Add Fantasy to Your Home with a Novelty Ceiling Fan

From a practical standpoint, ceiling fans are used as an energy efficient way to cool your home, but from a design standpoint, the possibilities are endless. There are ceiling fans to match everyone’s tastes, from the sleek and sophisticated to the wacky and whimsical. The latter includes fans for children, sportsmen, and more; read below for some of the best novelty fans on the market.

Creative Fans for Children

What better place to add a fanciful ceiling fan than in a child’s room? Since children’s bedrooms and playrooms are usually themed, novelty fans are a great way to continue the room’s theme all the way to the ceiling.

With petal blades available in three color schemes, the Craftmade Bloom ceiling fan is any girl’s dream!novelty_fan

Have a little aviator in the family? They’ll enjoy playing beneath the Hunter Fantasy Flyer or the Craftmade Warplanes Tiger Shark ceiling fan. Furthermore, future professional athletes will appreciate dreaming underneath the Craftmade Prostar Basketball ceiling fan.

Get Closer to Nature With Your Ceiling Fan

Interested in bringing the final frontier right into your house? Check out the Craftmade Juna Galaxy ceiling fan, a sure favorite that combines three curved blades with an outer space design for a truly sci-fi themed result. Sure to appeal to everyone’s inner nerd, this fan provides a nice splash of color and theme to any room. As an added bonus, the Juna Galaxy comes with a light attached, making it both an energy- and a space-efficient option that will offer a generous return on investment.

novelty_fan_2An Island Oasis in Your Living Room

Bring the islands to your home, even if you live in the mountains, with a tropical ceiling fan. With fan blades similar to the leaves of trees found in the tropics, these ceiling fans create a relaxing atmosphere in any home; pick either wooden or wicker fan blades to customize your fantasy oasis. The Craftmade Kona Bay, Progress Lighting AirPro and the Fanimation Windpoint ceiling fans are just three of many tropical ceiling fans to choose from.

Simpler Is Better

If you are someone who appreciates a minimalistic touch when it comes to interior design, you will certainly see the appeal of a single-blade fan. These models, like the Marea or the Enigma made by Fanimation, are simplicity in its finest form, offering a design that works as both a light accent and a bold statement in any setting.

Do you enjoy novelty ceiling fans or prefer to stick with the classics? Shop all ceiling fans on SUPPLY.com!