Discover the American Standard SpaLet Bidet Seat

If a toilet is a throne, then a bidet seat is its plush velvet cushion. But even though it may be considered the seat of luxury, the bidet seat isn’t meant for castles in faraway kingdoms. Historically considered a foreign item, the bidet seat is becoming more commonplace in households in the US, with American Standard pioneering the way. This article highlights several reasons why the American Standard SpaLet bidet seat just might need to find a home in your bathroom.

Hygienic Features

One of the main reasons to consider a SpaLet bidet seat is hygiene. A bidet seat is different from a bidet in that it can sit on top of a toilet, as opposed to existing as a separate fixture. A wand extends from the seat into the bowl, with two attached spray nozzles. Water jets upwards from the nozzles to rinse you off like a shower, providing way more coverage than a square of toilet paper. The SpaLet bidet seat comes with five spray options and two cleansing modes to provide a refreshing experience for a variety of users. It also has a deodorizer that keeps the seat and surrounding area sanitary with an active charcoal filtration system. This American Standard feature, along with self-cleaning nozzles and an antibacterial coating, ensures no odor or buildup.

Positive Environmental Effects

Another reason to go the way of the bidet is that it is an environmentally conscious option. According to this Scientific American article, if Americans switched to bidets instead of regular toilet paper, then 15 million trees could be saved a year. Worried about water waste? The article also argues that the water usage in a bidet is so minimal that the effects of it on the environment are slight when compared to those caused by the shocking amount of toilet paper used per year.

Budget-Friendly Factors

This amount of toilet paper doesn’t only impact the environment; it also impacts your budget. The SpaLet bidet seat is relatively inexpensive when compared to other brands. Still, a bidet seat may seem costly when compared to a simple toilet seat. After factoring in the number of toilet paper rolls that you wouldn’t buy if you had a bidet seat, though, the cost doesn’t seem so high. And that’s only if you’re buying the basic paper. We all know it’s worth shelling out a few extra bucks for the softer stuff to avoid irritation or rashes – yet another reason to consider a bidet seat. If you’re still not convinced, think of the last time your toilet got clogged. That’s much less likely to happen without any toilet paper involved.

Luxury and Convenience

As for the luxury aspect, the SpaLet bidet seat comes with a massaging mode that has mild to strong settings to provide maximum comfort. It also features heated seats with a choice of five temperature settings. Soft-closing lids add to the gentle quality that the bidet seat has by keeping it calm and quiet. But it’s not all about leisure; a final feature that may make a real difference for someone on the fence about a SpaLet bidet seat is the included remote control. This remote makes the seat easy to operate and to choose various settings without having to try and press anything on the toilet itself. The remote can also be useful for people with disabilities, especially for those who want a bidet seat because it is difficult to reach and/or use toilet paper.

Where You Can Find the SpaLet

Find two versions of the American Standard SpaLet bidet seat on SUPPLY.com. The Advanced Clean 2.0 SpaLet Seat has all of the features we’ve mentioned in this article. It also comes with a one-touch power saver that saves power for up to eight hours and a one-push removable seat for easy cleaning. The Advanced Clean 1.0 SpaLet Seat is also an excellent option with a slightly less expensive price tag, with most of the same features except for an automatic open/close lid. Both seats have an elongated bowl shape, which is the most common and should fit onto most toilets.

A bidet seat is a worthy investment. They are extremely sanitary for your bathroom and your body, they reduce paper waste, and they make your overall bathroom experience more clean and convenient. American Standard sums up why you should consider a SpaLet bidet seat: “Water cleans more thoroughly than paper. You already believe this when it comes to showering, bathing, even washing your hands. Why not with the rest of what you do in the bathroom?”

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