Why Elkay’s Perfect Drain Is Perfect for Kitchen Remodels

If you or your client enjoys cooking at home, then you’re probably aware that the kitchen sink has to deal with more food scraps than any other appliance in the house. For both food preparation and dish washing, you need to install a sink (and in particular, a drain) that won’t clog and will maintain a hygienic surface. Enter the Perfect Drain from Elkay. Below we discuss what the Perfect Drain is and how to install it.

What is the Perfect Drain?

The Perfect Drain is a simple and stylish kitchen sink drain that lacks any sort of upper lip, thereby eliminating any gap around the drain itself. This innovation might seem small, but it is in fact an enormous help in keeping the sink area clean by giving food, dirt, and other grimy particles nowhere to go but down the drain. This means less time spent having to clean the sink, and less potentially harmful bacteria buildup that often appears around the edges of normal drains.

If you already have a sink installed, the Perfect Drain can be purchased as a single item; on the other hand, if you’re looking to update the entire kitchen sink area, you should know that several Elkay kitchen sinks come complete with a Perfect Drain attached. These sinks range from top mount to undermount, and can be used in residential, classroom, or healthcare settings.

Installing and Upgrading

Installing the Perfect Drain is a quick and easy process that practically anyone can do (you basically just have to place a rubber gasket into the drain hole, and then screw in the drain itself). However, if you want to take it a level further, one final benefit of the Perfect Drain is that it is built to pair seamlessly with the InSinkErator garbage disposal. If you regularly deal with a high volume of food in the kitchen and are looking to incorporate a disposal into your drain, then the InSinkErator model is one of the most trusted on the market.

If you want some more information about how the InSinkErator disposal integrates with the Perfect Drain, or if you just want to see the Perfect Drain in action, check out the following video from Elkay.

Whether you’re planning an entire kitchen remodel, or simply looking to reduce some clutter in the sink, the Perfect Drain is the perfect way to maintain a clean space. Any questions? Feel free to reach out to the SUPPLY.com team of product experts at 866-355-0310, we’d love to help.

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