right in our backyard), boasts TOTO urinals in their facilities. At SUPPLY.com, we know that planning a commercial job, no matter the scale, has a lot of factors that play into it. We wrote this guide to help save you time in shopping for urinals by highlighting the most important features.

TOTO Urinal Features

You likely already have a budget in mind or are looking to build one, so filtering your options by price is a good way to start. Fortunately, the lower price range of TOTO urinals don’t skimp on quality (something to consider if you’re buying in bulk). If price is the determining factor for you, give our account executive team a call at 877-781-3114 for special job pricing on TOTO urinals.

Next, look to the color. This may be your decision, or it may be up to the client. Bright white is the classic choice and the most common, but we have many options in Sedona Beige and Bone as well.

The final urinal features to consider are the spud inlet size and spud location.

“A urinal spud must be installed prior to the flush valve to prevent leakage. Most TOTO urinals have a ¾” spud inlet size (the space where the spud will fit – try this ¾” spud to match).”- Chris, SUPPLY.com Account Executive

As far as spud locations, the two options are back or top – top placement means the flush valve will be seen on top of the urinal, while back placement means that the spud will go behind the wall and the flush valve will be appear separated.

TOTO Urinals – Our Picks

Now that we’ve gone over the features to look for in a urinal, we want to share our top choices that will fit any budget.

 TOTO UrinalSKU FeaturesSpec Sheet
TOTO Commercial Washout High Efficiency UrinalUT104E#01• 0.5 GPF (Gallons per Flush)
• 3/4" top spud inlet
• ADA Compliant
• Available in Cotton White and Bone
Download Here
TOTO High Efficiency Washout UrinalUT445U#01• 0.125 GPF (Gallons per Flush)
• 3/4" top or back spud inlet
• Available in Cotton White
Download Here

TOTO Flush Valves

Once you have your urinal picked out, it’s time to select a TOTO flush valve. First, consider if you’d rather have an electronic or a manual flush. Both are effective – TOTO’s products are all top-notch – but many people have a flushing preference. Some argue that an electronic flush reduces germs, while some claim that a manual flush is better at getting the job done and reduces cleaning. Like with urinal choices, we have flushing options available for everyone.

The first thing you’ll notice on the flush valve page is that there are many more TOTO flush valves than there are urinals, as flush valves correspond with both toilets and urinals. We recommend browsing TOTO commercial flush valves that will pair well with your commercial urinal.

“It’s important to choose a flush valve that will work with the spud inlet size. On our site, this is specified in the ‘Features’ section on the product page. For example, this TOTO Eco Power Flush Valve mentions ‘for urinal with 3/4’ top spud inlet.” – Craig, SUPPLY.com Account Executive


Other features to consider in a flush valve are the flush type, like we mentioned above, and a finish that will look good with your urinal. In the table below, we went ahead and picked out two flush valves that will pair with our urinal picks.

TOTO Flush Valves – Our Picks

 TOTO Flush ValveSKUFeaturesSpec Sheet
Toto EcoPower® High-Efficiency Urinal Flush ValveTEU1LA12#CP• 0.5 GPF
• Self-powered hydroelectric flush valve system
• Self-cleaning piston valve
• ADA Compliant
Download Here
Toto EcoPower® Ultra High-Efficiency Urinal Flush ValveTEU1UA12#CP• 0.125 GPF
• Self-powered hydroelectric flush valve system
• ADA compliant
Download Here

Urinals are an understated and taken-for-granted element to most passerby, but pros know how the right urinal keeps a heavily-trafficked restroom clean, therefore maintaining the health and reputation of the establishment. TOTO is the perfect choice for a commercial project of any size.

Ready to purchase a TOTO urinal? Give our product experts a call at 877-781-3114 or start shopping below!