The Ultimate Guide to Hansgrohe Shower and Faucet Technology


First founded in Germany in 1901, Hansgrohe has since become an internationally-ranked name in world of plumbing fixtures, dedicated in particular to customer satisfaction. The company specializes in faucet and shower systems, and remains a competitive player in the industry due to their commitment to producing unique, innovative plumbing technology. At SUPPLY.com, we work with Hansgrohe on a daily basis, and we know that water and energy efficiency, temperature control, and healthy hygiene are some of the main qualities that Hansgrohe infuses into every product. In this guide, we will dive deeper into the full Hansgrohe innovation lineup, and explore some of the products making a splash in the faucet and shower business.

Select – The Future of Showers is Buttons

With Select technology from Hansgrohe, operating a shower is as easy as pushing a button (literally). Here’s how it works. Products in the Select suite operate via a single button to ensure simplicity and ease of use. Depending on the product, this button can change the spray pattern of water, or start or stop the flow of water completely. Gone are the days when you had to awkwardly twist overhead showers to control the spray mode; with Select, just a simple push will do.

EcoRight – The Ultimate Water Saver

While 3.5 gallons of water per minute down the drain may seem like a lot, that’s exactly how much water the average faucet uses. And the real kicker is that, more often than not, the average homeowner doesn’t need that high of a flow rate to fill up a cup or clean a plate. With their EcoRight filter, Hansgrohe has resolved to reduce this flow of water by up to 60%, without affecting quality.

The EcoRight filter is a small ring that fits inside the neck of certain Hansgrohe faucets, showerheads, and even handshowers (like this Raindance model). The ring reacts to water pressure, closing with higher pressure and opening with lower pressure in order to maintain a consistent flow rate. The ring, combined with the EcoRight aerator system, produces a mixture of water and air that is just as effective as a regular water flow, while saving more than half of the water that would be regularly used.

CoolStart – Save Energy and Reduce Costs

Hansgrohe CoolStart FaucetHot water is such an integral part of everyday life for most homeowners, but it can also represent a significant chunk in the energy budget. There are a number of key areas in the home where hot water is wasted on a daily basis, often without the homeowner realizing; for many, wasted heat means wasted money.

In response to this issue, Hansgrohe has created an energy-saving system called CoolStart, designed to reduce heat loss in faucets. Faucets with CoolStart use only cold water when the handle is in the default center position. Hot water is produced when the handle is turned to the left (pictured). As a result, heat is used only when it’s needed, and energy-rich hot water is not wasted sitting in the pipes between uses.

Has the CoolStart caught your eye? Check out the Hansgrohe Metris Single Hole bathroom faucet – a model that is ADA Compliant, WaterSense Certified, and built to save you money at the end of the month.

AirPower – A Softer Way to Use Water

Similar to the EcoRight system, the Hansgrohe AirPower innovation focuses on reducing water usage by combining water and air. The process itself is simple. AirPower faucets and showers incorporate specialized nozzles that allow air to enter the system at the same time water is coming out. This addition of air is mixed with the water flow at a rate of 3 to 1; according to Hansgrohe themselves, this allows each water droplet to become “plumper, lighter, and softer.” The basic idea here is that you receive a more relaxed, almost massage-like flow of water, and reduce your overall water usage in the process.

For a visualization of the AirPower system, check out this video from Hansgrohe. Interested in AirPower products? The Croma shower system, complete with handshower, is a great place to start!

hansgrohe_comfortzone_faucetComfortZone – Space To Fit You

Unless you have a pot filler faucet handily installed into the wall of your kitchen, odds are you have experienced the inconvenience of trying to fill a large pot in a small sink. Problems like this and more are solved with Hansgrohe’s ComfortZone faucet. ComfortZone faucets have been a staple innovation in the Hansgrohe lineup for a few years now. These faucets have exceptionally high necks that provide ample space for movement beneath the spout, in both bathroom and kitchen settings.

Filling large containers, stacking several dishes, or simply washing your hands after using the toilet (if you’re a taller person) are all tasks that are made easier with a ComfortZone faucet. Plus, the faucets work well with a variety of sink styles, including countertop, basin, and washbowl. Interested in ComfortZone? Check out SUPPLY.com’s article on the feature to find out more!

QuickClean – A Brush of the Finger Is All You Need

Any shower or faucet in contact with a regular flow of water is bound to see some unwanted dirt or lime buildup of some sort; this fact is just unavoidable. What elevates the high-quality products from the rest of the crowd is how easy it is to get rid of that residue when it becomes too much of a nuisance. With Hansgrohe QuickClean, removing residue takes only a finger.

Because QuickClean products (like this PuraVida bathroom faucet) come with rubbery, elastic nozzles, a quick brush with a finger every now and then will shake free any buildup. No soap or sponge is necessary, and in exchange for this small bit of effort, your product will flow smoother and operate longer.

iBox Universal Plus – The Best System You Never See

Hansgrohe iBox Rough InHansgrohe is well known for producing sleek, visually stunning bathroom products; as it turns out, they don’t cut any corners behind the scenes either. The shower rough in, for example, is the part of the shower system located within the wall that directs and regulates the flow of hot and cold water. With their iBox Universal Plus rough in, Hansgrohe has revolutionized this process.

Where other rough ins split up the work between several systems, the iBox Universal Plus streamlines the flow of both hot and cold water into one single valve that sits behind the shower trim, allowing for easy installation and repair. Plus, the iBox is built to fit snugly with any trim from Hansgrohe or Axor, removing any hassle that comes with mixing and matching collection-specific parts. In short, this piece is an efficient addition to any shower system. For more information about the iBox and its capabilities, check out SUPPLY.com’s “All about the Hansgrohe iBox Universal Plus” article.

Technological innovation is the Hansgrohe standard. For more bathroom products from Hansgrohe, check out the entire collection at SUPPLY.com!