Duravit Bathtubs: Answers to Your Most Frequently Asked Questions


Are you remodeling your bathroom, building a new home, or simply bored with your current bath? If you checked one or all of the above, we recommend Duravit’s refreshingly modern line of bathtubs. Duravit bathtubs consistently set the standard for technological innovations in comfort and style. Here we’ve answered the most frequently asked questions buyers have during the bathtub purchasing process, in hopes of making shopping a breeze.

Q: What is the difference between soaking, whirlpool, air, and Combi-System bathtubs?

A: Duravit offers three equally enticing options for bathtubs: soaking, whirlpool, and air.

Duravit soaking tub

A soaking bathtub most resembles the traditional bathtub, but is deeper, allowing full body immersion in the water for a complete soaking experience.

Duravit Blue Moon whirlpool tub

Whirlpool bathtubs feature water jets that massage pressure points on the body, relieving stress and tense muscles. Duravit’s most desirable model of whirlpool tub is the Blue Moon series (pictured above), which is designed to bring the bather the sensation of blissful weightlessness in the water.

Duravit Air Bathtub

Air bathtubs have jets that pump delightful air pockets and bubbles into the warm bath, providing either an all-over or an area-specific massage, depending on user preference. The air massage is typically gentler than a water jet massage, and the jets themselves are easier to keep clean.

As an alternate option, Combi-System bathtubs are the masterpieces of jetted Duravit tubs: both whirlpool and air combined. Equipped with twelve air jets and six to eight water jets on each bathtub, every dip in a Combi-System is sure to be the ultimate in bathing luxury.

Q: What customization options are available?

A: Duravit whirlpool and air bathtubs come equipped with a number of ways to customize your bathing experience. Have you ever heard of chromotherapy? If you haven’t yet, one bath in a Duravit bathtub with a chromotherapy lighting feature will have you raving about it to anyone who will listen. As an added bonus, features like lighting and jets can be regulated by a remote control that floats.

To further beautify your bathtub, Duravit offers paneling in colors including their signature White Alpin finish, a distinctive warm rosewood, or cool ebony, just to name a few.

Duravit EasyClick paneling

Q: What is EasyClick Paneling?

A: EasyClick is really just as simple as the name implies: with a few rotations and some snapping into position, these elegant panels are in place and in style. Later on, if you need to remove them for repairs to the internal bathtub parts, EasyClick panels come off just as easily as they went on. That’s a huge improvement over busting through tile or having to install an unsightly access panel door. EasyClick paneling is available for 2nd Floor, Starck 3, Vero, Blue Moon, and Seadream bathtubs.

Q: What bathtub shapes does Duravit manufacture?

A: Duravit truly aims to be the perfect fit with a variety of shapes to best suit your bathroom. Soaking tubs are available in a rectangular, oval, different specialties, and corner designs.

Whirlpool tubs are produced in rectangular and square shapes, and air has corner, rectangular, and other specialties to offer. Duravit also produces tubs that comfortably fit two people. With over a thousand options available at SUPPLY.com, you’re sure to find the ideal bathtub for your space.

Q: What is a Duravit pool?

A: Duravit’s Blue Moon series has a special tub that no other series has, and thankfully, you won’t have to dig a hole in your backyard to enjoy this pool. The Blue Moon pool  has a Combi-System design with twenty-four air jets, which is double the traditional Combi-System. In addition, each side measures 70 7/8″, which per side is an extra 15 2/3″ more than the standard Blue Moon. The Blue Moon promise is to create a sense of weightlessness in the water, because only the user’s shoulders need to touch the pool to support the body – the water and unique shape do the rest. All of this makes the Blue Moon Pool truly the most indulgent tub on the market.

Duravit water jetsQ: What kinds of jets are available, and how do I take care of them?

A: Jets in whirlpool tubs are concentrated to shoot water in one direction, but are adjustable, offering flexibility in where they point and how deep the massage is. Water jets require cleaning after each use so that bacteria does not grow where water might be left behind. Usually, a simple wiping of the jets and tub with a cloth will be sufficient, and twice a year compatible cleaners should be utilized for a more thorough clean.

As mentioned before, air jets shoot air rather than water, hence the name air bathtubs. This design creates a very pleasant bath of bubbles, and a more tranquil, quiet environment. Air jets can also be amplified to provide a more powerful stream of bubbles, which will massage more like a water jet. Because they do not expel water, air jets are easier to clear out. After the bath is over, turn on the jets for a minute to allow them to blow out any residual water. We also recommend that you wipe down the tub and develop a yearly cleaning regimen.

Q: Does Duravit produce bathtubs with in-tub heating systems?

A: Yes, certain models of whirlpool and air tubs come with in-tub heating systems. In particular, this is a nice feature for air bathtubs, because the bubbles cause heat to escape faster. Having a heating system in the bathtub will ensure that the water maintains the perfect temperature throughout the bath.

Q: Do Duravit bathtubs have any health benefits?

A: Of course! Duravit bathtubs not only refresh the body, but the mind as well. Baths rejuvenate tired senses after a long day and cause the stress of the day to melt away. As far as physical benefits go, Duravit bathtubs ease aching muscles with air and water jets and provide a safe environment for recuperating strained backs, to mention a few benefits.

Q: What is sanitary acrylic?

A: Duravit produces all of its bathtubs with its innovative sanitary acrylic. Called sanitary acrylic due to its ability to repel dirt and its effortless cleaning process, this finish is a gift to anyone who has spent hours on their hands and knees scrubbing a bathtub. Acrylic is also a highly recommended bathtub material because it is quite durable and long-lasting, meaning your investment will continue to delight for years to come.

Q: Can my children use my new Duravit bathtub?

A: Yes, absolutely! As with every situation involving children around pools of water, however, exercise caution and supervise their activities to ensure safety.

Q: What Duravit installation options are available?

A: Duravit offers bathtubs with four different installation options. Each is designed to fit a specific look and set of needs, so carefully consider which installation will work best for your bathroom.

Recessed bathtub

Recessed (or alcove) installation is generally the most common variety of bathtubs. This design leaves plenty of valuable floor space in the bathroom and makes installing plumbing a breeze. Recessed tubs are installed on three walls, only leaving one side exposed, which cuts down on finishing costs.

Duravit corner tub

Corner installation is similar to recessed installation, except it cannot always accommodate a showerhead. Corner installation is also great for space-saving.

Drop-in tub from Duravit

Drop-in installation means the tub is “dropped-in” to a raised platform or a cavity in the floor. This style is generally more difficult to install and repair due to being enclosed, but often this style is the most customizable and beautiful. Drop-in bathtubs also typically take up more room than other styles do.

Floor mounted installation creates a freestanding bathtub. As the name suggests, freestanding tubs do not require any support from a wall or an enclosure. Because every side of the bathtub needs to be accessible, these tubs often take up considerable space in the bathroom, but make gorgeous focal points.

 Q: What measurements should I take before I start shopping for and ordering my new Duravit bathtub?

A: Particularly if you are remodeling an existing bathroom, measuring the space that your current bathtub takes up would be a good start. Do you want the new tub to take up more, less, or the same amount of space? Consider the width, height, and length of the space you want to fill. Remember that if you want a drop-in bathtub, you will need to factor in space for the deck it will sit in as well. Many people overlook how wide the doorways in their homes are, only to order a bathtub that won’t fit through them! Be sure to measure any doorway that the tub will have to travel through on its way to the bathroom so this does not happen to you. Also be sure to note whether you currently have left or right hand drains in your bathroom. Getting a bathtub that matches measurements for what you already have will make installation much easier.

Q: How difficult is it to install a Duravit bathtub?

A: Depending on the complexity of the bathtub, a handy homeowner may be able to install a Duravit bathtub. A simple soaking tub can be installed carefully with basic plumbing knowledge and a little help. For any job that requires reworked plumbing or the installation of whirlpool or air bathtubs, hiring a plumber will ensure the job is done quickly and expertly.

Q: What kinds of faucets and drains will work best with Duravit bathtubs?

A: Duravit and Hansgrohe have an impeccable business partnership, so Duravit recommends the use of Hansgrohe faucets with their bathtubs. SUPPLY.com proudly distributes Hansgrohe tub faucets and showerheads, so check out our selection to complement your new Duravit bathtub.

Additionally, Duravit produces its own drains.

Q: How does shipping a bathtub work? Do I need to pick it up?

A: No, SUPPLY.com and Duravit work together to ensure your new bathtub is shipped safely and directly to you. 

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