Hansgrohe iBox Universal Plus – Installation & Benefits


Few parts in a shower system are more important than the rough-in valves. Located in the wall behind the shower itself, these pieces direct and regulate the flow rate of water, allowing you to control both temperature and pressure with a simple turn of a handle. Since their 2001 release of the streamlined iBox Universal valve, Hansgrohe products have been a popular choice among plumbers, contractors, and even designers looking to fill this vital role in the shower system. And now, with the recent iBox Universal Plus upgrade, Hansgrohe’s momentum shows no sign of stopping.

The Hansgrohe iBox Universal is designed to fit with all shower trims from Hansgrohe and Axor.What are the benefits of the Universal Plus? To begin, this model uses only one valve to do all the work. That means one shipment, one installation, and only one part to repair if need be. The valve itself is composed of durable material that is both easily adjustable and water-tight, meaning you won’t have to worry about leaks eroding your wall and damaging the structural integrity of your home.

Additionally, the Universal Plus sits snugly behind the shower trim, centralizing all necessary plumbing into a location that you can access without tearing up the wall.

Speaking of shower trims, the iBox Universal Plus is designed to fit perfectly with any trim model from Hansgrohe or Axor, giving both designers and contractors some wiggle room when it comes to picking the perfect look for the shower’s exterior. Check out SUPPLY.com’s collection of Hansgrohe and Axor shower trims to see the models that the Universal Plus matches.

In a world where fancy shapes and finishes are often seen as the new frontier for shower systems, the Universal Plus is revolutionizing your shower experience from behind the scenes. Contractors, plumbers, and designers will appreciate how the universal rough valve saves both space and time (rare commodities in the convoluted world of shower plumbing), and homeowners no longer have to worry about temperature spikes when taking a shower; the hot and cold water pipes stay separated in the valve.

The Hansgrohe iBox Universal is a compact, centralized system that is easy to access and repair.

Bottom line: the iBox Universal Plus is the latest addition to Hansgrohe’s reputation of excellence, and is sure to make your shower simpler and more efficient. For a closer look at the technology behind the valve, as well as some tips on installation, check out the following video from Hansgrohe.

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