Add the Final Touch to Your Home with Decorative Accessories


When attending a fancy event, you wear much more than just clothing, right? Jewelry, belts, hairclips, and more are all used to complete your ensemble. Just as these accessories bring your outfit together, decorative accessories finalize rooms in your home.

Without decorative accessories, your home will be functional, but basic. Decorative accessories add the finishing touch to your home while infusing your personality into a space. Even better, accessories are low cost and non-permanent, meaning they are easy to replace if your design taste evolves and can be moved from room to room, or even house to house. Read on to learn more about the best decorative accessories you can add to your home.

decorative_mirrorDecorative Mirrors

Decorative mirrors are a great investment and a smart choice for small rooms because they are both functional and beautiful. Hang a decorative mirror on the wall over the sofa to make your living room appear larger than it already is, or create a collage of mirrors to double as an art piece. Replace your builder’s grade bathroom mirror with an ovalrectangular, or organic mirror. Choose a mirror with a frame that matches your room’s décor or one without a frame at all, the possibilities are endless!

Decorative Fountains

Bring the art of Zen into your home with a decorative fountain from Kenroy Home. Available in full-wall and tabletop size varieties, the soothing sound of running water can be quickly added to any room of the home, or even the garden!

Tall decorative fountains can be placed on a wall to resemble the lobby of a high-end hotel. Smaller fountains, like the Kenroy Home Patience Slate Table Fountain, can be placed on an office shelf to help you relax while negotiating paper work and bills. Plus, fountains recycle their water, so there will be no burden on your monthly utility bill with the addition of a fountain.

Decorative Clocks

decorative_clockKeep time and create style in your home with a decorative clock. We all know how useful clocks can be, and when made of high-end materials like tortoiseshell, wood, and metal, clocks add more than function to a room. Sterling has a wide variety of clocks to match the design of your room. In terms of space, table top clocks can sit on an office desk or a formal living room’s bookshelf, while large wall clocks look fantastic in the kitchen and family room. Unusually shaped clocks, like Sterling’s Rod n’ Reed Fishing Clock, are great in a themed room like a bedroom or man cave. Furthermore, most Sterling clocks are battery operated, so there is no need to worry about wiring them or having to reset them if you trip a fuse.

Decorative Storage

The products that best demonstrate the adage of “beautiful, yet practical” are decorative bowls and boxes. Placed on shelves and countertops, these may appear to be just nick-knacks at first. But bowls and boxes from Sterling can be used for storage that come in handy when you most need it. Hide an emergency roll of toilet paper in a decorative box that sits on a shelf in the bathroom. Collect your jewelry in a bowl on your nightstand at the end of the day, before bed. Some bowls, like the Sterling Perfect Pet Bowls, can even be used to feed your dog!

From fruit bowls to a box to hide the remote, decorative storage is a great way to add functionality to any room without making a large investment.

decorative_candle_holdersDecorative Candle Holders

If you burn candles often, you know it’s a hassle to drag them out of storage every time you want to give them a light. Decorative candle holders are the perfect solution. Sitting on a shelf, table, or countertop, decorative candle holders look great day and night, year round, even when the candle is not lit.

From a pair of candle sticks on either side of a bookcase to a lantern hanging from the ceiling, decorative candle holders set the mood of the room without lighting the flame.

Ceiling Medallions

Have you ever been in an old home that had a luxurious chandelier? When you followed the chandelier to the ceiling, chances are there was a decorative pattern in the plaster of the ceiling. Ceiling medallions are the modern homeowner’s way of recreating this look on a modest budget. Ceiling medallions sit on your ceiling where there is wiring for a light fixture. The chain of the light sits on the middle of the medallion. Ceiling medallions are a smart way to cover a hole in the ceiling and are hung with a few simple nails. To put it simply, medallions make a home appear high-end without costing a high-end price.

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