Americast Tubs from American Standard: The Strongest Out There


With well over a century of experience under their belt, American Standard has proven themselves time and again to be one of the leading experts on kitchen and bathroom products in the industry. The American Standard lineup of sinks, faucets, toilets, and more is well known for being traditional and long-lasting; this is a brand you can count on. In 2017, American Standard has directed their efforts toward creating and perfecting a high-quality yet affordable bathroom tub. Enter the Americast model.

What Is Americast?

At its core, the Americast tub is simple, sturdy, and lightweight. How? Its body is made up of three layers of material: a traditional porcelain surface, a steel interior, and a reinforced composite backing for extra support (see below). This multi-layer approach results in a tub with the same thickness as a traditional iron model, plus a number of additional benefits that we’ve outlined below.

Americast by American Standard

The Benefits of Americast

Described by American Standard as “a remarkable alternative to cast iron” (50% lighter to be exact), the Americast tub uses innovative design techniques in order to sidestep some of the hurdles often associated with these bathroom necessities. Here are some of the major upsides you can expect when you choose Americast:

  • The sturdy, three-layered body of the tub is designed in the same vein as aerospace and automotive vehicles, meaning that it is lightweight yet extremely durable. This material makes for an quicker and cheaper installation process, especially if the tub has to be shipped or carried in a variety of manners (for more information on how easy installation can be with Americast, check out American Standard’s article on the subject).
  • Another benefit of the three-layer approach is heat insulation. The porcelain outer layer of the tub doesn’t draw heat out of the water in the same way a cast iron model would; as a result, you can enjoy the same heated water for a longer period of time, ultimately saving a fair bit on that monthly heating bill.
  • These same insulation properties also work as sound dampeners. Running a tub or taking a shower can be some of the loudest sounds you hear from a household appliance. With Americast, you can decrease those jarring noises and maintain a more peaceful living space.
  • Finally, the porcelain finish of Americast tubs is scratch resistant (another quality you’ll be thankful for during installation). Whether you’re taking a relaxing solo bath or managing a few kids all at once, this tub is built to maintain its fresh look while in use and for years to come.

American Standard Americast TubFinding Your Americast Tub

At SUPPLY.com, we offer an entire collection of Americast tubs, in both the soaking and whirlpool varieties. These models come in a variety of prices to fit any budget, ranging from $300 to over $2000. As with most standard tubs, Americast finish colors tend to stay within the white spectrum; however, there are a few options, such as arctic and linen, if you want to specifically match other fixtures in your bathroom.

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