Duravit SensoWash: A Naturally Hygienic Toilet Seat


Duravit is no beginner when it comes to hygienic toilet products. Like we discussed in our article on Duravit Rimless toilets, the company specializes in water efficient fixtures that meet ADA compliance at an affordable price. Their latest and greatest? The Duravit SensoWash bidet seat. Built to fit smoothly over the rectangular edges of the standard Duravit toilet, the SensoWash seat represents a new frontier in clean, customizable bathroom technology.

Duravit SensoWash Remote ControlThe SensoWash Experience

The SensoWash consists of a seat and lid that clamp onto the top of a lidless toilet. When turned on, this bidet seat allows the user to clean themselves with a steady stream of water from a wand that extends from the base of the seat into the body of the toilet. This wand, and the water that comes out of it, can be controlled via a small handheld remote (pictured), which offers options such as Comfortwash, Rearwash, and Ladywash. With the touch of a button, you can customize the temperature, water pressure, and spray pattern of your bidet experience until you are completely satisfied.

Every SensoWash seat comes with a night light option that illuminates the interior of the toilet bowl, and on top of that, every seat and lid is easily detachable, making the cleaning process quick and simple.

Simple, Sleek Design

For the SensoWash model, Duravit teamed up with world-famous designer Philippe Starck, who sought to give the SensoWash the same minimal design feel as the Rimless toilet with which it is often paired. The simple, slightly curved look of SensoWash contrasts sharply with the complex technology it contains, and the non-porous outer material makes it even harder for dirt and grime particles to gather on the surface. Plus, the rim is equipped with a “soft closure” that makes loud slams a thing of the past. Interested in a slightly less bulky look? The SensoWash Slim seat has all the features of a regular SensoWash, at half the height.

SensoWash models come in both round and elongated options, depending on your toilet’s shape. To see the seat in action, check out the following animation from Duravit.

These days, the bathroom industry is relying more and more on modern technology to create a satisfying experience for the user, and Duravit is proud to be one of the frontrunners in that trend. With the SensoWash bidet seat, the company has created an understated, hygienic product that is right at home in both private and public spaces.

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