Delta’s Diverter Valve with 6 Settings

A shower system with multiple devices is becoming increasingly more common in homes, with custom combinations that add personalization to water flow. For example, a showerhead installed alongside a handshower and body sprays creates a luxurious, cleansing, and comforting experience.

This experience can be interrupted, however, if you have to use multiple diverters to alternate between shower devices. Without the uniformity of one shower valve, the water pressure may be inconsistent, or you may only be able to operate one device at a time.

Delta’s 6-setting diverter is a solution to this issue. This diverter can function with six separate fixtures, which can be programmed to three shared and three individual positions. That way, a body spray can be on at the same time as a showerhead, or you can switch to using a hand held shower only. Having easily switchable options is, after all, the point of having a full shower system in the first place.

“Most other manufacturers only offer a 3-setting diverter, meaning your custom shower can only have two outlets of water. Delta offers a 6 which gives you the ability to have three outlets of water. With other brands you would have to switch to thermotactic valve and volume control set up which would end of being a lot more expensive. So this is a cost effective ways to have the ‘car wash’ shower.” – Jessica Finley, SUPPLY.com Account Executive

Shower diverter valves can be slightly complicated, especially for those who are first-time shower-installers. Sometimes, the “diverter” refers to a switch between the showerhead and the tub spout, which alternates the water between a shower and a bath. In this case, however, the Delta 6-setting diverter is a separate fixture that switches between showering devices, like the ones we mentioned above.

Delta 6-setting rough-in valve

The diverter is sold in two separate parts: the trim and the rough-in valve. The trim is the visible part of the diverter with the handle(s), and the rough-in valve (pictured above) is the part that exists behind the wall. The rough-in valve works with both 6- and 3-setting diverter trims. Most other brand diverters, even with multiple settings, require more than one rough-in valve.

The Delta 6-setting diverter is special because it only needs the one valve, which simplifies both water alteration and installation. Installing a Delta diverter is simple and does not require major alterations to the plumbing behind the wall, making it perfect for projects that need to be high-quality but also need to move quickly.

“A nice feature for the install is they come with a test cap to allow you to test the plumbing out before you tile everything over, and the top of the rough in is labeled to make it easier for the plumber to install it the right way.” – Cody Garrard, SUPPLY.com Account Executive

In addition to the convenience of a 6-setting diverter, the simplicity of parts allows for a clean look. Delta is known for design, and their shower diverters are no exception. Shower systems with multiple devices tend to be in fashionable settings – the look of the trim matters, so the style is another reason to go with a Delta diverter. We sell both the diverter trims and rough-in valves on SUPPLY.com. Check out the links below for our top recommendations:

Delta 6-Setting Diverter Trim 

This Delta Ara trim is classy in chrome, stainless steel, and matte black. It has a lever handle and is ADA compliant. Rough-in valve sold separately.

Delta 6-Setting Diverter Rough-In Valve 

Backed up by its excellent reviews, this diverter valve functions with three or six settings and is incredibly simple to install. Diverter trim sold separately.

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