All About Delta Faucet Diamond Seal Technology


Most kitchen and bathroom faucets are replaced for one of two reasons. Either they look outdated, or the faucet has broken. In terms of the latter, a broken faucet can mean anything from a faucet that leaks to a faucet with a handle that is impossible to move.

Such lack of mobility is typically caused by lubrication in the cartridge of the faucet handle wearing off. Delta’s Diamond Seal Technology improves on this complication by removing the lubrication all together, and creating faucets that will last for decades.

Diamond Seal is simple yet complex technology. Traditionally, two small plastic circular discs will move back and forth inside the cartridge of the faucet handle as the handle is moved. These discs have lubrication between them to prevent the cartridges from grinding and locking together. Eventually, the lubrication can evaporate and wear off, making the faucet handle difficult to turn. Delta Diamond Seal uses carbon discs embedded with diamond, making each valve cartridge sleek yet durable. The surface of each cartridge is so smooth, no lubrication is needed. This ensures there will be no wear on the cartridge for the life of the faucet, keeping the hardware in mint condition from the first day onward.

Check out the following video for a glimpse of Delta Diamond Seal Technology in action:

A long-lasting product with a permanent seal and a complete lack of lead contaminants is the promise that Delta makes with its Diamond Seal Technology. For home builders, this is an innovation that adds enormous value without taking up any extra space, and comes at a reasonable price; and for homeowners, the promise of no more leaks is too good to pass up. Our best selling Delta Leland Single Hole Kitchen Faucet and Delta Pilar Two Handle Widespread Kitchen Faucet are only two of the many products we sell that boast this technology, with dozens more models available to fit your specific style and practical needs.

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