All about the GROHE SmartControl Shower System


If you ever find yourself struggling to maintain consistent water temperature or pressure in the shower, then GROHE has some great news for you. With their innovative SmartControl shower system, the world-renowned plumbing manufacturer is combining the latest in shower technology into one compact design, in order to give you complete control over your shower experience.

In a nutshell, GROHE SmartControl is all about simplicity of design and ease of use. You simply push a button to start and stop the flow of water, and that same button doubles as a knob that allows you to control water pressure just by turning it. Using similar knobs located on the display, you can also control water temperature, as well as easily switch between spray patterns (depending on the type of shower head you use). Plus, no matter how many times you use the shower, these settings remain unchanged until you decide to adjust them; you can basically program your optimal settings into the shower system and then enjoy the exact same shower experience every time.

GROHE's SmartControl system allows for complete control over water temperature and pressure.

In addition to the above features, GROHE has incorporated some of their own technology into the SmartControl system in order to provide that extra level of service. To begin, GROHE CoolTouch technology creates a barrier between the flow of water and the outer surface, ensuring that the exterior of the system always stays at a temperature that is safe to touch, no matter the temperature of the water. Additionally, the GROHE TurboStat cartridge allows the system to react to temperature and pressure changes from the user almost instantly, and maintains those levels for the duration of the shower. These innovations, along with the stain-resistant GROHE StarLight finish, create a shower system that is intuitive, responsive to the slightest touch, and built to last.

Describing the benefits of the SmartControl system certainly paints a pretty picture for the average homeowner, but nothing compares to seeing the system in action. Check out the video below to see how SmartControl fits in seamlessly with products like the GROHE Rainshower.

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