The Benefits of LED Lighting


Lighting has definitely come a long way since the days of Edison, with each passing year leading to new innovations in both energy and efficiency. These days, the best lighting fixtures on the market use LED (light emitting diode) bulbs. Proven to be a better alternative to previous industry standards like incandescent and fluorescent lights, LED technology has been integrated as a leading light source into several areas of society (including, notably, the housing industry). Below, we’ll highlight a few of the major benefits of using LED lighting for housing projects, along with some of the most popular LED lighting fixtures on the market today.

Benefits of LED

In the simplest terms, LED lighting is the ultimate energy saver. According to the Department of Energy, LED uses “at least 75% less energy, and lasts 25 times longer, than incandescent lighting.” On top of that, LED lights are small and compact, making them less likely to be damaged in the long run. Plus, LED lights that come with a heat sink do not emit excessive heat into the surrounding area, which can help keep the temperature in your house at a manageable level and save on air conditioning costs.

Because it originates from an electrical current passing through a semiconductor material, LED has a more efficient heating process than incandescent lighting, and does not contain the potentially dangerous mercury vapor required for fluorescent lighting. The only current downside of LED lighting is that it is slightly more expensive than the alternatives; however, LED products are becoming more affordable every day, and we’ve listed a few of these products below that you might want to check out.

led_lightingPopular LED Products

For starters, LED tape lights are among the most useful and efficient products in the entire LED lineup. Tape lights consist of a series of bulbs arranged on a flexible plastic roll that you can cut to any length you see fit. A popular use for tape lights in either the home or the office is illuminating the area beneath cabinets and other overhanging pieces of furniture; for more information, check out SUPPLY.com’s Under Cabinet Lighting Buyer Guide.

If you’re interested in combining LED with a little more design, then look no further than these floor lamps from Dimond Lighting. Floor lamps are designed to fill a room with light without taking up too much space, and many members of the Diamond family, like the Farmhouse Antique Brass lamp (pictured), allow you to express a level of creativity without sacrificing utility.

Lastly, if you have your eyes set on lighting up the exterior of your house instead of just the interior, remember that LED lights are available for outdoor use as well. Pendant lights, step lights, and wall-mounted lanterns are just a few of the options available, within a price range that can typically fit into any budget.

The simple truth is that good lighting is a requirement these days, whether you run a home or an entire company, and LED lighting is the best option on the market. Check out the options listed above, or feel free to do a little more exploring of your own to find the best LED fit for your situation.

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